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ceed test sample paper


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this sample CEED test paper is prepared by AFD faculties who have attempted the ceed exam. The questions mentioned are similar to the pattern of the past question papers. Ceed admission test is for those seeking admissions to M.Des programs in IITs & IISc

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ceed test sample paper

  1. 1. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test CEED Mock Test 2 Academy of Fashion and DesignTime : 2 1 2Part A - (4 Questions) 60 MarksPart B - (6 Questions) 40 MarksPart AQ1. Create a composition using a sphere, a cube, a cuboid and a pyramid. All shapes have to be used at least once.Q2. You can do any one: 2a, 2b, or 2c a. Create a hero/heroine to star in a new comic book series inspired by India and its role in the world today. b. In order for visually handicapped persons to be independent a means must be found to enable them to cook their own food. Design an innovative solution to this problem by designing a stove that can be used by blind people. c. Design and illustrate a poster on the topic of the significance of clean energy. Your poster will be evaluated on the basis of visual quality and innovativeness.Q3. In the space provided make a free hand drawing of a tape dispenser, a stapler and a pencil holder. Draw a 3 D view with a viewing angle of your choice. Your drawing should be large enough to fill the space provided. Use only ordinary pencils for drawing. Do not use paints, crayons, color pencils etc. You will be judged for your drawing ability, in terms of correct proportion, perspective and quality of line.Q4. Answer the following questions i. Choose the image that has the same relationship to the third figure as the second figure has to the first:Academy of Fashion & Design, K.K.Road, Kottayam-686004 1
  2. 2. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test ii. Choose the image that has the same relationship to the third figure as the second figure has to the first: iii. Choose the image that completes the given series: iv. Choose the image that completes the given series:2 Academy of Fashion & Design, K.K.Road, Kottayam-686004
  3. 3. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock TestPart BQ5. You can do 5a or 5b a. In rural areas electricity is often unreliable. Design a modern light solution that addresses the needs of rural India after dusk. You may justify your suggestions with sketches and short explanations. b. Write a mystery story in which the lead character solves a puzzle, makes an escape, or makes a journey. In the story, you may include the use of a number of different simple machines.Q6. Give 5 unconventional uses of a blackboard eraser.Q7. Identify a personality from each of the following areas, whom you find inspiring and write 5 sentences on why their work is significant: Theatre, Social work, Journalism, Philosophy & DesignQ8. At a recent panel discussing issue a possible National information infrastructure, one started wondering about the nearest “clean natural water supply” to people in different parts of the country. Around a large seminar table were about 30 eminent people from various hues and colours of information technology activities discussing the meaning ‘of “universal access’ to information, and information technology becoming ubiquitous. In a limited sense of the word, we have access to fresh water and telephones in many urban households. It is equally true that most of us urban dwellers would not drink from the nearest lake or stream. It seems ironical that 10 years from now more people in our drink from the nearest lake or stream. It seems ironical that 10 years from now more people in our country will have access to a higher quality telecommunication services at their homes, at their offices, with cellular phones when they are mobile, while the nearest potable water will be much further away. Should s society start wondering whether it is proximity to data streams or proximity to fresh water streams that should be more important to members of the modern society. 1. The fact that data may be more easily available than water could be called a) Sarcasm b) Paradox c) Divine justice d) Police failure 2. What in your opinion is most important to society a. Clean water b. Quality data c. Super computers d. Powerful computer networks. 3. Which of the following words is closest in meaning to the word “Proximity” a. Similarity b. Stupidity c. Being near d. Not accurateAcademy of Fashion & Design, K.K.Road, Kottayam-686004 3
  4. 4. © copyright www.afdindia.com CEED - Mock Test 4. What is main theme of the above passage a. Information technology is important a any cost b. It is better to provide drinking water than to provide computers, c. There should be a balanced approach to adoption of information technology d. Society’s need must determine the technology choices. 5. The reason that it is expected that in 10 years the telecommunication services will be better than the drinking water available is mainly because of the following. a. People do not think that water s important. b. There is pressure from aboard to adopt modern technology. c. If technology is available then alternative ways of making water available will be developed. d. It is more important to have a good technology than to have good water 6.Which of the following is nearest in meaning to the world ubiquitous used in the text. a. Obnoxious b. Present everywhere c. Scarce d. Very expensiveQ9. With a brief sketch identify the position of the resistance or load, the fulcrum, the effort required to move the load, the load arm and the effort arm of the following everyday objects i. Scissors ii. Hammer iii. Shovel iv. Wheelbarrow v. PliersQ10. Design a signage system for the easy sorting of waste for recycling. Suggest through sketches the number of possible containers (e.g. - for glass, tetra pack, plastic, wet waste, paper etc) and design a symbol for each. You should show where you would place the design on a Public Garbage bin.4 Academy of Fashion & Design, K.K.Road, Kottayam-686004