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Best Software Affiliate Program


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Are you looking for the Best Software Affiliate Program to promote on your website? This is the one you should consider!

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Best Software Affiliate Program

  2. 2. Our affiliate managers: Alex Levine Email: Skype: URL: Simon Washington Email: Skype: URL:
  3. 3. Content Table: 1. Why promote software products as an affiliate? 2. Why phone monitoring software? 3. Why mSpy? 4. Commission ladder 5. How much can you make 6. How to promote 7. What works best 8. Useful tools 9. Mobile VS Desktop 10. Banners, Landers 11. Affiliate support 12. People writing about us 13. Summary
  4. 4. Why promote software products as an affiliate?
  5. 5. Why promote software products as an affiliate?  Majority of digital products usually have high payouts (50%, 60%, 70%)  Lots of niches (Antivirus, Utilities, monitoring apps, etc)  High demand  Affiliates usually allowed to promote worldwide (Endless traffic)  Wide appeal (Any PC or phone user is your potential customer)
  6. 6. Why phone monitoring software?
  7. 7. Why phone monitoring software? 1. Simple solution to a specific problem 2. Large existing/potential market 3. Wide/diverse audience 4. No geo-restrictions 5. Low competition
  8. 8. Why mSpy? 1. Industry Leader 2. Tons of features (SMS tracking, Call logs, Fcebook, Whatsapp, GPS location and 24 more features) 3. 24/7 customers multi-language support 4. More than 1 000 000 customers worldwide 5. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac OS 6. Free online help with initial installation 7. Translated into 10 different languages
  9. 9. Commission ladder? Affiliate commission depends on how much sales the affiliate generates. It may vary from 50% up to 70% per sale. When you just starting out you will get 50%, as you grow, increase your traffic and sales and manage to generate at least 299 sales a month and more, your commission grows up to 70%.
  10. 10. How much can you make?
  11. 11. How to promote monitoring software? 1. Niche websites and blogs 2. Review sites 3. Comparison websites 4. General blogs: Tech, Lifestyle, Parental, etc 5. YouTube videos 6. Coupon websites 7. PPC/Paid traffic
  12. 12. What works best? From our own experience, blogs and websites with quality content have the best results. Your content has to warm up your readers before they make a purchase. So give them what they want to see – describe how the software works, how to install it, how to use it right. Guides like “How to track my child’s phone” convert really good.
  13. 13. Useful tools you can use to succeed? 1. SimilarWeb 2. SEMRush 3. Google Trends 4. Google Alerts 5. Longtail Pro
  14. 14. Mobile VS Desktop - Desktop 41% - Mobile 59% Mobile traffic grows globally, we are not an exception.
  15. 15. Creative materials - Custom and premade advertising materials - Landing pages for different angles (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Parental control, etc.) - Translated into 10 most widely used Languages - Banners in different sizes, formats, languages, animated/static.
  16. 16. First class affiliate support  When you sign up you receive a start up guide  Our affiliate managers help you set everything up  Point in the right direction  Monitor your performance  Give advice on how to get to the new level
  17. 17. People writing about us
  18. 18. Summary  Quality popular product  Low niche competition  High payout up to 70%  Worldwide geo targeting  Weekly payments  High conversion rates, high EPCs  Desktop and Mobile optimized  Promotional materials (Banners, Landers)  Affiliate support
  19. 19. See You There! Email: Skype: