Dealing with competition group 5 complete


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Dealing with competition group 5 complete

  1. 1. Dealing with Competition
  2. 2. Outline• How do marketers identify primary competitors?• How should we analyze competitors’ strategies, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses?• How can market leaders expand the total market and defent market share?
  3. 3. Outline• How should market challengers attack market leaders?• How can market followers or nichers compete effectively?
  4. 4. 5 Competitive Forces New entrant Buyers Segment Rivalry Suppliers Substitute
  5. 5. Industry Concept of Competition 1. # of sellers and degree of differentiation 2. Entry, Mobility and Exit Barriers 3. Cost Structure 4. Degree of Vertical Integration 5. Degree of Globalization
  6. 6. Strategic Groupshigh narrow line moderate linequalityl full lineo broad linew Base on Vertical Integration
  7. 7. Customer’s Rating of Competitor’son key Success factors Product Technical Availability Assistance Product Selling Staff quality Customer awareness
  8. 8. Strengths & Weaknesses3 Variables Share of market Share of mind Share of heart
  9. 9. Hypothetical Market Structure
  10. 10. 6 types of Defense Strategies
  11. 11. Optimal Market ShareProbability might fall
  12. 12. Other Competitive Strategies Market challengers Market Followers Market Nichers
  13. 13. Market Challengers Strategeties Choose a General AttackDefineStrategic Choose a Specific AttackObjectivesandOpponents
  14. 14. General Attack StrategiesFrontal AttackFlank AttackEncirclement AttackBypass AttackGuerrilla Attack
  15. 15. Specific Attack Strategies Product Product Proliferation Innovation Improved ServicesValuePriced DistributionGoods innovation Value Prestige Priced Goods Manufacturing Goods cost reduction advertising Price discount
  16. 16. Market Follower StrategiesCounterfeiterClonerImitatorAdapter
  17. 17. Niche Specialist RolesEnd user SpecialistVertical levelCustomer SizeSpecific CustomerGeographicProduct lineJob-shopQuality Price
  18. 18. Niche Specialist RolesService SpecialistChannel Specialist
  19. 19. Balancing Competitive Customer Strategies for and Market Competitor OrientationCompetitiveForces Analyzing competitors Other Competitive Strategies
  20. 20. COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES PLAYER as COMPETITION Mind as Share of mindShoot as Market Challenger Heart as Share of heartPass as Market Nichers Market as Share of Market Set Play as Market Followers
  21. 21. Crafting the BrandPositioning Jerold I. Saddi May 3, 2012
  22. 22. Introa. What are the industry concepts of competition?b. How to analyze competitors?c. How to expand, protect and increase market share?d. What are the other competitive strategies?
  23. 23. Industry Concept of CompetitionNo. of sellers and degree of differentiationEntry, mobility, and exit barriersCostVertical integrationGlobalization
  24. 24. Analyzing Competitors2 tools on how to analyze competitors1. Swot Analysis2. Competitor Matrix
  25. 25. Strengths and Weaknesses …maybe attributed in buying a book. ProfitShare of Market Mine bombShare of MindShare of Heart Shared heart
  26. 26. Expanding Total Market Demanda. Look for new customersa. Increase product usage
  27. 27. Protecting Market Share ShieldContinuous InnovationProactive Marketing
  28. 28. Defensive Marketing …like playing a softball…a. Position Defenseb. Flank Defensec. Pre-emptive Defensed. Counteroffensive Defensee. Mobile Defensef. Contraction Defense
  29. 29. Increasing Market Share buying a condom..Factors that need to be considered:1. The possibility of provoking antitrust action TRUST Condom2. Economic cost
  30. 30. 3. The danger of pursuing the wrong marketing activities4. The effect of increased market share on actual and perceived quality
  31. 31. Other Competitive Strategiesa. Market Challengerb. Market Followersc. Market Nichers
  32. 32. Market ChallengersStrategies:a. Define the strategic objective and opponent(s) i. Market Leader ii. Own size iii. Small local and regional firms
  33. 33. Choosing a General Attack Strategya. Frontal Attackb. Flank Attackc. Encirclement Attackd. Bypass Attacke. Guerrilla Attacks
  34. 34. Market-Follower Strategiesa. Counterfeiterb. Clonerc. Imitatord. Adapter
  35. 35. Summary COMPETITOR SWOT MATRIX Profit Mine bomb Shared heart
  36. 36. Crafting the BrandPositioning Jerold I. Saddi May 3, 2012