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Femina's digital approach to reach the youth

This study outlines a digital campaign for changing the perception of youth, which was 'Femina will not be able to connect with them'.

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Femina's digital approach to reach the youth

  1. 1. Digital Overview
  2. 2. • Femina has always been perceived an an older women’s/mature women’s magazine• The youth lives with the perception that Femina will not be able to connect with them
  3. 3. • The Strategy:• Build a community around “For all the women you are” campaign .• Use it tactically to drive engagement.• Play around with content that appeals to the youth
  4. 4. Approach Taken
  5. 5. 2 Fold Approach forDigital Media :Facebook & TwitterInitiatives
  6. 6. November 10 - March 11 : Femina Ladies Night
  7. 7. WHAT?• Femina Ladies night was an association between Femina and Hardrock Café where women from Bangalore and Hyderabad were invited to Hardrock Café on every Wednesday night for fun games, get togethers, free drinks etc.• We used a 2 fold approach for this.• Promoted this event on Facebook and Twitter and also every Wednesday on the Facebook page we conducted a contest for fans with a question related to their girlfriends. Eg: What would you and your girlfriend dress up as for a costume party and why. The 5 best answers were gifted Femina goodie bags.
  8. 8. WHY?• This association was done mainly to get women of different age groups and interests together. Hardrock café being a fun and lively place women got a chance to come, have fun and be themselves.IMPACT –• 1 contest every week with over 100 entries per contest.• We managed to target women from different age groups through the versatility of our contest.
  9. 9. April 2011 : Get Beauty-Licious Contest
  10. 10. WHAT?• Get Beautylicious was a facebook contest built in order to promote the “Beauty” special Femina issue. We asked 15 different questions- one everyday on the facebook page – the answers were hidden in the issue itself. People had to buy the issue in order to answer the questions
  11. 11. WHY?• This facebook contest was mainly done to try and increase magazine sales on stands. With the answer to every question being hidden in the magazine fans were compelled to pick up the issues from stands in order to participate and win.IMPACT –• 15 questions for 2 weeks with over 500 entries overall• Incremental magazine sales
  12. 12. Started from June : Twinterviews
  13. 13. WHAT?• Interviews with Celebrities on Twitter• Twinterviews were held with celebrities who are popular on Twitter• These Twinterviews were held at a pre-decided time and were publicized using Twitter and Facebook• Each Twinterview lasted between 45minutes - 1 hour• Femina Tweeted questions to the celebrity and they would reply tagging Femina in their response• The Celebritys followers could experience the Twinterview live if they followed Femina• Twinterviews were showcased on the Femina website after they were completed
  14. 14. WHY?• This initiative was taken to mainly increase follower base on twitter• It was done to create excitement and curiosity on the page• To realign the magazine’s approach and get it to relate to the youthIMPACT –• A large increase in interactions• A 557% growth in followers from 700 – 4600• Celebrities tweeting to Femina and following it
  15. 15. INDIA’s BIGGEST TWITTER INTERVIEWS :Twinterviews with celebrities & Online Bloggers :
  16. 16. July 2011: Femina Girlfriend Getaways
  17. 17. WHAT?• Femina and The Backpackers co. came together to organize the Femina Girlfriend Getaways wherein we asked women to come on the page and register to be a trip consultant for 1 of the 6 trips that we had planned. Registration Form for the skipper
  18. 18. WHY?• This association was mainly done to give the brand an exciting feel and send fans on a backpacking trip across Europe. The idea was to target women from every age group and give them a sense of excitement, adventure and fun.IMPACT –• We got over 900 entries for skipper registrations.• Femina reader Monica was sent on the Femina Girlfriend Getaways as a skipper• She did live tweets from her trip and also sent us pictures which served as a big source of content on the page
  19. 19. July – August: The Femina Woman Rediscovered – Relaunch campaign
  20. 20. Idea InsightWHAT?• We designed a ‘Tag a friend’ Social interview application on the brand lines of the Femina Relaunch campaign. There are 16 questions and each of them were derived from the Relaunch campaign itself. Fans had to tag a friend for every question and then publish it on their Facebook wall.
  21. 21. WHY?• This application was an extension of Femina’s Relaunch camaign. It was in direct relation to the approach of the Relaunch campaign that focussed on “For all the women you are” The idea was to tag a friend who fits the bill of certain preset characteristics in this fun applicationIMPACT –• 3,000+ people played the game in a span of 1 month.• Hence we succeeded in establishing a direct correlation between the magazine and the application reiterating the fact that Femina is not only an older women’s magazine but an all women’s magazine.
  22. 22. July – August : Femina Blogger BeesBe Sharp. Be Innovative. Be
  23. 23. WHAT?• In synchronization with the Relaunch campaign we acknowledged 10 Bloggers (women) from different fields like Fashion, Beauty, Society, Films etc. to talk about our re launch campaign on their blogs and in turn Femina spoke about them on the page and conducted Twinterviews (twitter interviews) with them.WHY?• It was a initiative to celebrate womanhood.• It gave our re launch campaign good visibility on selected blogs and blogger recommendations as well.
  24. 24. IMPACT –• We celebrated women in every diverse field like fashion, beauty, food, society, entertainment and books.• Every blogger displayed the blogger bee badge on their website for at least 1 month and also had a Twinterview with us.• Overall the badges and the relanch campaign got over 1,20,000 views on the blogs
  25. 25. Dhruvi Shah – Alice Wondering
  26. 26. Miss Malini
  27. 27. Cynthia Zacharica
  28. 28. Blogger Bee’s Links :Fashion & Lifestyle - Masoom Minawala - Fashion : Ayushi Bangur - -, Cynthia - Beauty : Kimi srivastava - Decor - Rajee Sood - - Rose :        Book - Nikita - Blogger - Priyanka - & Fashion -Dhruvi Shah : http://alicewandering.wordpress.coCelebrity – Malini Agarwal :
  29. 29. My Choice My Life – October 2011
  30. 30. WHAT?• This was an application where women had to come and share a life changing story with us that they were proud of.• They had to submit their story and get votes for it.• The story with the maximum number of votes won and got a mention in our magazine along with Femina goodie bags.WHY?• This application was an extension of Femina’s Anniversary issue which is all about the “choices in a woman’s life”• We created this application to bring out the spirit of the Femina women and help them embrace their inner self.
  31. 31. IMPACT –• We have received over 50 Stories in 2 weeks• Over 350 votes caste• The stories are well written and portray the choices the women have made• Viraled with the help of wall posts and facebook ads
  32. 32. Femina’s Pick a Pal – October 2011
  33. 33. WHAT?• A fun social interview application where women need to answer a question by choosing between 2 friends on their Facebook friends list who fit the bill and hsare it on their wall and with their friends
  34. 34. WHY?• This application was an extension of Femina’s Anniversary issue which is all about the “choices in a woman’s life”• We created this application to give “women’s choices” a fun angle and make fans tag their friends on situations that were funny yet prevalent in real life.• There are many different choices that women are faced with in their daily lives and we wanted to give the whole issue a light feel so that women would not hesitate in playing the game.IMPACT –• 7,200 users in 20 days• 1,26,400 tags shared on users walls• 8,500+ new fans on the Facebook pageVideo Representation –
  35. 35. Fan invited to a Femina party
  37. 37. C S S UD E A E T IS