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Affero Lab - A full service education provider in Brazil


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Affero Lab is a full service education provider and a trusted partner that generates business value and insights for our clients. We build and deliver innovative and complete learning solutions that generates measurable results. Our programs encompass: consulting, learning strategies, content development, in-class training, IT platforms and logistics operation for human development in any knowledge area. We conduct projects across Brazil, USA and in various countries at Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Affero Lab - A full service education provider in Brazil

  1. 1. The largest and most complete Corporate Education company in Brazil
  2. 2. Why do we exist? TRANSFORM education through people people through education
  3. 3. In what we believe? Learning has to be fun Different learning styles Education that creates value Lifelong learning
  4. 4. What we propose? In partnership with our clients, we create learning solutions that promote deep changes of behavior through innovative methodologies and always aligned with the expected business results. * Partnership Learning Innovation Result
  5. 5. DESIGN MANAGEMENT ConstruCTION ExecuTION We study the background scenery and the objectives of your business to identify changing needs - and then we draw a plan to achieve it. We develop blended solutions, integrating learning technologies and methodologies to achieve the expected results. We practice it widely, online and in person. We execute and manage logistics and the application of the learning activities. We plan and measure all the actions and learning programs to support organizational strategy from beginning to end. What do we do?
  6. 6. Our solutions: Consulting • Corporate University • Knowledge Management • Skills Mapping • Onboarding • Communication and Engagement • Learning Tracks • Development Programs • Communities of Practice
  7. 7. Construction • Classroom • E-learning (Cegoc) • E-learning (customizado) • Mobile Learning • Videolearning • Workflow Learning • EPSS • Storytelling • Active Learning • Gamification • Informal Learning • On-the-job Learning Our solutions:
  8. 8. Execution • Young Talent Programs: - Interns - Trainees - First Management - Fast Track Maturity • Business School: - Leadership - Sales - Human Resources • Technical School: - Health and Safety • Specific Actions: Tutoring, Promotion of Communities, Learning Curation and Workshops Our solutions:
  9. 9. Management • Learning BPO • Logistics BPO • Technology BPO Our solutions:
  10. 10. IT Solutions • Learning Management Systems: - youKnow - Saba • Talent Management: - Success Factors • Learning Transfer: - Results Engine - We Achieve • Content Creation: - QuickLessons Our solutions:
  11. 11. Publishing
  12. 12. Our numbers 750 employees 20 years on market 300 associated trainers + 200 clients 1.000.000 people trained per year 14 offices in Brasil and abroad, including America, United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. Training centers in 7 capitals Teams in 34 cities + 500 cities covered in 2013
  13. 13. Allan R. Cohen Partners
  14. 14. Some of our Clients
  15. 15. What can we do together?
  16. 16. Visit our website Like our facebook page Follow us on twitter @afferolab Visit our profile on LinkedIn Contact us at