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MEN & BOYS on Facebook


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How AliveNow helped MEN & BOYS transform their social media presence.

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MEN & BOYS on Facebook

  1. 1. MEN & BOYS on Facebook How AliveNow helped MEN & BOYStransform their social media presence
  2. 2. Objectives• To build the brand and create a recognizable identity for MEN & BOYS products and services.• Educating fans about the importance of using MEN only products for Men. The awareness of Men’s grooming products was negligent in India, not many knew about Men’s skincare products.• Create a buzz about men’s skincare and grooming products and get the word going around by creating more online conversations. Also, to keep track of all the online conversations happening and address any concerns, if needed.• Talk to the customer as a brand so their queries are solved their complaints are taken care of hence giving a positive image about the brand. Its like taking feedback and accordingly improving the services.• When your brand and company is on social media, it’s more accessible by the customers.
  3. 3. • Increase footfalls to stores via various campaigns on social portals.• Educate Indian consumers about Men’s Skincare & Grooming products by communicating directly to them.• Share tips on Men’s Grooming & Skincare with the target audience.• Make posts on a regular basis in order to keep customers updated and increase mindshare about the brand.• Make it like a platform where conversations happen between business and many potential customers.• Establish MEN & BOYS as the one stop solution for all Men’s Skincare and Grooming needs.• Find out what your customers want and providing them with the solution.• Give a chance to let your customers play an active role in the business. Let them give suggestions and share what they like and what they don’t. It might even give the business new ideas.
  4. 4. Activities Done (Introduction)• By default fans would land on the Wall, for we shared tips on Men’s Grooming & Skincare regularly on our wall. We change the landing page as and when a different promotion is happening on the page.• We created “Best Sellers” Tab were the high selling (Volume) were displayed .• We then created a location tab for the MEN & BOYS stores.• A tab for Celebrities who had visited our MEN & BOYS stores.• Facebook Campaigns for Father’s Day.• Press releases.• Regular posts about tips on Men’s Grooming & Skincare to educate the fans of MEN & BOYS and about the products which are ideal for Men, to capture the mind space.• Poll and questions to know customers preferences, their likes etc.
  5. 5. Best Sellers • Created a Tab for MEN & BOYS Best Sellers. • Fans could easily go through all the best sellers as we made it a slideshow and we included the international awards won by these top products further enforcing the products credibility. • We updated the link to the Best Sellers tab on the wall.
  6. 6. Store Locator • Announcing the opening of new Stores. • Created a Store Locator tab so that fans can locate our stores from Facebook itself. • All details from Address, Phone, Email and the various services offered in the stores was shared on the tab. • Fans could select the different stores from the Drop Down menu and that store details would appear on with store images on a automated slideshow at the bottom.
  7. 7. Celebrities At MEN & BOYS • Created a Tab to showcase the celebrities who visited our stores. • We created a before liking landing page and after liking landing page for this tab. We made this tab the default landing page, so any fans or non-fans coming to the page will land here. • For Non-Fans before liking the page, the faces of the celebrities were hidden asking the fans to like the page to find out who the celebrity was. • We ran Facebook Ad campaign revolving around this, any non fan would land on the page illustrated here.
  8. 8. Celebrities At MEN & BOYS • As soon as the visitors clicked the Like button and became a fan, he would see a automated slide show of celebrities who visited our stores. • This created a buzz for many international cricketers, sports men and actors had visited the store which gave the store a good credibility. • In fact David Hussey came thrice to the store for a close shave!
  9. 9. Facebook Campaigns• Father’s Day Campaign – The offer was launched during the week of Father’s Day, integrating both Facebook and In Store promotions. – The question was “What are going to Gift to your father this “Father’s Day”. – Facebook Ads were run targeting a niche audience, the Father’s Day tab was set as the default landing page during the campaign. – The Fan’s & Non-Fans would land on the Father’s Day campaign tab where the 3 different kits (Gift packages) were displayed with complete detail. – The Packages were offered at a discounted rate during the Father’s Day week.
  10. 10. Father’s Day Tab• This tab was set as the default landing page during the campaign period.• The 3 different Kits were showcased on this Tab with complete details from the products in the Kit to the actual price and the discounted offer.• An automated slideshow of the products with images was included in this tab for each Kit.• Also links to other tabs were provided at the bottom of the tab.• When clicked on the preferred Kit type that package would display.• Updates were made on the wall promoting Father’s Day Special
  11. 11. Facebook Campaigns• Rakshabandhan "My Brothers The Smartest contest" – The contest was planned to be executed from 22nd July to August 8th – The contest is divided into 2 parts, we made the contest live on 22nd July. The first part of the contest would end on 31st July, 2011. – The contestants were required to leave an entry on the contest tab as to why their brother is the smartest and why he deserves the Gift Hamper worth Rs.10k. – Every contestant who entered and compiled with the rules of the contest received a special coupon apart from the Gift Hamper. – Facebook Ads were run targeting women, Rakshabandhan tab was set as the default landing page during the campaign. – In the first round of the contest MEN & BOYS jury would select the top 10 entries from the contestants. Which would be put to voting in August on a separate Tab.
  12. 12. Rakshabandhan Tab• We created a tab with directing the contestants on how to enter the contest, what was the contest about and how the winners will be selected.• The contestants were required to leave a comment on the Tab.• Regular updates were made on the wall regarding the Rakshabandhan contest inviting sisters to express their love for their brothers.
  13. 13. Frequent Updates, Tips & Queries
  14. 14. Frequent Updates, Tips & Queries
  15. 15. MEN & BOYS Facebook Ads• We did various Facebook ads for MEN & BOYS during new campaigns.• The number of fans before ads was 255 as of May 15th, 2011 and after the different Ads & Campaigns the number of fans had increased to more than 3,000 by July 31st,2011.
  16. 16. The total number of people who have liked the Page from May to July 2011.3500 3272 The rise in number of3000 fans is due to Facebook Ads &2500 Campaigns run on the2000 page.1500 1,2141000500 357 0 May June July
  17. 17. No. of new likes every month from May to July 2011.2500 2,283 The rise in number2000 of new fans is due to campaigns & higher Ad spends in1500 June and July.1000 896500 114 0 May June July
  18. 18. Daily Page Views from users logged into Facebook from May to July, 2011.5000 The rise in number of 4,4424500 Page Views in June &4000 July were also due to3500 MEN & BOYS campaigns and Ads.30002500 2,355200015001000 518500 0 May June July
  19. 19. C S S UD E A E T IS