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Ascend catalogue


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Ascend catalogue

  1. 1. Safer access solution ... Access System Scaffolding LLC Tel. Dubai : 00971 4 8804840, Fax : 00971 4 8804841Tel. Abu Dhabi : 00971 2 5516755, Fax : 0971 2 5516744 P.O. Box 182519, Dubai, UAE. E-mail : Web :
  2. 2. Horizontal Brace Length Weight 250-HB 2550 mm 2.240 Kg 180-HB 1845 mm 1.775 Kg 290-HB 2970 mm 2.520 Kg bou t Us Diagonal Brace Length Weight A 250-DB 2750 mm 2.355 Kg 180-DB 2105 mm 1.955 Kg * Colour coded Horizontal (blue) and Diagonal braces (yellow) Colour coded braces with easy release catch design for ease in identification. * The sturdy design of the claw ensures proper functioning of 290-DB 3135 mm 2.625 Kg the braces even if these are used roughly. * Extra strong connection because the claw is pressed on the brace. * Automatic claw locking for a constant and secure connection and easy release catch design aids dissembly * Horizontal brace and diagonal brace gives the tower rigidity.One of the * Horizontal braces are used in the tower to keep the tower square and are used at working level as handrails. * Diagonal brace criss cross all the way up the tower .Provides continuous bracing which is very important for overall stability.leading aluminium Length 2000 mmmobile access tower Weight 18.875 kg Article no. 200-SPND-Asupplier * Equipped with special guardrail holders that simplify assembly * Modular system with standard 2 mtr & 3 mtr traces to enable desired platform length * Conical couplers for perfect fitting and great strengthAscend is one of the leading aluminium Mobile access tower supplier and exporter in UAE. Ascend Article No. 90-E/TB x 90-S/TB 250-S/TB x 250-E/TBwith its continual efforts seeks to improve products and make these as safe and efficient as possible,keeping in mind customer use as a basic principle Length 694 mm x 1700 mm 2443 mm x 1220 mm Weight 3.870 kg 5.470 kg Triangular trussesThe products are developed by devoted people with experience and expertise ,people who knowwhat the customers need to work at great height safely and at ease.Naturally, always keeping inmind the basic requirements of the existing standards and regulations. Width 900 mm 700 mm To ensure safe working at great heights the quality of the product is of great importance. Qualityis paramount at Ascend where quality products are supported with quality services.Every stage of Height 2000 mm 2000 mmmanufacturing is carefully controlled and closely monitored in order to guarantee quality product.This includes the whole production procedure from raw material choosen to the recurring quality Length 1800 mm 1500 mmtest performed on every product. Weight 15.48 kg 14.38 kgAscend towers are ideal for indoor and outdoor access solution where a stable and secure platformis required. The highly versatile towers provide strong working platform at a variety of height. Thetowers are supplied ready to erect. Our scaffolding towers are constructed out of strong aluminium Article no. 180-FT-A 150-FT-Aalloy tubes (extruded to british standard)Span 500 is a light weight, fast and easy to assemble tower system with a rung spacing of 500 mm * Integral stairway and handrail system is Length 2500 mmwith antislip surface . ideal for frequent and safe ascends and descends inside the tower * Safe and simple to transport Width 410 mmThe Z configuration bracing enables quick ,trouble free assembly while providing a very rigid equipments on a scaffold tower. * Easy assemblystructure . * Equipped with antislip profile on stairs Weight 13.275 kg * Equipped with standing platform on top side. Stairway with wooden antislip step * Equipped with windlock security system Article no. 250-STY-A
  3. 3. Components 500 series a l Pro fession series Single Width Width 1350 mm 900 mm 2000 mm * All frames are equipped 500 - Tower s with locking pin system which is permanently Mobile Mobile Tower Height 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm attached to frame and prevents the loss of pins. Weight 6.83 kgs 6.25 kgs 9.29 kgs * Flexible spigots for better Span 50 Frame fitting. Article no. 135-4-P 90-4-P 200-4-P * The rungs are equipped with antislip profile. * The spigots are equipped Width 1350 mm 900 mm 2000 mm with stoppers to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Height 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm * The diameter of tube is Span 50 Frame 50 mm and the wall Weight 10.365 kgs 8.615 kgs 12.545 kgs thickness is 2mm. * 2.5 mm thick pipe is also available on request. If there is narrow space for placing a mobile Ladder Frame Article no. 135-4-L 90-4-L 200-4-L tower. Ascend’s 510 mobile tower offer an excellent solution with its 90 cm wide frames Width 1350 mm 900 mm * The guardrail frame provides railing at knee height and hip • The maximum working height for interior Length height. 1000 mm 1000 mm and exterior work is 10 meter * The horizontal braces or bracing • Maximum load per platform is 225 kg Weight 3.325 kgs 2.90 kgs frames connects guardrail frames to each other. and for the entire tower is 600 kg including tower self weight. Article no. 135-2-P 90-2-P • The platform hook of the tower is equipped with wind lock system. Width 900 mm 2000 mm 1350 mm Ladder Frame • The frames are connected with floating Length 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm spigot for easy assembling and dismantling along with locking pins to Weight 5.30 kgs 8.075 kgs 5.1 kgs prevent accidental removal of frames • Width available: 0.75, 0.90 meter Article no. 90-3-P 200-3-P 135-3-P • Main frame Heights available: 1.5, 2.0 meter • Length available: 1.8, 2.5 meter Width 900 mm 2000 mm 1350 mm Length 1500 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm Single width ladder frame mobile tower Weight 6.3 kgs 9.5 kgs 7.6 kgs Article no. 90-3-L 200-3-L 135-3-L Walk through Frame Width 1350 mm Length 2000 mm Sturdy design of brace hooks ensure proper Weight 6.945 kgs Wooden platform 200 mm wheel with brake functioning of braces even Locking pin if these are used roughly and adjustable jack Article no. 135-WT-A Spigot-for connecting Frame
  4. 4. al fession Components 500 series Pro 500 - series ers Mobi le Tow Double Width Article no. Length Weight * Two types of platforms are 250 SP 2532 mm 15.21 Kg available - Standard and Trapdoor 180 SP 1844 mm 2970 mm 12.975 Kg * Platform is light weight and strong because of its construction Mobile Tower 500 290 SP 18.375 Kg * Platform is equipped with Wind Lock hook. * Trapdoor platform hinges allow user to climb through to reach Article no. Length Weight desired working height. * Platform is made of Aluminium The 500 mobile tower is Ascend’s system 250 TP 2532 mm 15.405 Kg Frame with Antislip ply on top for with 1.35 meter wide frames. This system safe working on the tower 180 TP 1844 mm 13.250 Kg has countless applications for both interior 290 TP 2970 mm 18.625 Kg and exterior use. Trapdoor Platform • The maximum working height for interior work is 14 meter and exterior work is 10 meterArticle no. 200-CW-A Large wheels 200 mm can easily be locked and released, thanks to • Equal length braces, stabilizers, and wheel large user friendly brake pedals. legs can be interchanged between the The wheels has a foot operatedLength 500 mm brake. single width (510 S/W) and the (520 D/W) mobile towers.Weight 3.990 kg • Maximum load per platform is 225 kg and for the entire tower is 600 kg The alluminium spindle adjustment including tower self weight. Length Weight allow the tower to be position in perfect vertical manner and allow • The wheels of this mobile tower is PU top height to be adjusted if the tower and PP core. to be erected on uneven ground. 500 mm 0.86 kg • The towers are equipped with blank, unprocessed wooden toe board and wooden platforms. Weight Article no.Length • Width available: 0.75, 0.90, 1.35, 1.45 Wheel with brake and adjustable jack meter150 mm 4 kg 150-CW-B • Main frame Heights available: 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5 meter Article no. Length Weight • Length available: 1.8, 2.5 & 2.9 meter 180-BFR-A 1800 mm 4.26 Kg 250-BFR-A 2500 mm 5.17 Kg Double width ladder frame mobile tower 290-BFR-A 2900 mm 5.58 Kg Provides more stability to the rolling tower Stabilizer no. Length Weight ST 3 3000 mm 4.470 Kg each Supple Footrest Easy assembly clamp of stabilizer ST 3.5 3500 mm 4.920 Kg each * Adjustable stabilizer with easy locking clamps. * Triangular stabilizer can be quickly assembled and continous be ST 4 4000 mm 5.23 Kg each adjusted in a telescopic manner. * The stiff material of the stabilizer foot rest provides additional safety ST 4.5 4500 mm 5.71 Kg each against the stabilizer sliding off. * Four stabilizers are needed for free standing and gives the tower ST 5 5000 mm 6.110 Kg each additional stability. * The triangular stabilizer is equipped with a safety warning sticker. ST 5.5 5500 mm 6.56 Kg each * Three types of stabilizer are available Standard, Telescopic and Jumbo. Adjustable stabilizer Trap door platform Grooved joint of Easy assembly clamp with easy lock stabilizer
  5. 5. width Castor wheel should be pointed outwards at Single approximately 45 degrees and locks engaged g tower as shown in the diagram foldin Fitting adjustable legs: Press to engage lift to disengage Take the adjustable leg assembly complete with its castor, make sure that all the adjusting nuts are approximately at the same height and slide them into the vertical tube Ascend offer a single width folding tower Correct fitting of horizontal brace: Fitting wheel into the frame which is particularly suited to work indoors. The diagram opposite illustrate the correct It has a base measurement of 0.75 x 1.90 brace positions. meter. Remember : Always fit braces downward or • Folding tower can be driven through from the inside facing outward but never standard door opening without being dismantled inward • The wheels with the anti-slip surface are particularly suited for interior work. Fitting the stabilizers: Correct fitting of brace • The platform height is adjustable and this makes working at different heights Lightly tighten up the upper clamps above easily the sixth rung on each corner post. • The hinge system makes it easy to fold Position the lower clamp above the bottom and unfold rung.Ensure lower arm as horizontal as possible. Position the stabilizer so that the footpads are at proximately equidistant from each other, as shown in the diagram. Stabilizer at equidistance Telescopically adjust the leg and reposition Foldable Mobile the clamps as required to make firm contact Scaffolding with the ground. When in correct position, tighten the clamps firmly.* To position the tower against the wall do Fitting stabilizer when tower not remove the stabilizer move the two is against a wall stabilizer parallel with the wall* To position the tower in a corner, remove one stabilizer and place two stabilizer parallel with the wall and one stabilizer facing outside Fitting stabilizer when Tower is positioned at a building corner Easy movable through Wooden platform Compact storage Wheel with antislip standard door openings tread
  6. 6. Fit trapdoor platform to the 6th rung of the width tower. Ensure wind locks are engaged on Double platform. Snap 2 Horizontal braces on 7th & 8th rungs near to the platform on both the tower exposed sides. See Picture G st airway Standing on the guarded platform Install additional standard and ladder frame snap 2 diagonal braces from 7th to 9th and 11th Picture G rungs on both side in zig zag pattern. See Picture H Move the trapdoor platform from 2nd rung to 10th rung. Clip 2 horizontal braces to the 11th and 12th rung on both the exposed sides to form hand rail to stand on platform. See Picture I Standing on the guarded platform fit 2 extension frames. Snap 2 diagonal braces Picture H Ascend Double width Stairway tower is both the side from 11th to 13th rung of the ideal for safe entrance and ascend to a tower frame. Fit one trapdoor platform to the 14th rung of the tower. Snap 2 Horizontal Braces on • Integral stairway and handrail system 15th & 16th rung. Fit 2 diagonal braces both is ideal for frequent ascend and descend side in zig zag way from 13th to 15th rung. Fit inside the tower 2 guardrail frames (1 mtr High) on the lower • Safe and simple to transport equipments frame. See Picture J on a scaffold tower • Easy assembling and dismantling Fit one Trapdoor platform on 16th rung and Picture I • Equipped with anti-slip profile on stairs fit 2 horizontal braces in one side of the • Stairway and platform equipped with guardrail on 16th and 17th rungs in one wind lock security system side of the guardrail and one bracing frame (or 2 horizontal braces) to another side of the guardrail frame and place one standard Double width Stairway Tower platform next to trapdoor platform on 16th rung. See Picture K Fit 2 diagonal brace from 15th to 17th rung Picture J both side in opposite direction. Fit Toe Board. Fitting the Toe Boards : slide the side boards into the correct slot in the end boards ensuring that object connect fall throught and the trapdoor can open fully (Assemble sequence for single width tower is same as double width tower except a single platform is used at all erecton and workingSpecial Stairway Guardrail levels. Two diagonal braces are used per Platform and stairs with Picture K for fall protection on Stairway tower Anti-slip steps on stairway wind lock system extension set other than four.) stairway tower
  7. 7. How to erect Ascend SPAN 500 Mobile on 500 se ries Combinati Access Tower ? configurationsImportant Always keep the instructionmanual and assembling guide.Fit caster wheel with adjustable Jack in Span 50 Picture Aframe and ladder frame. Turn the caster wheels sothat they points outward and engage the brake.See Picture AFit horizontal brace (Blue) in one ladder andanother standard vertical frame lowest rung andlock to the frame with hook facing out ward frominside or downwards .Never snap braces with Picture Bhook facing inward from outward. See Picture BSnap one Diagonal brace (yellow) from 1st rungto the 3rd Rung. Fit another Diagonal brace tothe other side from 1st rung to the 3rd rung.Take care to keep the braces in line. See Picture C Picture CAttach platform to the 2nd rung above ladder. Aluminium Triangular trusses bridge scaffolds working length 8.5 meter and working height 6 metersCheck the base with a spirit level in both verticaland horizontal directions and adjust the nut ifnecessary. See Picture D Picture DStanding on the platform assemble onestandard and one ladder frame to the lowerframes and insert locking pin. See Picture EContinue Diagonal bracing in zig zag patternby attaching two diagonal braces on each side(from 3rd to 5th and 7th rung) Picture EFit stabilizers to the base unit. Adjust thetelescopic leg of the stabilizer to give firmsupport to the ground. Position the stabilizersso that the footpads are approximatelyequidistant from each other at approximately45 degrees for maximum stability. See Picture F Picture F Ascend 500 series combination tower max working height 8 meter and working length 7 meter
  8. 8. Safety Notes by side, total cumulative load shall not exceed 360kg distributed. • Stabilizer should always be fitted and should be on firm contact with the ground.Before assembling or Erection of Mobile Access Tower (MAT) please • The tower is not designed to be lifted or suspended as a complete structure.ensure that, • It is recommended that tower left unattended are always tied in. Always install the trapdoor • A risk assessment has been done and safety equipment (Ropes etc) and auxiliary tools is platform over the Ladder frame (if one is fitted) available on site for erection and dismantling the tower. • When wind exceeds beau fort force 4, cease using the tower, wind speeds:-• The ground conditions will take the working load as specified. • The location of the tower should be checked to prevent hazards during erection, dismantling, moving and while working on the tower. Ground condition level and slope, obstruction and wind condition should be checked.• Always check that the tower is vertical, use a spirit level to ensure that tower is vertical and is leveled (Check the level in both horizontal Direction). Adjust the wheel legs if necessary to keep the tower balance on the ground.• Beware of overhead obstruction-live wires, hanging apparatus (moving parts or machinery or other objects) When wind is expected to reach force 6, tie tower to a rigid structure. If wind of 8 or greater is• Beware of tunneling effect caused by open ended buildings, uncladded buildings and forecast dismantle the tower. building corners.• A person should be competent or supervised by competent person for working on Care and Maintenance of the tower Aluminum mobile tower and for assembling, dismantling or significantly altering. • Keep all equipment clean, specially spigots where frames are connected together, • Minimum 2-3 persons are required to safely erect and dismantle the tower. please check that spigots are firm in to position and should fit easily into frames. Lubricate • Do not place boxes, ladders etc on the platform to extend the working height. with light oil.• BS 1139 (HD 1004) requires maximum vertical distance between different platform of 4 mts. • All components should be inspected before use to ensure that they are not damaged or broken, particularly the welds. We recommend that you use extra platform while erecting and dismantling the tower. • Any damage to any part particularly tubular member, castors, platform, decking must be • When lifting materials or components always use reliable lifting materials and lying replaced. methods to ensure there is no possibility of its falling. Always lift from within the tower base. Components are normally hoisted using a rope. • Adjustable leg threads should be cleaned and lightly oiled to keep them free running.• Never place the working platform on the guardrail frame. • All locking claws should be cleaned and the locking mechanism checked for operation. Lightly oil spring mechanism of the hooks.• Double height guardrails at each platform levels, never stand on an unguarded platform. • Store the components in a safe place and do not throw the components, always lower them • Check that all components are on site and they are in good working order before use. Never to the ground. mix parts or components from other manufactures. Damaged component should be replaced with the new components. Dismantling Towers• The tower should always be accessed from the inside using the ladder frame, never climb up • To dismantle follow the build process but in reverse order, noting the following. from the outside. • To remove the guardrail frames or braces first unlock the hook at the end away from the • Do not use horizontal or diagonal braces as a rung or step. trapdoor.• Beware of horizontal forces (e.g. When using power tools), which could generate instability or • Sitting through the trapdoor, unlock the near end hook and remove the brace. overturning of the tower. Maximum horizontal force 20 kg. • Never stand on unguarded platform• Don’t move with people or material on the tower; remove all tools from working platform. • Do not remove diagonal brace and stabilizers prematurely.• Do not move the assembled tower if over 4 mtr. The wind force should not exceed force 4. • Never Drop components while dismantling always lower them to the ground.• Move the tower by applying force from the base.• According to HD 1004 the double width tower must not be exceeded 12 mtr to top Moving MAT platform for indoor use and 8 Mtr platform height (working height 10 Mtr) for outdoor use. • Wind speed should not exceed 29 km/hr (force 4)• For single width tower maximum working height for both interior and exterior work is 8 Mtr. • Release the caster brakes• If the platform height reaches more than 6 Mtr for single width and 8 mtr for the double • Raise the stabilizer feet only enough to clear obstructions. width scaffold, then it should be secured against the wall prior to use. • Ensure there is no material or personnel on the tower.• Always tie to a solid structure, while tying the tower attach a tie at 4 mts interval. • Move the tower manually by applying force at the base. Once moved prepare the tower for • The maximum working load on the Ascend span 500 is 600 kgs for overall structure and 225 use. kgs evenly distributed on the platform. This must not be exceeded. The safe working load at • Check all casters and stabilizers are in firm contact with the ground. Reapply the brake. each level of platform is 360 kg evenly distributed. Therefore if two platforms are installed side • Check tower is vertical (spirit level) and adjust legs if required.