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  1. 1. Presentation on NID by Academy of Fashion & DesignCall: +91-8971296752 WebsiteE-mail:
  2. 2. Design
  3. 3. Why ChooseDesign?
  4. 4. Fashion journalist freelancer lecturer stylist model merchandiser photographer fashion handicraftendless designercareer options graphics accessories textileartist entrepreneur Brand developer choreographer Event managerProduction manager advertiser animator marketer
  5. 5. National Institute of DesignA name beyond any introduction..!The Government of India set up the National Institute of Design in 1961as an autonomous national institution for research, service and trainingin Industrial Design and Visual Communication.
  6. 6. The institute currently consists of three campuses, each hosting separatecourses•The heritage campus at Paldi, Ahmedabad.•The postgraduate campus at Gandhinagar•The postgraduate R&D campus at BangaloreThe Institute
  7. 7. Art within the main building of NID, Ahmadabad
  8. 8. Industrial Design •Product Design •Furniture and Interior Design •Ceramic & Glass Design Communication DesignCourses Offered •Graphic Design •Animation Film Design(Undergraduate) •Film & Video Communication •Exhibition [Spatial] DesignAll programs offered atAhmadabad, Main Campus Textile & Apparel Design •Textile Design
  9. 9. Industrial Design Communication Design•Product Design •Graphic Design•Furniture and Interior Design •Animation Film Design•Ceramic & Glass Design •Film & Video Communication•Toy & Game Design •Photography Design•Transportation & Automobile DesignCourses Offered Textile & Apparel Design •Apparel Design(Postgraduate) •Lifestyle Accessory Design •Textile DesignSeparate Programs offered atSeparate CentersInterdisciplinary Design Studies IT Integrated (Experiential) Design•Design for Retail Experience •Design for Digital Experience•Strategic Design Management •Information & Interface Design •New Media Design
  10. 10. Multidisciplinary Learning Assimilates aesthetic and industrial dynamics across levels and disciplines. Industrial Dynamics Hands on experience on live industry projects allows the students to brace themselves for the industry and other entrepreneurial possibilities. Grass root Connect Craft Cluster initiative that allows the students to work in collaboration with the artisans and weavers. Critical Appraisal At every step to encourage self improvement. Team Building An outbound workshop as a part of the academic plan. Helps them individually to introspect and discover themselves from aAdd-ons fresh perspective.
  11. 11. Expert Views…
  12. 12. NIDUSA shop at NID Ahmadabad where the workof students is kept for sale.!
  13. 13. NID in NEWS
  14. 14. Designing is not confined to fashion only..! It has much more options than you can think of... Fashion Textile Knitwear Interior Furniture Product Communication Accessories FootwearLeather Management Production Retail Lifestyle ExperienceWhat exactly should Ichoose?
  15. 15. Product DesignProduct Design is concernedprimarily with the relationshipbetween products and systemsand those who use them. TheProduct Design program at NIDinculcates a user-centredapproach and processes. Furniture & Interior Design It deals with creation and evolution of new forms and ideas for objects, structures or systems at human scale through sustainable and innovative use of diverse materials and processes for improving the quality of life in immediate living and working environment.
  16. 16. Ceramic & Glass DesignCeramic and Glass Designprogram at NID takesinspiration from both art andcraft traditions and it equallyrecognizes and lays emphasison the production potentialof these materials. Graphic Design A graphic design student, in addition to a thorough grounding in design abilities and theoretical issues, undertakes the study of the cultural and historical context in which designers need to function, as well as of the social and ethical factors that influence design decisions
  17. 17. Animation Film DesignThe objective of this program is toenable students to find solutions tocomplex problems in various fieldsof communication design usinganimation film making as a creativemedium. Film & Video Communication The primary aim of the Film and Video Communication program is to train versatile design-informed communicators, fluent in the conception and production of short films, on a range of educational, cultural, social, entertainment and marketing communication needs.
  18. 18. Textile DesignTextile Design Program laysemphasis on woven and printedtextiles as well as non-woventechniques like resist dyed, blockprinted and knitted, besidessurface ornamentation usingtraditional and mass productionmethods. Exhibition Design The Exhibition Design Program aims to develop confidence in its graduates to interpret, contextualize, manifest, express & communicate through creative handling of space & ambiences. This is done through multi sensory and multimedia installations that create interactive and experiential environments.
  19. 19. Transportation & Automobile DesignThe program pays specialattention to the Indiancontext, especially to theusers’ needs in terms ofcomfort, safety, informationand even the considerations ofcultural sensitivities andpreferences. Toy & Game Design The PG Diploma in Toy and Game Design at the National Institute of Design aims to develop a professional and creative approach to the growing needs and aspirations in the field of education and entertainment
  20. 20. Photography DesignThe PG Diploma in PhotographyDesign offers students, theopportunities to work in thecontext of leading edge practicein their subject and to developtheir skills to an advanced levelappropriate for careers in theindustries. Apparel Design The Post graduate program in Apparel Design at NID is concerned with the methods and processes of design for clothing, its communication and techniques involved in developing it into an outcome that may vary from industrial and academic, to cultural and entrepreneurial.
  21. 21. Lifestyle Accessory DesignThe Lifestyle Accessory Designprogram educates and trainsprofessional designers tovisualize and create lifestyleaccessories and systems usingdifferent materials, processesand technologies. New Media Design The Program attempts to critically examine the relationship between technology and culture. Media, ‘old’ and ‘new’, such as print, radio, television, cinema, Internet, virtual reality, video games and mobile telephony, to mention a few, have a profound impact on our culture.
  22. 22. Strategic Design ManagementThe program recognize theimportance of design anddesign thinking in formulatingbusiness strategies andimplementation of integratedmanagement decisions. Information & Interface Design The Information and Interface Design program explores the design of systems at the fusion of people and technology. It studies the goals and activities of people, their values, and the tools and environments that shape their everyday lives.
  23. 23. Design for Digital ExperienceDesign for Digital Experiencefocuses on experiential componentto enhance the quality of life in thedigitally enabled society alsokeeping in view the rural/ urbanspaces & requirements. Design for Retail Experience Retail Design as a profession is now getting established in India and is gaining a good degree of recognition from the Retail industry. With the major changes in the Indian Economy, this has become an area of expertise to the large variety of various Retail industries
  24. 24. Main Campus, Ahmadabad PROGRAM SEATSPrograms & Centers Industrial DesignUnder Graduate | GDPD Product Design 15 Furniture & Interior Design 10 Ceramic & Glass Design 10 Communication Design Graphic Design 15 Animation Film Design 15 Film & Video 10 Communication Exhibition [Spatial] Design 10 Textile & Apparel Design Textile Design 15 An inner view of NID Ahmadabad
  25. 25. Main Campus, Ahmadabad PROGRAM SEATS Product Design 15 Furniture & Interior Design 10Programs & Centers Ceramic & Glass Design 10Post Graduate | PGDPD Graphic Design 15 Animation Film Design 15 PG Campus, Gandhinagar Film & Video 10 Communication PROGRAM SEATS Textile Design 15 Transportation & 15 Automobile Design R&D Campus, Bangalore Toy & Game Design 10 PROGRAM SEATS Photography Design 10 Apparel 15 Information & Interface 10 Likestyle Accessory Deign 15 Design New Media Design 10 Design for Digital 10 Strategic Design Experience 15 Management Design for Retail Experience 15
  26. 26. GDPD •Students who have passed or who will appear for qualifying examinations under the Higher Secondary (10+2) or equivalents like AISSCE/ IB/ ISC. •Upper age limit for candidates is 20 years (relaxable by 3 years for reserved •categories) as on June 1, 2012. PGDPD •Candidates having a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent including those who will be appearing for the qualifying examinations. •Areas mentioned against each discipline are eligible to apply. •Upper age limit for candidates is 30 years (relaxable by 3 years for reserved categories) as on June 1, 2012.Eligibility
  27. 27. Admission ProcedureWRITTEN EXAMAll candidates fulfilling the requirements ofminimum qualification and falling within theprescribed age limit will be called for the DesignAptitude Test (PGDPD or GDPD)SHORTLISTINGBased on the scores obtained in these tests,candidates will be shortlisted and called for thesecond phase.SECOND PHASESTUDIO TEST + INTERVIEW + PORTFOLIO REVIEWThe second phase of the admission procedurewill consist of studio tests followed by personalinterviews at Ahmadabad, Bangalore and www.afdindia.comGandhinagar.
  28. 28. 1.Draw a human Figure in relation with the given object insitting posture2.Analyze the object in the drawing and redraw the correctdrawing with detail3.What is the Price of 100 gms of Maggi?4.What is the radius of a CD?5.Design a CD Case which can hold 10 CDs with the followingmaterials: a) Aluminum wire b) newsprint paper c)1 CDSample Questions
  29. 29. Design InstitutesOther than NIDCOLLEGE LOCATION AFFLIATIONIIT Delhi, Mumbai, Government Guwahati, KanpurMIT Pune MAEER SocietyIICD Jaipur Govt. of RajasthanShrishti Bangalore Owned by Trust
  30. 30. AFD provides training for entrance exams of NIFT, NID, CEED and variousother design institutes.Course content and study materials are designed by NIFT/NID Alumni andis constantly updated to include the changes in the admission test.Tutorials are provided for written exams, studio tests, situation tests,portfolio guidance and interview.Mode of teaching includes distance education with contact classes, postalcourses, study materials, online training, classroom training.How can AFD helpyou…?Every year 1 out of 5 students who are admitted to NID courses are AFDians.
  31. 31. AFD ProgramsAFD COURSES FOR NID GDPD / PGDPDAFD Regular (Classes 5 days a week)This course covers Creative Aptitude Tests of NID entrance exams effectively . It is acomplete preparation for Design entrance tests.AFD PLUS (Classes on Saturdays & Sundays)This is a Weekend only course which covers syllabus for CEED, NID, NIFT, PEARL,SOFT, FDDI , SYMBIOSIS etc.AFD Weekend CATThese classes are for the first round of NID / CEED / MIT / SRISHTI / NIFT ( CAT)Entrance Exams - written exam. Focus is on drawing and creative thinking skills .
  32. 32. AFD Programs AFD COURSES FOR NID GDPD / PGDPD Workshop for StudioTest A 6 day hands on preparation for 2nd round preparations of NID AFD Postal A pack of 12 books for the preparation of CAT entrance examination. It contains solved question bank and mock tests.
  33. 33. CHOOSE AFD NOW and TAKE THE FIRST STEP OF YOUR ENTRANCE TO NID..! 54 AFDians got selected for NID in 2012 70 AFDians got selected for NID in 2011 65 AFDians got selected for NID in 2010Ankita Chaudhary Anirudh Bonny Sunny Bikram Pal Ekta Srivastava Kalyani Tupkari GDPD GDPD GDPD GDPD PGDPD PGDPD JOIN AFD BEAT THE COMPETITION. DON’T ONLY CRACK. BE AMONGST THE TOPPERS.
  34. 34. For any query Call: +91-8971296752E-mail: Enter AFDEnter SUCCESS