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New kajang – simcity simulation


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New kajang – simcity simulation

  2. 2. Kajang at a glance… Town in the eastern part of Selangor, Malaysia Kajang population is 342,657 20 km away from Kuala Lumpur
  3. 3. Landmark Stadium Kajang Accommodate up to 5,000 people Satay Kajang Haji Samuri Opposite the stadium. The famous sate. Kajang mosque very lively at night with Islamic activities.
  4. 4. Recover The Full Potential Of Kajang We face climate change and a degraded environment, an uncertain economy and social inequality, cultural conflict and a loss of identity New ethics and new aesthetics have to be reinvented
  5. 5. NEW KAJANG more healthy and beautiful Kajang.
  6. 6. Relocation relocation of old building located at Lorong Mendaling to new area located at Jalan Minang. It will be used to improve existing road facilitiesas well as to create a recreational area along the river
  7. 7. Sustainable transport Public transport that connect Kajang town is commuter, bus rapid KL and taxi. The increasing reliance on private transportation.
  8. 8. Sustainable transport Tramlined system which travel internally and around a Kajang perimeter utilizing the electric energy as power of movement.This electricity power produced by municipal waste. The interchange is at existing KTM kajang. People will take a tram to go into a city centre which has several station around city centre
  9. 9. Passenger Walkway Good walking passages have to provide to ensure the safety and comfort for pedestrians.This is to encourage them to walk to their desire place.
  10. 10. Relocation relocation of old building located at Lorong Mendaling to new area located at Jalan Minang. It will be used to improve existing road facilitiesas well as to create a recreational area along the river
  11. 11. The Green City Aiming cleanest and most beautiful cities Additional green areas around residential, offices, landmark and commercial. Kajang green retreats enhance its citizens’ physical and mental health and well-being.
  12. 12. River Beautification (existing Kajang River) Healing of riverfront as a place of critical ecological importance, as well as a place for working and living.
  13. 13. Upgrading Drainage OSD system will be used. OSD restricts the rate that stormwater leaves a site to a discharge which will not cause increased flooding anywhere downstream New residential area, each house will be installed with OSD tank to store the water
  14. 14. Sustainable waste-water treatment • Waste water is treated in plants • The water is treated with advanced technology • Biogas produced is used in public buses as well as private cars and taxis • The excess heat is recovered for domestic electricity
  15. 15. underground facility with ground/area above the STP developed as a leisure park with sports, recreational, administration building and community facilities Kajang STP
  16. 16. District cooling • Cold water from river provides for district cooling as cooling effect from heat pumps that extract energy from riverwater or waste water. • The use of district cooling reducesCO2 emissions.
  17. 17. The green residential area • Nadayu 92 - perfect example of good, sustainable residential environment - imposed tough environmental requirement - own eco-friendly system
  18. 18. Waste production and management • Need a well-functioning integrated waste-handling and disposal system • Innovations in transportations in transporting waste assist towards widespread recycling • Prohibit any organic waste from sent to landfill • All separately collected food waste is recycled as biogas and fertiliser/compost