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From comic to graphic novel


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Join us to explore the universe of comics which is considered as the 8th Art in France. Let’s focus on current innovative cartoonists and genres of graphic novels. After an introduction to the techniques of page design, panel composition and illustration techniques, learn what it takes to make your own mini comic! Enjoy the discovery of graphic novels and if you like, practice it to perfection.

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From comic to graphic novel

  1. 1. From comic to graphic novel (De la bande dessinée au roman(De la bande-dessinée au roman graphique) Workshop Albane Buriel
  2. 2. I. Brainstorming Ideas to begin : h i i ?What is a comic ? Do you know technical words ? D k th ?Do you know some authors ? Do you know some characters ?
  3. 3. II History of comicsII. History of comics I. Firsts comic strips II. The Golden Age in U.S III.A popular style in France IV. The 9th Art
  4. 4. Firsts comic strips • Rodolphe Topfer (Swiss 1827)• Rodolphe Topfer (Swiss, 1827)
  5. 5. Firsts comic stripsFirsts comic strips • The Yellow Kid (U S 1896)• The Yellow Kid (U.S, 1896)
  6. 6. Firsts comic stripsFirsts comic strips • Bécassine (Fr 1905)• Bécassine (Fr., 1905)
  7. 7. First comic stripsFirst comic strips • Les Pieds Nickelés (Fr 1908)• Les Pieds Nickelés, (Fr. 1908)
  8. 8. The Golden Age in U.Sg (1930-1940) • « Comics » but not only humoristic : detectives, science fiction heros anddetectives, science fiction heros and superheros appeared • Before comics were only in newspapersBefore comics were only in newspapers and magazines • In 1934, the first « comic book » wasIn 1934, the first « comic book » was published • After the WW2, heros are moreAfter the WW2, heros are more vulnerable • Comics and their superheros screened
  9. 9. Superman (1932)Superman (1932)
  10. 10. Batman (1939)Batman (1939)
  11. 11. Flash (1940)Flash (1940)
  12. 12. Wonder Woman (1941)Wonder Woman (1941)
  13. 13. A popular style in Francep p y • Les Aventures de Tintin, Hergé (Belgium, 1929-1983)
  14. 14. A popular style in Francep p y • Astérix, le scénariste René Goscinny et le dessinateur Albert Uderzo (1961 à aujourd’hui)
  15. 15. A popular style in Francep p y • Les Schtroumfs, créé par Peyo (1963- 2008)
  16. 16. A popular style in FranceA popular style in France • In the 70’ new• In the 70 , new comic books for adultsadults, especially for men with a lotmen with a lot of innovations • Corto Maltese, Hugo Pratt (Italie, 1967-
  17. 17. A popular style in FranceA popular style in France • Adèle Blanc-sec• Adèle Blanc sec, Jacques Tardi (1976)(1976)
  18. 18. A popular style in FranceA popular style in France • Moebius Jean Giraud• Moebius, Jean Giraud (1976)
  19. 19. • Jean Giraud, “La Jeunesse de Bl b ”Blueberry”
  20. 20. A popular style in FranceA popular style in France • In the 80’In the 80 , comics were internationallyy recognized, U.S, European authors but also asiatic authors with the M hi h h dManga which had a great success (references at(references at famous cartoon heros in
  21. 21. A popular style in FranceA popular style in France • Large public• Large public • Available in b k hevery bookshops • XIII, William Vance et Jean Van Hamme (belgium, 1983- 2007)
  22. 22. A popular style in FranceA popular style in France • In the 90’ : diversification • « Nouvelle Vague » (creativity(creativity, originality) • Different genres • Trendy and adapted cinema, animated films, advts, video, , games... • Popular and recognizedrecognized • Lanfeust de d
  23. 23. A popular style in France • Comic-strips in press
  24. 24. Le Chat GelluckLe Chat, Gelluck One of the most famous character of comic-stripp First publication in “Le Soir” a belgium newspaper in 1983
  25. 25. Garfield Jim DavisGarfield, Jim Davis First publication in 1978 in 41 newspapers in the world. Today, in 2 570 newspapers, in 111 contries, one of the most published in the world.
  26. 26. The 9th ArtThe 9th Art • Market and business• Market and business • Festivals • Exhibitions • Famous artists and their personality • Adaptations in cinema • Video Games• Video Games • Internet (blogs)
  27. 27. The 9th ArtThe 9th Art • m/137,concert-lescop- ill b iillustre-par-bastien- vives
  28. 28. The 9th ArtThe 9th Art • Ex: Engagement politique et social• Ex: Engagement politique et social • Le Monde Diplomatique en BD
  29. 29. The 9th Art • Ex :Ex : Autobiographie • L’Association,L Association, un éditeur indépendant, (an independant editor) • Chroniques birmanes, (Myanmar(Myanmar chroniques) • Guy Delisle 2007
  30. 30. III Literary genres in comicsIII. Literary genres in comics • Biography • Autobiography • Humoristic adventure• Autobiography • Historical • For children adventure • Thriller • Fantasy• For children • Science fiction • Adventure Fantasy • Comic • Manga• Adventure Manga
  31. 31. IV. Techniques to create a icomic • « Mettre les choses en place »• « Mettre les choses en place », Cestac P t thi i dPut things in order • « Mettre son dessin au service du récit », Juillard Drawing for the narrative • « Rentrer dans le secret du personnage », Giraudp g , Come inside the character secret
  32. 32. « Mettre les choses en place », C tCestac Put things in orderPut things in order VIDEO • After the writer René Cotillon, what Cestac needs to do ? • In which order, she does it ?, • Do you recognize the comic-book she is drawing ?is drawing ?
  33. 33. 1. Découper une page en cases. l b l2. Calibrer le texte. 3. Écrire le texte et calibrer les bulles. 4. Dessiner les personnages.p g 5. Passer la page à l’encre. 6 Finir le décor et l’encrer6. Finir le décor et l encrer. 7. Faire la couleur.
  34. 34. ’• L’Histoire du conteur électrique, Fred - Dargaud
  35. 35. « Mettre son dessin au service du récit » Juillard Drawing for the narrativeDrawing for the narrative VIDEO
  36. 36. Titeuf, L’Amour c’est pô propre, Zep What’s next?
  37. 37. Les Bidochons, Le Démon de midi, Fl C tFlorence Cestac • Understand pictures / Comprendre lesUnderstand pictures / Comprendre les illustrations • Understand narrative / Comprendre leUnderstand narrative / Comprendre le récit • Work in group / Travailler en groupeWork in group / Travailler en groupe • Complete dialogues / Compléter les dialoguesdialogues • Draw the « missed strip » / Dessiner brièvement l’illustration dans labrièvement l illustration dans la case manquante • Read dialogues / Lire les dialogues
  38. 38. « Rentrer dans le secret du personnage »personnage » Jean Giraud Come inside the character’ secretCome inside the character secret VIDEO
  39. 39. V Comics and creativityV. Comics and creativity • Le Petit Spirou Dis bonjour à la• Le Petit Spirou, Dis bonjour à la dame, Tome and Janry (1990’) (Say Hello at the woman)Hello at the woman) • What happens in firsts strip ? • By groups, try to find by writing and drawing which happens ?
  40. 40. Alb B i lAlbane Buriel Site internet de l’AF Bombay : Le réseau social des étudiants de l'Alliance Française de Bombay : h // f b /