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How Edelman India helped Vaseline to launch and maximize the reach for a cricket related mobile magazine called 'Cricket Dressing Room'

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Vaseline - Dressing Room

  2. 2. 1. Aim/Measurable Objectives a) Successfully launch and maximize the reach for a cricket related mobile magazine called Cricket Dressing Room - a first of its kind mobile magazine that will be a one-stop destination for all off-the-field action, trivia, gossip on cricketers & locker room chats b) Announce the launch and build engagement for Vaseline men’s face wash through a Presenting Sponsorship of Cricket Dressing Room, as the property would attract the ideal Target Group for Vaseline2. Strategic Insights (& Background) While there are a lot of places offering news on cricket, there is no destination that offers consumers the inside news on what’s happening behind the scenes. Keeping this in mind, Affle launched Dressing Room, a unique mobile magazine which provided for latest gossip, quotes, stories, trivia and other interesting news around cricket – all available on the device they have access to all times - their mobile. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) recognised the uniqueness and scalability of this concept and thus partnered with Affle through their agency OMD to have Vaseline as a founding sponsor for this mobile magazine. This platform was chosen to be used by HUL to announce the launch of their new Men’s Face Wash.
  3. 3. 3. Strategizing & Execution Timelines India was on a high post the victory at the World Cup and this was the time when the consumers were seeking more on the players and what goes on behind the scenes. Dressing Room was hence launched at the start of at the start of India’s most anticipated T20 tournament of year (April – May 2011). To ensure that unique unduplicated content was offered on this mobile magazine, Affle contracted with a team of very senior journalists who were in close proximity to the players of the T20 league and had inside access into the player’s dressing room. A very huge mobile marketing plan was also finalized to drive sampling for Dressing Room, with Vaseline being innovatively integrated across all these promotions.4. Execution  To ensure that all mobile users have access to Dressing Room, the content for it was made available on 1. Mobile Internet destination (, 2. Mobile applications across all platforms like iPhone, Android, Java & Blackberry 3. SMS Subscriptions 4. Integration on the largest messaging media in India – Affle’s SMS2.0 T 5. Content syndication on Top Mobile Operator & Sports portals  The mobile application was distributed on popular application download destinations like – airtel app store, TATA app store, iTunes, Android Market Place, Blackberry App World, Nokia OVI Store, GetJar, Mobango and others
  4. 4.  To add further legs to Dressing Room, Affle got into a Content partnership with a leading Radio channel in the country - RedFM. They ran all day promotions and covered the exclusive Dressing Room stories in an evening show called Lalit bhai ke SMS  Vaseline the sponsor brand was very uniquely integrated with this property starting with an integrated logo unit for Vaseline Dressing Room which was part of all pages. Also advertising contextual to each section was seamlessly integrated with the content to drive greater relevance and blur the lines between engaging content and sponsor communication5. Desired Impact/Outcome There were two main objectives which got successfully met during with this activation  Maximise Reach - Dressing Room content should reach out to at least 5mn users on the mobile  Enhance Consumer Engagement – Aim to create at least 1mn users engagements6. Actual Impact/Outcome  Content was made available on media reaching out to over 8Mn users on the mobile  Daily pageviews of over 130,000 achieved through multiple mobile media on which Dressing Room was made available  Over 100,000 app downloads in just one month with 4 & 5 star ratings & reviews on all app stores.
  5. 5.  On Top app stores Dressing Room consistently got ranked as a top app in the Most Popular Entertainment App, Best Magazine App, Top Scores & News Apps, Top Sports App categories7. Challenges/Difficulties in Execution Stringent Timeline The entire concept and idea took shape just 10 days before the start of the flagship T20 league. After the approvals and campaign details were finalized, we just had a week to create and deploy Dressing Room in its WAP and APP version and also syndicate the content across top portals Create Differentiation The T20 league saw a multitude of cricket apps hitting the app stores – all boasting of propriety rights and franchisee involvement in their products. Dressing Room not only needed to be viewed differently but also needed to drive repeat visits from users who were in the lookout for genuine, exclusive fun content on the mobile. Optimized marketing efforts and intelligent wording and pictures helped us to create this attraction.
  6. 6. 8. Learnings & Next Steps Dressing Room was a huge hit with users. Basis consumer uptake, Affle now plans to continue with this property for the entire year and intends making this the leading cricketainment mobile magazine for all cricket lovers in the country.9. Credits – Strategy & Execution Sankalp Mehrotra, Vipul Kedia, Rasika Bamba & Akhil Chandra - Affle Pankaj Parihar, Tinaz Daruwalla - OMD Rizwan Syed, Ateet Mehta, Karthik Perumal, Dhaval Jain - HUL
  7. 7. C S S UD E A E T IS