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FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors Program


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FOSS BUZZ Campaign invites school and college students to represent the FOSS BUZZ movement across Egypt.

The FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors program empowers students with the Free Open Source tools and resources.

If you are friendly and approachable, if you understand the culture and the best ways to communicate, apply to our program.

Published in: Education, Technology
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FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors Program

  1. 1. FOSS BUZZFOSS BUZZ Ambassadors ProgramAmbassadors Program
  2. 2. • Objectives • Ambassadors Selection • Ambassadors' Role • Challenging Opportunity • Terms of Eligibility PLANPLAN
  3. 3. Recruiting SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES students to:  Represent FOSS BUZZ initiative  Empower students with the Free Open Source tools  Improve the global experience of people with FOSS ObjectivesObjectives
  4. 4. Ambassadors SelectionAmbassadors Selection  Familiarity with technology  Commitment to making impact  Desire to highlight FOSS innovations to bring economic, social and cultural benefits
  5. 5. Ambassadors' RoleAmbassadors' Role  Organize events and raise awareness about using FOSS  Act as liaisons between FOSS BUZZ campaign and their SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES  Help FOSS BUZZ campaign better understand the culture of each SCHOOL and UNIVERSITY  Be a source of knowledge  Educate others  Grow the FOSS community
  6. 6. Challenging OpportunityChallenging Opportunity  Learn about FOSS products and programs  Attend training to help familiarize you with FOSS products  Receive updates about exciting new FOSS products  Enhance your professional development  Be eligible to participate in special FOSS BUZZ campaign events  Be able to exchange best practices with FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors  Receive a Certificate of Appreciation
  7. 7. Terms of EligibilityTerms of Eligibility  Currently enrolled in a SCHOOL or UNIVERSITY.  Professors and administrators are also welcome to join our program.
  8. 8. If you are a friendly and approachable person, If you understand the culture, the needs, and the best ways to communicate, Join us to participate in FOSS BUZZ Ambassadors Program ! Join us in our FOSS BUZZ !
  9. 9. THANK YOU
  10. 10. Questions ?
  11. 11. Join usJoin us