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Design workshop on fashion illustration, 14 16 march 2012 along registration form


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Registration is open for workshops at National Institute of Design, NID Ahmedabad in fashion illustration

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Design workshop on fashion illustration, 14 16 march 2012 along registration form

  1. 1. DESIGN WORK N KSHOP O FASH ON HION ILL TION LUSTRATDate: 14‐16 March 201 12       Ancho or Faculty: M Mr. Shekhar C Chatterjee    INTRODUC CTION:  Since cloth hes have been in existence as a for rm of Fashion  and  Style  and  there  w a was  a  nee to  ed translate an idea into a a garment, f for this parti icular visualizatio there  ha been  a  n on  as  need  for  fas shion illustrationn.  Fashion illustrations  show a  n  w representa ation  or  des arment  but  also  sign  of  a  gaserved  as  a  form  of  art  and  creativity.  Fas shion illustration shows  the  presence  o color,  tex n  of  xture, silhouette, flat  croqu etc,  all  create  a  v ,  uis  visual luxury.  SCOPE:  A fashion illustrator sketches out c creative ideaas for clothin ng, accessori ies and outfits for those e who need a visu ual represenntation. They y play a majoor role to en nhance the concept of a fashion desi igner, stylist and model for a particular p purpose. The ey may creat te a world of f visual luxur ry with technology and skill. OBJECTIVE ES:  - The e workshop g gives an und derstanding of Human Figure  - Illus strate the re eal Fashion P Photographs s with color, texture, fall l, light & sha ade and realize the  han ndmade effe ect in illustra ation.  - Dev velop the capability to visualize idea as and conce ept for garments.   METHOD & & CONTENTS S:   - Anaalyze the pro oportion of H Human figur re  (ma an & woman n)   - Draaw the body in two and tthree  dim mension 
  2. 2. - Understand the basic structure of standing poses  - Learn the different silhouette and draw them on the sketch body  - Detail color illustration by dry medium to enhance the realistic representation of work.  - Digital exploration is also possible for capable candidates.  This workshop is majorly targeting for those who are working in the industry and want to establish themselves as a professional Fashion Illustrator. All the selected candidates will be given personalized individual guidance in order to raise the present level of excellence.  ANCHOR  FACULTY:   Shekhar Chatterjee, Associate Senior Designer, National Institute of Design Areas  of  Expertise:  Drawing  and  Illustration,  Product  Development  in  Soft  materials,  Pattern making for accessories, Cultural Anthropology, History & Civilization, Costumes & Fashions, Foreign Language etc.    Since  2004,  Shekhar  Chatterjee  has  been  offering  diverse  courses  such  as  Design  Drawing,  Representation Techniques, Construction Drawing, Leather Module, Fashion Illustration, History of Costume and Fashion and Analytical Drawing at NID.   After graduating from Benares Hindu University, Shekhar did his postgraduate diploma from NIFT, specializing in  Leather  Apparel  Design  and  Technology  and  then  went  on  to  do  a  Master’s  degree  in  Strategic  Design Management at Politecnico di Milano, Italy in 2008. In 2011, he attained a second Master’s Degree, this time in Indian Culture, from Gujarat University. At NID, he has co‐ordinated the Apparel Design and Merchandising 2007 November to 2008 June and Foundation Programme from 22nd November 2010 to 12th June 2011 and conducting  summer  workshop  of  one  week  since  2010  on  Fashion  Illustration.  He  had  anchored  the workshops  on  Product  Variation  in  Jute  Materials  that  were  conducted  at  NID  in  2004‐05  for  the  National Centre  for  Jute  Diversification  Project  and  a  similar  project  on  Leather  Product  Variation  at  Rajiv  Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana in Rai Bareilly, U.P. in 2006‐07.  Shekhar has worked as a designer in the textile and leather industries for nine years. His academic research interest  lies  in  Indology,  the  subject  of  Indian  Culture  from  the  point  of  view  of  history,  art  and design.  DURATION  The programme will be of three days. Please note that the workshop will be highly intensive and so you are requested to keep all the evenings except the first day free for the workshop sessions.  
  3. 3. INTAKE  Participatio on will be limmited to a m maximum of f twenty (on a first come e first serve  basis). Any  and all in the creaative field in ncluding designers, architects, mana agers, design n professionnal, retailerss, other professionals  and  stu udents  can  benefit  from  this  program.  Othe desiring  to  increase their  ers  e sensitivity and creativity are also w welcome. All l that is need ded is an open mind.  FEE & REGISTRATION  ` 10, 000/‐‐ [Non‐residential, includes Service Tax, Worksh hop Registra ation fee, Lunch and one e set of material onnly] to be paaid by Dema and Draft/ Pa ay Order bef fore one we eek of the pr rogram in fav vour of NATIONAL INSTITUTE O OF DESIGN, payable at A Ahmadabad. . Kindly  sen in  your  nominations on  your  c nd  n s  company  let tterhead  inddicating  Nam me/s,  Designation, Address, Phone No, Fa ax No, and Emmail Id of the nominees along with t the fee to:     Projeect Officer  Industry Program mmes & Proj jects (IP&P)      Paldi, Ahmedaba ad 380 007 Telepphone: 91‐7 79‐2662 3692 2 ‐7 (6 lines) ) ext 1068, 11199  Mr. MMansukh Pa atel: 0942632 29633, Ms. R Rupali Sinhaa: 093281365 526  Fax: 91‐79‐26621167 / 2660 05240  E‐ma ail: industryp programmes, i u   CERTIFICAT TION:  A certificat te of particip pation will bee presented to the parti icipants. 
  4. 4. Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007 Tele: +91-79-2662 3692 - 97 (6 lines) ext 1068/1199 Fax: +91-79-2662 1167 / 2660 5240 E-mail:, Web: Industry Programmes and Projects (IP&P) REGISTRATION FORMKindly fill up the form in CAPITAL LETTERS.Send the demand draft / pay order along with the filled in registration form to:The Programme OfficerIndustry Programmes and Projects (IP&P) Please affix Passport size Photograph hereNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN (NID), Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007Amount ________________________ Cash/Cheque/D.D.No. __________________Name of Bank ____________________________________ Date ________________ Participant’s DetailWorkshop Name ___________________________________________________________________________Name of the Participant: Mr. / Ms. ______________________________________________________________Designation/ Student ________________________________________________________________________Sponsored by (Compulsory to tick ) Institute Organization SelfOrganization/ Institute ______________________________________City_______________________________Address (Residence/ Office) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Male / Female________________________ DOB _________________________ AGE ___________________Telephone No._________________________Mobile________________________ Fax ____________________E-mail ____________________________________________________________________________________How did you come to know of the Workshops: Website___ Poster___ Newspaper___ Via Friend __ Via Email___Mode of payment : Non- Residential Registration Fees ( Includes Workshop Registration fee, Lunch & one set of materialonly, Service Tax) to be paid by Demand Draft/ Pay Order before one week of the program in favour of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, payable at Ahmedabad.(One can use photocopies for additional nominations.)»NID reserves the right to cancel the programme and will refund the participants fee in such case. However if the candidate cancels his registration before one week then 90% fee will be refunded. For Office Use onlyRegi. Fee Received through Cash __________ DD / PO No.____________ Dated: _________________Participant No._______ Bank ________________________________________ Stamped Receipt No./ Dt.:________________________