Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Conversions by David Vogelpohl


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Optimizing WordPress for speed and conversions can have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Learn how to turn WordPress into a supercharged revenue driving machine.

Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Target audience: Affiliate/Publisher
Niche/vertical: WordPress

Ben Metcalfe, Co-Founder, WP Engine (Twitter @dotBen)
David Vogelpohl, CEO, Marketing Clique (Twitter @davidvmc)

Published in: Business
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Optimizing WordPress for Speed and Conversions by David Vogelpohl

  1. 1. The Boss’ Guide toWordPress Optimization
  2. 2. David Vogelpohl @davidvmcWeb development & Mobile web & online marketing mobile apps
  3. 3. Follow along #ASW12
  4. 4. What does the boss care about?
  5. 5. Consider user experience with your bright ideas + =
  6. 6. The number 1 factor influencing userexperience is speed Lose up to 25% of visitors after 4 seconds
  7. 7. Bounce rates have a big impact… Lower conversion rates More expensive advertising Problems with SEO
  8. 8. What’s a boss to do?
  9. 9. Wrangle Tracking ScriptsPick *one* analytics package Audit your tracking scripts Pixel & conversion scripts go at the bottom!
  10. 10. Keep your designer in checkLess is moreAnimation annihilationCSS buttons, boarders &other graphicsNeed a button?cssbuttongenerator.com
  11. 11. Use images like a pro Size images to fit space Remove metadata with smushit.com Use JPG in place of PNG
  12. 12. Cheat on your A/B testSame ads, differentdestination URLsUse your primaryAnalytics packageReduces Javascript load Page A Page Btime & redirects
  13. 13. When in doubt cut it outRemove unnecessary features and graphics Use Analytic events to see feature use Use mouse tracking to view hover maps Check out SessionCam.com
  14. 14. Learn How to promote Social MediaBe greedyUse static images &linksPick networks thatmake sensePromote after theconversion
  15. 15. Plugins are kryptonite for speedSecurity, database and server concerns Delete don’t deactivate!
  16. 16. Avoid ad networks with JS rotating ads Try to use static image ads Make sure to use smushit.com Affiliate offers are great for static ads Video ads are okay, but test!
  17. 17. Make more money without more traffic Convert mobile visitors Mobile Optimized CSS JS Browser Discovery Media Query & Responsive design Optimize for Keyboards http://goo.gl/Q626v
  18. 18. Don’t forget!Wrangle tracking scripts Be greedy with Social MediaKeep your designer in Dont be the Homer Simpsoncheck of pluginsUse images like a pro Avoid dynamic ad servingCheat on your A/B test Mobile optimize your website!When in doubt, cut it out
  19. 19. Web Development & Online MarketingDavid Vogelpohl Mobile Apps & @davidvmc Mobile Web