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W.O.W-Wonderful, Outstanding, Websites to engage, empower, and inspire


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A slide show filled with educational websites to use to create an engaging classroom.

Published in: Education, Technology
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W.O.W-Wonderful, Outstanding, Websites to engage, empower, and inspire

  1. 1. W.O.W.Wonderful, Outstanding,Websites to Engage,Empower, and InspireLearnersAnn Feldmann
  2. 2. Get All the Links and FollowAlong at:
  3. 3. Google Docs• Online Suite of Tools – Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets, and Presentations• POWER of SHARE• Collaborate• Publish• FREE• Video on Google Docs
  4. 4. Google Docs Home Screen Collaborate with Mike
  5. 5. Collaborating with New Teachers
  6. 6. Google Forms / Spreadsheets• Create surveys, exit tickets, and quizzes• Use the FLUBAROO script to grade• Easy to create, edit, and send to users.• Use spreadsheets to collect information from a class.• Use conditional formatting - Sample from York conference.
  7. 7. Google Forms Select from 7 different question types.
  8. 8. Google FORMS + FLUBAROO =Results
  9. 9. Google Presentations• Collaborate on your presentation• Publish the presentation on the web.• Link it up to websites, blogs, or tweet it out with the world!
  10. 10. Google Presentation
  11. 11. Blogger Example:
  12. 12. Kidblog • A FREE classroom blog site. • Kids can create threads, post comments, and edit their work. • Teachers can moderate the site. • Password protected. • Easy to use!
  13. 13. Teachers create a thread. Student blog about the topic. Student posts are moderated by the teacher. Posts are easy to editand delete.
  14. 14. The dashboard allows easy management of the blog! Add users, approvecomments, review posts, and reset passwords from one location.***USE #commentsforkids on Twitter to share blogs with the world!
  15. 15. Weebly
  16. 16. Easy to edit. Dragand drop elements on the page!
  17. 17. Wolfram Alpha Computes answers and provides knowledge. So much data to discover!
  18. 18. Instant Data RetrievalData comparingtwo hurricanes!
  19. 19. Tagxedo
  20. 20. Animoto
  21. 21. Create and Share Videos Easily
  22. 22. Simply Click thebuttons to add content.
  23. 23. Upload Photos from many different sources!
  24. 24. Quizlet
  25. 25. Study and play games. Your score is compared to others! Motivatingway to study!
  26. 26. Rubistar -
  27. 27. Customize the rubric!!
  28. 28. Sheppard Software
  29. 29. Symbaloo
  30. 30. Webmix for First Grade
  31. 31. Pinterest
  32. 32. Primary Junction:
  33. 33. Scoop.IT
  34. 34. Ann’s Amazing Scoop.IT Page Scoop.IT button resides on toolbar
  35. 35. Twitter• Limitless ideas!• Best FREE PD for teachers.• Can look at tweets for specific grade / subject areas.Visualize a Tweet:
  36. 36. Pin •Pin ITScoop •Scoop.ITTweet •Tweet IT
  37. 37. “Teach a child howto think, not whatto think.” - Sidney Silverman