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Nift old question paper masters in design gat


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NIFT old question paper of M.Des can be downloaded here. This consists of general ability test GAT test paper which came in the previous years

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Nift old question paper masters in design gat

  1. 1. Academy of Fashion & Design Email: Ph: 08800337062 Get into premier design school In India & Abroad with AFD                       MASTERS IN DESIGN GENERAL ABILITY TESTTime allowed:- 2 hrs Total Question:- 150This test comprises the following sub-tests.Quantitative abilityEnglish comprehensionEnglish CommunicationAnalytical abilityGeneral AwarenessEach question carries one mark.Answers are required to be marked only on the OMR/ICR Answer-Sheet, which shall be provided separately.For each question, four alternative answers have been provided out of which only one is correct. Darken the appropriate circle in the Answer-Sheet by using Ball Pen only on the best alternative amongst a), b), c) or d). Section-1-Quantitative abilityQ1. Three bells commence tolling together and they toll after 0.25, 0.1 and 0.125 sec. After what interval will they again toll together? a) 1.5 sec b) 2.5 sec c) 0.5 sec d) 4.2 secQ2. Find the smallest fraction which, when added to EMBED Equation.3 gives a
  2. 2. whole number. a) 37 / 40 b) 35 / 39 c) 32 / 40 d) 45 / 35Q3. If 5 = 2.24, then what is the value of EMBED Equation.3 ? a) 1.48 b) 1.58 c) 1.68 d) 1.89Q4. Find the value of a 3 + b 3 + c 3 – 3abc when a + b + c = 9 and a 2 + b 2 + c 2 = 29. a) 9 b) 3 c) 27 d) 81 e) None of theseQ5. If we write the numbers from 1 to 201, what is the sum of all the odd numbers? a) 10,201 b) 10,220 c) 9,102 d) None of theseQ6. The sum of two numbers is 20, and their difference is 2 EMBED Equation.3 , find the ratio of the numbers. a) 8 : 10 b) 2 : 8 c) 9 : 7 d) 10 : 12Q7. In an exam, the average was found to be 50 marks. After deducting computational errors the marks of the 100 candidates had to be changed from 90 to 60 each and the average came down to 45 marks. The total number of candidates who took the exam were: a) 300 b) 600 c) 200 d) 150 e) None of theseQ8. A man buys milk at 60 P per liter adds one – third of water to it and sells the mixture at 72 P per liter. The profit per cent is _____________. a) 45% b) 60% c) 72% d) 75%Q9. Two equal amounts of money are deposited in two banks, each at 15 % per annum,for EMBED Equation.3 years and 5 years respectively. If the difference between their interests is Rs. 144 each sum isRs __________. a) 460/- b) 500/- c) 640/- d) 720/-Q10. I give a certain person Rs. 8000 at simple interest for 3 years at EMBED Equation. 3 p.c. How much more should I have gained had I given it at compound interest? a) 148.45/- b) 138.38/- c) 134.89/- d) 134.25/-
  3. 3. Q11. A sum of Rs. 6.40 is made up of 80 coins, which are either 10–paise or 5–paisa coins. How many are of 5 P.? a) 58 b) 64 c) 32 d) 25Q12. A and B can finish a field work in 30 days, B and C in 40 days while C and A in 60 days. How long will they take to finish it together? a) 26 EMBED Equation.3 days b) 39 days c) 25 EMBED Equation.3 days d) 25 daysQ13. If 3 men with 4 boys can earn Rs. 756 in 7 days, and 11 men with 13 boys an earn Rs. 3008 in 8 days, in what time will 7 men with 9 boys earn Rs. 2480? a) 8 days b) 5 days c) 12 days d) 10 daysQ14. Pipe A can fill a tank in 20 hours while pipe B alone can fill it in 30 hours and pipe C can empty the full tank in 40 hours. If all the pipes are opened together, how much time will be needed to make the tank full? a) 7 EMBED Equation.3 hrs. b) 1 EMBED Equation.3 hrs. c) 17 EMBED Equation.3 hrs. d) 77 EMBED Equation.3 hrs.Q15. Compare the rates of two trains, one travelling at 45 km an hour and the other at 10 m a second. a) 5 : 4 b) 6 : 4 c) 2 : 6 d) 4 : 8Q16. Find the length of a bridge which a train 130m long, travelling at 45 km an hour,can cross in 30 sec. a) 396 m b) 249 m c) 245 m d) 234 mQ17. A man can row 6 km/hr in still water. When the river is running at 1.2 km/hr, it takes him 1 hour to row to a place and back. How far is the place? a) 2.66 km b) 2.85 km c) 88.2 km d) 2.88 kmQ18. If 2 liters of water are evaporated on boiling from 8 liters of sugar solution containing 5 % sugar, find the percentage of sugar in the remaining solution. a) 6 EMBED Equation.3 % b) 6 EMBED Equation.3 % c) 5 EMBED Equation.3 % d) 2 EMBED Equation.3 %Q19. The age of a man is 4 times that of his son. 5 yr. ago, the man was nine times as old as his son was at the time. What is the present age of the man? a) 64 yrs b) 49 yrs c) 32 yrs d) 45 yrs
  4. 4. What is the greatest number that will divided 38,45 and 52 and leave as remainders 2,3 and4 respectively?5 b) 6 c) 7d) 8Find the greatest number, which will divide 410, 751 and 1030 so as to leave remainder 7 in each case?30 b) 28 c) 31 d) 29The numbers 11284 and 7655, when divided by a certain number of three digits, leave the same remainder. Find that number of three digits.191 b) 130 c) 131 d )190Find the greatest number of six digits which, on being divided by 6,7,8,9 and 10 leaves 4,5,6,7 and 8 as remainders respectively.997918 b) 997920 c) 887920d) 887918Find the greatest number less than 900, which is divisible by 8,12 and 28.d540 b) 640 c) 740 d )840What greatest number can be subtracted form 10,000 so that the remainder may be divisible by 32, 36, 48 and 54? B9186 b) 9136 c) 3156 d )8146Find out whether (3x – 1) is a factor of 27x3 – 9x2 – 6x + 2 by the above rule.(3x-2) b) (3x-1) c) (2x-1) d )(3x-2)What should be subtracted from 27x3 – 9x2 – 6x – 5 to make it exactly divisible by (3x – 1)?-5 b) -6 c) -7d) -8If x + _1_ = 2 , the value of x2 + _1_ = ? X X26 b) 5 c) 1d) 2If X + Y = 3, XY = 2; find the value of X3 – Y3 ?6 b) 7 c) 3d) 4
  5. 5. If x = 12, y = 4; find the value of (x+y)x/y4096 b) 3096 c) 2096 d )1096 Academy of Fashion & Design Email: Ph: 08800337062 Get into premier design school In India & Abroad with AFD                       Section-2- English ComprehensiveDirections (Q31-35):- Read the passage and answer the questions that follow: Mrs. Loisel now learned what it was like to be really poor. She made up her mind to face it and played her part bravely. This terrible debt had to be paid and she would pay it. The maid was dismissed; the flat was given up and they moved into a garret. She did all the rough household work; washed up after meals and ruined her finger nails scrubbing dirty dishes and pans. She did all the washing and hung it out on the line to dry. Every morning, she carried the rubbish down to the street and brought the water, pausing for breath at the top of each flight of stairs. Dressed like a working woman, she went with her basket on her arm to the greengrocer, the grocer and the butcher, bargaining, arguing and fighting for every penny.Her husband spent his evenings, working at some shopkeepers’ account, and at night, hewould often copy papers at a few pennies a page.Thus life went on for ten years.At the end of that time, they had paid off every thing to the last penny, including the intereston the loan.
  6. 6. Mrs. Loisel now looked like an old woman. She had become a typical poor man’s wife,rough and coarse. Her hair was neglected, her dress was untidy, and her hands were red.But now and then, when her husband was at the office, she would sit by the window andher thoughts would go back to that far away evening, the evening of her beauty and hersuccess. What would have been the ends of it if she had not lost the necklace? Who couldsay? How strange and varied are the chances of life. How small a thing can save or ruinyou.One Sunday, she went for a walk in the Champa Elysees and she caught sight of a ladywith a child. She recognized Mrs. Forestier, who looked as young, as pretty and asattractive as ever. Mrs. Loisel felt a wave of sadness pass over her. Should she speak toher? Why not? Now that the debt was paid, why should she not tell her the whole story?She went up to her “Good morning, Jeanne.”Her friend did not recognize her and said, “I’ m afraid I don’t know you; you must havemade a mistake.” “No, I am Mathilde Loisel.” Her friend uttered a cry. ‘Oh’ my poor dear Mathilde! How you have changed!” “Yes, I have been through a very hard time since I saw you last.” “What do you mean?” “You remember the diamond necklace you lent me to wear?” “Yes. Well?” “Well, I lost it.” “I don’t understand. You brought it back to me.”“What I brought you back was another one, exactly like it and for the ten years, we havebeen busy paying for it. You must understand that it was not an easy matter for people likeus, who hadn’t a penny? However, it’s all over now. I can’t tell you what a relief it is!” Mrs. Forestier stopped dead. “You mean that you bought a diamond necklace to replace mine?”“Yes. And you never noticed it? They were certainly very much alike,”She smiled with pride and satisfaction. But Mrs. Forestier seized both her hands in greatdistress.“Oh, my poor, dear Mathilde1 Why? Mine was only imitation. At the most it was worthfive hundred francs!”
  7. 7. Q31. Mrs. Loisel was not a well off lady but still, she took to pay back the huge amountof necklace a) In a half – hearted way b) In a reluctant manner c) Quite unwillingly d) In a determined way e) Under compulsion of lawQ32. Entire money was paid up by her without excuse but a) It took ten years for Loisel to clear off the dues in installments b) It took ten years for them to save that much amount to pay back c) It took lesser period in paying back the money. d) They had not paid back in full the amount of necklace even during a period of ten years e) They were running short of a little amount to pay back the amount in full at the end of ten years.Q33. Mrs. Loisel struggled very hard to pay back the amount and it. a) Had made her weak and ill b) Had no effect on her health c) Had made her demoralised and ill humoured d) Had bereft her of her memory e) Had affected her looksQ34. When Mrs. Loisel met Mrs. Forestier she a) Told her that she had lost the necklace but promised to return another exactly like it b) Admitted that she had replaced Mrs. Forestier’s diamond necklace with a necklace of imitation diamonds. c) Told her that the necklace she had returned was not the same that she had borrowed d) Accused Mrs. Forestier of being a cause of ten years sufferings e) Begged her pardon to avoid talk about the necklace that has caused her so much worryQ35. Mrs. Forestier told Mrs. Loisel to the effect that. a) The necklace that was returned was made of imitation diamonds b) The necklace borrowed by Mrs. Loisel was not of real diamonds c) The necklace returned valued just 500 francs d) The necklace that she had returned valued less than 500 francs e) The necklace she had lent was of real diamondsDirection (Q36 - 40 ): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questionsgiven below it.
  8. 8. Imagine a ship built to sail amongst the ice at the North Pole. The ship has a hull two feetthick. This hull is shaped so that when the ice closes in on the ship she is pushed up – likea piece of soap in your hand and drifts in the top layer of the ice. A ship like this was builtfor the great Norwegian explorer Fridjof Nansen.One day, while he was walking by the sea, Nansen found a piece of Russian wood.Obviously the wood had drifted south across the Arctic Circle from Siberia. Nansenthought that if a piece of wood could make the journey so could he. If he had a ship whichrested on the ice he would he able to drift across the Arctic Sea. And so that ‘Fram’ (whichmeans forward) was built.In June 1893, Nansen left Oslo with a crew of 13 men and 30 dogs for the sledges. Manypeople thought his plans were mad and said that he was going to meet his death. By Sp.The ‘Fram’ had reached Cape Chelyuskin, the most northerly point of Siberia. Here, the icebecame 30 ft thick and began to close in on the ‘Fram’. But just a Nansen had said the shiprose up, came to rest on the ice, and began to drift. For a year shedrifted northwards, then slowly westwards. Nansen then decided to rush to the North Polewith his companion Hjelmar Johansen. At the time, no explorer had ever reached the Pole.They set off with 28 dogs, 3 sledges, 2 small boats, a tent, sleeping bags and food. ByApril 1895 they were within 200 miles of the Pole.This was nearer to the Pole than any other explorer had ever been. But conditions wereterrible. The temperature dropped to 40 degrees below freezing point. The dogs becameexhausted. Their cloths froze on their bodies. In the end they had to turn back. The two menand their dogs travelled for four months through ice and snow. Frozen, exhausted and withsinking spirits, they struggled on through mile after mile of snow.Once Nansen was nearly killed by animals. On another occasion, they tied their small boatsto an iceberg and climbed up to make observations. The boats broke loose and began todrift. Nansen knew that they would not be able to go on without the boats. Still wearingthis heavy cloths, he dived into the freezing water and swam after the boats. Then, after hehad got them back, Nansen boat was nearly destroyed by an animal.At last, they reached Franz Josef Land, which is still inside the Arctic Circle. They decidedto spend the winter there because it would have been dangerous to travel in a Pole winter.They built a hut of stone and covered it with animals’ skins and then, settled down for along cold wait. They spent the winter hunting, talking and writing. In this way, theystopped themselves from going mad with loneliness.
  9. 9. In May, when spring came, they set out again on their march Southwards. A month later,they walked into a party of British explorers. The British had been in the Arctic for twoyears and were waiting for their ship to take them home. The ship arrived and took Nansenand Johansen back to Norway.But what had happened to the “Fram”? There was no word. Her movements were as mucha mystery as those of Nansen and Johansen had been. Astonishingly, a week afterNansen’s return, the ‘Fram’ drifted back to Norway – exactly three years after she had let.Nansen was given a hero’s welcome and so were the men of the ‘Fram’.Q36. For going on journey across the Arctic, Nansen got an idea of a particular ship,especially designed for the purpose because a) He must travel by a newly deigned ship to go on exploration mission. b) He must have a ship that would sail around the frozen Arctic. c) He must have a ship that would plough through the ice d) He must have a ship that would slide the top layer of the ice e) He must have a ship that would rest on the ice and drift.Q37. How did Nansen plan to go on exploration mission across the Arctic a) He planned to go to Russia across the Arctic Sea b) He planned to sail towards the North – Pole c) He planned to sail north – west toward the Pole d) He planned to proceed Northward on the ice e) He planned to go across the Arctic from north to southQ38. What happened when Nansen and Johansen tried to reach the North Poleproceeding westward? a) They lost the way and were misled b) They reached the Pole but could and stay there c) They reached the Pole and passed the winter there d) They approached closer to the Pole but were forced to keep away by weather extremitiesQ39. What happened to Nansen and Johansen while they were on return journey? a) They met unknown explorers who played host to them b) They met British explorers who offered them lift to Norway c) They met the British explorers who took them home in their ship d) They met the British explorers who took them home in their ship – the “Fram”
  10. 10. e) They got a ship that had just landed a party of explorers and reached home.Q40. What happened to ‘Fram’ after it was abandoned by Nansen and Johansen? a) The ship was destroyed by the snowstorm b) Returned to Norway after a very long time c) Returned to Norway shortly after Nansen d) Nothing was heard of it e) The ship was remodeled by some other explorers and taken away by them.Directions: Below is given a passage followed by several possible followed by several possible inferences which can be drawn from the facts stated in the passage. You have to examine each inference separately in the context of passage and decide upon its degree of truth or falsity and mark: (a) if it is definitely true. (b) if it is probably true. (c) if the data are inadequate. (d) if it is probably false. (e) if it is definitely false. The serious accident in which a person was run over by a car yesterday has again focussed attention on the most unsatisfactory state of street lighting. No one expects side roads to be provided with the same standard of lighting, as a main road, but unless the council is prepared to make good its promise as regards road lighting, it will only be a question of time before there are further and perhaps fatal accidents.It seems that council has promised to improve the state of lighting on side roads.There will not be a single accident on roads if roads are satisfactorily illuminated.The accident that occurred was fatal.Several accidents have so far taken place because of unsatisfactory lighting.The accident occurred at night.Direction: Read the following passage and answer the question:There are several reasons for a headache. Physical, emotional and mental factors,anxiety and tension are a few. Sometimes, headache can be a signal of an underlyingdisease. More than medicines, yoga therapy eminently suits any need. Yoga is acomprehensive mode of culturing the body and the mind. Using an ‘IntergratedApproach of Yoga’, the yoga Research Centres have been able to cure some toughheadaches. The integrated approach includes breathing, asanas, pranayama,meditation and devotional sessions.Yoga asanas, especially the ones imitating the natural postures of animals, have atremendous tranquilising effect, without having t depend on common drugs. Pranayamainhibits random agitation in Pranic (energy) flows in Pranamayakosa, stabilising the
  11. 11. autonomic nervous system. Dhyana and Samadhi culture the mind to relax it. This approachalters the reaction of an individual to headache. By interrupting the vicious cycle of pain –agony – pain, it prevents headache from becoming a crippling problem.Through asanas that calm you , the pranayama exercises that inhibit random energy flowsand the meditation that cultivates and relaxes your mind, yoga offers a holistic from of painrelief. It stops you from becoming locked in the vicious circle of pain-anxiety- pain.Chronic pain: Chronic pain essentially is imbalance in prana (energy). This imbalanceinitially manifests only as functional abnormality like insomnia, lack of enthusiasm, fatigue,increased irritability and lack of concentration. Over the years, the imbalance settles in anorgan. Chronic pain may sometimes be just a long standing muscle spasm, which later onamy give rise to organic changes in the form of chronic inflammation.The main theme of the passage is Headache Yoga Asanas Chronic Pain Relief from HeadacheReasons for headache are Physical emotional and mental. Lack of concentration Too much of TV Carry any disease.What suits more than medicines? Asanas Homeopathy Integrated approach Yoga therapyWhat cultures the mind? Drugs Medicines Pain and agony Dhyana and samadhiWhat prevents headache from becoming a crippling problem? By attiring the approach By stabilizing the nervous system By interrupting the flow of energy. By interrupting the viscious cycle of pain – agony – pain
  12. 12. Asanas calm you and Pranayama inhibit Viscous cycle of pain Stabilizes the mind Relaxes the mind Inhibits random energy flow.Yoga relaxes the mind and offer Holistic form of pain relief. Alters the reaction Dependence on common drugs To culture body and mindThe disturbance in the energy level may lead to ____ Chronic pains Imbalance situation Pain and agony DistractionChronic pain can sometimes be Fatigue Lack of concentration A long standing muscle spasm Organic changes / chronic inflammationFor more than 3 decades, I achieved great success as a lawyer, till a stroke left my right sidetotally paralysed. Despite the doctor’s encouragement, I was consumed by rage and self-pity. I yearned to be active again. But what could a middle-age cripple like me do ? Oneday, glancing at some paintings I owned, I thought suddenly, “what about painting” ? Infact, I had always wanted to paint, but had never had the time. Now, I had plenty of time. Inthe last 25 years, I have completed 300 paintings—one of them appeared on the cover ofthe Reader’s Digest. The stroke, I realize, has helped me develop a latent talent and enjoylife.55. Which one of the following is the correct statement ?While in the hospital, the author was—(A) angry with himself for falling ill.(B) relieved at the successful treatment.(C) frustrated at his helpless situation.(D) resentful at being hospitalized.56. Why did the author consider himself a cripple?(A) He could not go back to work.(B) He could no longer use his right hand.
  13. 13. (C) He could not use his time properly.(D) He could not lead an active life.57. Which one of the following is the correct statement ?The paralytic stroke helped the author—(A) to face challenges in life successfully.(B) to realize his latent talent.(C) to learn a new hobby.(D) to earn more money.PASSAGE“Westward Ho !” we shouted as the sail of our crudely constructed raft, the Kon-Tikicaught the wind. The sail quickly filled and the Kon-Tiki began to move. The six of uswere off to our great adventure.As night fell, the troughs of the sea grew gradually deeper and our first duel with theelements began. Each time we heard the sudden deafening hiss of a roller closeby and sawa white crest come towards us out of the darkness, we held on tight and waited for theworst. But invariably the Kon-Tiki calmly swung up her stern and rose skywardunperturbed.58. What does the word ‘duel’ in the passage mean ?(A) A battle(B) A fortification(C) A two-side contest(D) Divided in two59. Which one of the following is correct ?When big waves struck the raft the six people in it.(A) Started crying.(B) Showed courage and patience.(C) Acted in a rash manner.(D) Showed passiveness.60. How was the Kon-Tiki’s performance on the high seas ?(A) Very shaky(B) Extremely poor(C) Stable and resolute(D) Unpredictable
  14. 14. Academy of Fashion & Design Email: Ph: 08800337062 Get into premier design school In India & Abroad with AFD                       Section-3 English CommunicationDirections (Q.61-65): Choose the alternative, which is same in meaning to the key word:-AURICULAR a) Nose b) Eyes c) Ears d) HeartAVOWAL a) Sacred oath b) Open declaration c) Harsh Sound d) Stern denialCOGNATE a) Known b) Of common origin c) Wheel shaped d) SubstantialFRET a) Worry b) Behave c) Pine-heartedd) RegretJOWL a) Jaw b) Fiesta c) Bellowing d) Small JarDirections (Q.66 - 70): Choose the correct one, which is opposite in meaning to the keyword:-WARILY a) Negligently b) Timidly c) Vigilantly d) NoisilyINTIMATE a) Proclaim b) Personal c) Apparel d) PrecludeMODISH a) Vulgar b) Unfashionable c) Shabby d) Immodest
  15. 15. WAG a) Critic b) Skunk c) Wit d) DullardPROLIX a) Clever b) Punctual c) Charitable d) PreciseDirections (Q.71 - 75): Choose the appropriate preposition:Mike has been ill ________ a long time. He has been in hospital ________ Oct. a) on b) to c) since d) forThe office is very small. There’s space only ______ a desk and chair. a) to b) since c) for d) onSue went ________ Mexico last year. a) for b) since c) to d) onDon’t open the door of the train __________ the train stops.. a) for b) Until c) Sinced) onWhere have you been? I’ve been waiting for you _________ twenty minutes. a) for b) Until c) Sinced) toDirections (Q76-80):- Some parts of each of the following sentences are underlined. Eitherone underlines part is not acceptable in standard English or there is not error. With regard toerror you are concerned with the underlined part only. EMBED Equation.3 Ram, Sham, Hari EMBED Equation.3 differencesEMBED Equation.3 EMBED Equation.3 settled. EMBED Equation.3 . EMBED Equation.3 ask EMBED Equation.3 principal if I EMBED Equation.3have one day EMBED Equation.3 . EMBED Equation.3 . EMBED Equation.3 machine worked EMBED Equation.3 EMBED Equation.3many days and we EMBED Equation.3 rest at all. EMBED Equation.3 .Trios EMBED Equation.3 EMBED Equation.3 boys EMBED Equation.3 singingEMBED Equation.3 well that everyone was happy. EMBED Equation.3 .
  16. 16. EMBED Equation.3 principal EMBED Equation.3 with his colleagues EMBEDEquation.3 in EMBED Equation.3 car. EMBED Equation.3 . FILL IN THE BLANKS:- (81-90)My father is not a t home _________ a) presently b) first now c) NilI have read ___________ book of this library a) each b) every c) NilHe is stronger than anybody _________ a) else b) here c) Nil__________ European likes to trand much a) an b) a c) NilMy young son goes to _______ school a) an b) a c) NilI have got ___________ good health a) an b) the c) NilI passed my holidays _________ the village of my uncle a) at b) in c) NilHe will come back ________ a week a) Nil b) within c) inDivide this apple ___________ the two boys. a) between b) among c) NilThe hunter shot the bird _________ a gun, a) with b) by c) from
  17. 17. Academy of Fashion & Design Email: Ph: 08800337062 Get into premier design school In India & Abroad with AFD                       Section 4- Analytical AbilityDirections (Q. 91 –95): Read the information and answer the questions given below theinformationThere is a group of six persons – A, B, C, D, E & F in a family. They are psychologistManager, Lawyer, Jeweler, Doctor and Engineer.The doctor is the grandfather of F. Who is a Psychologist. The Manager D is married to A.C is the Jeweler is married to a Lawyer. B is the mother of F and E. There are two marriedcouples in the family.What is the profession of A? a) Doctor b) Engineer c) Psychologist d) Manager e )None of theseHow is A related to E? a) Father b) Grand Father c) Mother d) Sister e )None of theseHow many male members are there in the family? a) 3 b) 4 c) 2 d) information insufficient e) None of theseWhat is the profession of E? a) Doctor b) Engineer c) Psychologist d) Manager e )None of theseWhich of the following is one of the married couple?
  18. 18. a) A-B b) A-C c) A-D d) F-E e )None of theseDirection (Q96-100): These question consist of a question and two statements numbered Iand II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements aresufficient to answer the question.Read both the statements and give your answer as follows: If the data in statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question If the data in statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question If the data in either statement I or II is sufficient to answer the question. If the data in statement I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question If the data in statement I and II together are necessary to answer the questionWho scored the highest among A,B,C,D and E?B scored more than D, but not as much as C.E scored more than C but not more than A. a) B b) A c) D d) C e) EHow many boys are there in the class? Mita’s rank among the girls is 5th from the top and her rank in the class is 9th from the bottom. Number of boys in the class is twice the number of girls. a) C b) A c) B d) D e) EWho is the immediate right of P among five persons P, Q, R, S and T facing North? R is third ot the left of Q and P is second to the right of R. Q is the immediate left of T who is second to the right of P. a) C b) A c) B d) De) EZ is in which direction with respect to X? Y is to the South of x and Z is to the East of P which is to the North of Y P is to the South of x a) D b) C c) B d) A e) EHow is P related to N? N is sister of M, who is son of Q whose wife is P. M is brother of N and son of Q whose wife is P. a) C b) D c) B d) Ae) E
  19. 19. Pointing to a photograph, a person tells his friend “She is the grand daughter of the elderbrother of my father ”. How is the girl related to this man in the photograph a) Niece b) Daughter c) Daughter-in- law d) Mothere) None of theseDirection (Q102 - 105): These questions are based on the following diagram in which thetriangle represents the uneducated person, Circle represents young person, and rectanglerepresent employed person.Which number represents young uneducated & employed person ? a) 4 b) 3 c) 5 d) 2e) None of theseWhich number represents educated, employed and young person. a) 2 b) 3 c) 1 d) 4 e )None of theseWhich number represents young, educated and unemployed person? a) 3 b) 1 c) 7 d) 6 e )None of theseWhich number represents young uneducated & unemployed person? (Check young shouldbe there or not) a) 3 b) 5 c) 6 d) 4 e )None of theseDirection (Q106 - 110):- Answer these questions referring to the symbol-letter numbersequence given below: NOPQYBZARSHIJKLMTUVGFEWXDCIf letters of the above given series are written in reverse order then which letter will be thirdto the left of eighteenth letter from your right? a) Z b) F c) I d) L e )None of these
  20. 20. What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following series? NDP, QWB ,ZFR ? a) SVJ b) AFS c) IVS d) SFA e )None of theseWhich of the following is fifth to the right of thirteen letter from your left? a) U b) J c) S d) Z e )None of theseIf every alternate letter starting from O is replaced with odd numbers starting from 1, whichletter or number will be third to the left of tenth letter from your right? a) 15 b) L c) K d) 13 e )None of theseIf it is possible to make a meaningful word from the eighth, sixteenth, seventeenth andtwenty-second letters from your left in the given series, which will be the first letter of thatword? If no such word an be formed your answer would be X, and if more than one suchword can be formed answer is P? a) M b) T c) X d) P e )None of theseIn row of 16 boys when Karan was shifted by 2 places towards the left he became 7th fromthe left end. What was his earlier position from the right ? a) 8th b) 9th c) 7th d) 10the) None of theseDirection (Q 112-113):- In each of the following find the figure from the Answer set (i.e.1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ) which will continue the series given in the problem set (i.e. A, B, C, D,and E)PROBLEM FIGURES ANSWER FIGURES A B C D E 1 2 3 45 a) 2 b) 3 c) 1 d) 5 e ) None of these
  21. 21. PROBLEM FIGURES ANSWER FIGURES A B C D E 1 2 3 4 5 a) 5 b) 3 c) 4 d) 1 e )None of theseIf south-east becomes north, north-east becomes west and so on, what will west become? a) north-east b) north-west c) south-east d) south-west e) None of theseA bus for Delhi leaves every forty minutes from a bus stand. An inquiry clerk told apassenger that the bus had already left ten minutes ago and the next bus would leave at 9.45a.m. At what time did the inquiry clerk give this information to the passenger? a) 9.05 am b) 9.15 am c) 9.25 am d) 9.35 e) None of theseDirections (Q116 - 120): Each of the following questions consists of five figures marked A,B, C, D and Ecalled the Problem Figures followed by five other figures marked 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 called the Answer Figures.Select a figure from amongst the Answer Figures which will continue the same series as established by thefive Problem Figures.
  22. 22. Academy of Fashion & Design Email: Ph: 08800337062 Get into premier design school In India & Abroad with AFD                       Section 5- General AwarenessWhich India State advertise itself as “ Never out of season”?kerelaHimachalUttaranchalGoaWhich airline has a heart painted at the entry of each of its aircraft cot the company HQ is atlone field in Dallas?QuantasGulf AirwaysSouthwest AirlinesAir china.Which memorable character made his appearance on the comic strip on October 4th 1950.Mickey MouseSnoopyFan tomBatman
  23. 23. The ‘Jeans that Built America’?DieselLevi’sMuddLeeFind the odd one outKathakaliMohini AttamBharat NatyamChakriThe first cotton mill of India was set up at …….SuratMumbaiKanpurAhmedabadWhich of the following is the capital of “the land of midnight sun”?ViennaOsloHelsinkiPragne Where would you find the Indian Textile Institute?SuratKAnpurPuneMysoreThe study of the heavenly bodies is a) Astronaut’s b) Astronomy c) Astrology d) Aewnautics 130. World Literacy Day is on? a) Feb. 8th b) Jan. 18th c) Sept. 8th d) Feb. 18th
  24. 24. 131. World Trade Organisation (WTO) came into existence in: a) 1996 b) 1998 c) 1995 d) 1997 132. The World Cup Cricket is held once in every a) 4 years b) 5 years c) 2 years d) 3 years 133. Baseball is the national game of a) England b) Kenya c) USA d) SouthAfrica 134. The Flag of which colour is used by an enemy while surrendering? a) White b) Black c) Red d) Yellow 135. Which of the following ranks the highest in the Indian Army? a) Colonel b) Lieutenant General c) Major d) Captain 136. According to Hindu Mythology, who is the creator of the word? a) Brahma b) Vishwakamla c) Vishnu d) Mahesha 137. Which one of the following is not an ancient scripture? a) Rigveda b) Mundaka c) Upnishada d)Arthashastra 138. Camel can store extra water in the_______. a) Rumen b) Coelom c) Stomach d) None ofthese 139. The smallest State in area is: a) Kerala b) Tripura c) Punjab d) Goa 140. ‘Eat Healthy Think Better’? Tagline of which company.ParleBrittaniaPriya GoldCherry merry 141. has launched an online book store at TradusBooks. in, offering book enthusiasts a wide assortment of titles, ease of shopping and free shipping of books
  25. 25. across India. is a sister concern company of … a. Ibibo Web Pvt Ltd b. Yahoo c. Times Shopping d. 142. Harry Potter ends up marrying a.Hermoine b.Ron c.Gennie d.Snape 143. What is the amount that Future Group’s unit Pantaloon Retail planning to raisefrom its IPO? a. ` 600 cr b. ` 650 cr c. ` 700 cr d. ` 750 cr 144. HDFC Trustee Co Ltd acquired 2.44 per cent stake in which textiles and apparels maker company in August? a. Raymond b. Grasim c. Peter England d. Armani 145. How many circles have been allotted to Vodafone for 3G Mobile services? a. 9 b. 11 c. 14 d. 17 146. Spice Jet has been acquired by… a. Reliance ADA Group b. Mahindra n MahindraGroup c. Sun Group
  26. 26. d. Larsen & Tourbo 147. Recently, which one of the following was included in the UNESCOs WorldHeritage list? a. Dilwara Temple b. Kalka-Simla Railway c. Bhiterkania Mangrove Area d. Vishakapatnam to Araku valley railway line 148. Which of the following is also known as “ Silicon valley of India”? a. Hyderabad b. Bangalore c. Chennai d. Noida 149. Peace Palace is the official headquarters of.......... a. WHO b. FAO c. ICJ d. IBRD 150. Find the odd one out. a. DOS b. WINDOWS c. LINUX d. LISP