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Presentation from MiAEYC, 2011 on Autism

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  • to help build understanding and compassion for my sisterhood.
  • A will of steel and the velvet touch
  • Dragonflies shed their old selves over and over again, from the wingless swimmers their hatched in the water to air breather, crawlers up blades of grass or cattails. There they finally unfurl the wings they have been growing in secret preparation for this day ~ and they take to the air.
  • Voices from the field maeyc (2 hour)

    2. 2. Amber Fante ECE Department Chair at Baker College ofClintonTownship Contact me Facebook me (put Autism recovery in messageline) Links to video presentation Presentation Copies E-mail me at amber.fante@baker.edu (SubjectLine:Autism Recovery)
    3. 3. Meet the Fantes
    4. 4. Emotional Journey of FindingZeke1)Gain insights into the emotional journey ofbeing an autistic recovery family.2)Share resources from establishedorganizations.3)Share my unique approaches for recovery.
    5. 5. TACA Video – Hope AfterDiagnosishttp://www.tacanow.org/family-resources/autism-hope-after-diagnosis/
    6. 6. Zeke’s Timeline Joyous Birth (Jan, 2004) 18 month shots (2005) Mike’s Approach Amber’s Response 2 year old ASQ test (March 2006) 2 year. 9 months ISD evaluation (August. 2006) MIPPS (Macomb Infant Pre-School) program(Sept 06-Jan 05 ECDD (Early Childhood Developmental Delay)program (Jan 06)
    7. 7. Not Ready to Try WelcomeWeds. WatchingAugust–Oct.2007 WelcomingEden – Nov2007 Finding Doctor BloodWork forZeke
    8. 8. A New Baby & Numbness
    9. 9. Friday, March 21st, 2008Spring Break “What did we do today?” Mike’s Ultimatum
    10. 10. Saturday, March 22th My Son’sReflection Stimming Obsessive Play No Eye Contact A Runner Massive Sensory Issues Demanded Routine Echolalia – 95% of his speech Little Social Referencing Soulless existence
    11. 11. Sunday, March 23th Grief Cycle Sadness and Sorrow Arrive at 22119 ShadyLane"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought togo from here?“"That depends a good deal on where you wantto get to."-Lewis Carrol
    12. 12. Defining Autism Autism definition : A lifelong developmentaldisability that affects the way a personcommunicates and relates to other people. Itsalso known as autistic spectrum disorder, or ASD.People with autism have difficulties witheveryday social interactions. Autism is oftendescribed as a spectrum disorder because thecondition affects people in many different waysand to varying degrees.
    13. 13. Autism Recovery Jenny McCarthy on autism recovery:“Theres like two controversies with autism. Itshow they got there and the possibility ofrecovery. Recovery, the real thing, its not acure, a really great analogy I give is autism islike getting hit by a bus.You cant be cured butyou can recover all those lost things that youonce had.”Interview: Jenny McCarthy On the Record on Her Autism CrusadeRetrieved from: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,364496,00.htmlOctober 18, 2010
    14. 14. Amber Jumps off the Cliff
    15. 15. Advise for Professionals Respect the right to grieve If parents aren’t ready to “deal with it” KEEPTRYING! Offer support by helping them connect toother families: Speech and language delaygroups,Autism Groups, Judson Center,Parent Mentor Groups, local groups Offer support options (Recovery and NON-Recovery)
    16. 16. Monday, March 30th “Recovery”? Attempting “recovery”is an emotionaljourney. Are their recovery“failures”?
    17. 17. Advise for ProfessionalsHelping Parents who are considering a Recovery Remember the outcome is always HOPEFUL! Recovery requires a STRONGTEAMCOMMITMENT! Read MotherWarriors Look at the Reviews on Amazon for AutismRecovery Books Check out Generation RescueWebsite WatchTACA video; Autism Hope After Diagnosis
    18. 18. Tuesday, April 1st Dr. SusanSyed and I Go Back to 1800’sBio-Medical BeginsNothing to LoseFood heals the body 45% of kids eat no fruit 20% eat one serving of veggies or less Of this only 8% eat green veggies Fitness: 90% Rule Top 5 sources of calories are; whole and chocolate milk,pizza, soft drinks, low-fat milk and cold cereal.The analysis of NHANES III data was conducted by Block Dietary Data Systems of Berkeley, Calif., and wassponsored by Dole Food Company, Inc. NHANES III was a study conducted by the National Center for HealthStatistics (NCHS) at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 1988-1994.The studyincluded 2400 5 to 10 year-olds. Facts cited above also come from previously published data from the USDA’sContinuingSurvey of Food Intake by Individuals (CSFII), 1989-1991 and 1994-1996.
    19. 19. Intervention #1: Bio-MedicalDetox Part 1: Dietary Intervention 3 Food (Oatmeal Cookies,Waffles, Ramennoodles) Amber’s Culinary Skills An organic lifestyle NO CHEATING EVER!!!!! Cost, Preparation, Resistance
    20. 20. Bio-Medical Interventions Why does this work? Try The Specific Carbohydrate Diet Theory: EnvironmentalToxins and Canaries inthe Coal Mine Non-expert status Natural homeopathic approach vs. intensiveapproaches
    21. 21. Advise for ProfessionalsFinding a Doctor: Keep this in mind Expense Open minded humility Willingness to try new things Remember when nicotine didn’t causecancer? Longitutidal data doesn’t exsist for mostenvironmental pollutins.
    22. 22. Supplements and Sneaky ChefFruit andVeggie Supplement (Veggie Brownies)Acidophilus (Soy IceTreat)Fish Oil (Fishy Pancakes)B-12 Shot
    23. 23. Advise for Professionals It’s mostly FOOD andVITAMINS! Be Sensitive Parents feel – sad, angry, guilty, andprotective Buy a snack (Trader Joe Snicker Doodles) Share a recipe Provide connections to Celiac groups or GFCFgroups
    24. 24. Your Turn What impact do you think diet has onlearning and behavior? What modern challenges do we face inpreparing healthy meals for our families?
    25. 25. Ezekiel Responds Hi, mom! 2 weeks improvement Increased eye contact Echolalia decreases More social referencing
    26. 26. Bio-Medical: Part 2: Homeopathic Detox Process Process to remove the toxins from the body Similar to a colon cleanse Digestion Problems Regression and Healing
    27. 27. Summer-Time Blues Detox begins in June 4th of July Agony August Blue BirdWishes 24 hours one word, “Pancakes” An evening to remember, “Stay with Me.” Managing my depression “He’s been stung by bees”
    28. 28. Bio-Medical Detox Timeline April 1st 2008 – Gluten Free June 1st 2008 –Yeast, Dairy Free,Supplements June 15th, 2008 – Detox Begins 2 weeks on 1 week off 1 year of Detox Summer 2009 – 1 maintenance round detox Now – Entire family gluten free
    29. 29. Behavioral Interventionsmeets DAPAmber’s Do-itYourself InterventionsBased on my knowledge as a professionalCommitment to healing my childUniquely designed for Zeke Screen time Detox Isolation Detox Facing Fear (Vygotsky – Scaffolding) Willing to AcceptChange(Piaget – Stages ofDevelopment)
    30. 30. Play, The “endangered” species ofearly childhood“We dont quit playing because we grow old, wegrow old because we quit playing.”George Bernard Shaw
    31. 31. The Predators of Play“Play now appears to be a minor activity inmost kindergarten classrooms.”Edward Miller, Director of Alliance forChildhood
    32. 32. Unique Approach #2: Screen timeDetox Echolalia: Good vs. Bad Mike’s approach vs. Amber’s approach Relationship Development Intervention: RDIProgram and Education pg. 17-21 Temple Grandin on stimming Echolalia provides an auditory map of thebrain.
    33. 33. Static vs. Dynamic
    34. 34. The Dangers of the Screen Levels of Static in Screentime Elijah’s Greatest Gift FanteTEAM Commitment
    35. 35. Screen time Detox Timeline May 2008 –PURGE! July 2008- Speech In-Take -24 January 2009 – +18 August 2009 -Released from speech May 2009– Adding Sports Christmas 2009 –Wii Sports Present Day – No Screen duringWeek 1 hr/dayweekend.
    36. 36. Neurons and Dendrites
    37. 37. Creating a Neural Pathway
    38. 38. Screen Time Detox Article Neurons and Memory
    39. 39. Your Turn: Does the science make sense? How will caregivers, teachers, parentsrespond? Does it have the same impact on all kids?
    40. 40. Advise for Professionals Limit use of “static” inputs and rewards intherapy Replace repetive routines with dynamicinteraction Educate parents about the dangers of screentime
    41. 41. Unique Approach #3: IsolationDetox Facing Fear Social responses areinappropriate. May 2008 -The JunglePlayscape: Zeke andAmber’s Greatest Fear.
    42. 42. Advise for Professionals A will of steel and the velvet touch Be sure you are “reading” the right emotion in thechild. Research HALO and Rapid Prompting Method Soma Mukhopadhyay andTito Tito has written 2 books about autism New book: Understanding Autism through RapidPrompting Method
    43. 43. Halo and Non-Verbal Childrenand Self Regulations http://www.amotherscourage.org/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1OAqtAR_-E http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7322238338056531303# What self-regulation strategies do you noticethis mom use with her non-verbal son as helearns his science lesson?
    44. 44. Templeton Grandin Note all of the pieces of adviceTemple makesto parents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok6jkDiJFAQ&feature=related
    45. 45. Permissive Parenting andAutism Why do you think some parents struggle withhaving different expectations for autistickids?
    46. 46. Become a DragonflyMaster of Change & PiagetThe more the schemata are differentiated, thesmaller the gap between the new and thefamiliar becomes, so that novelty, instead ofconstituting an annoyance avoided by thesubject, becomes a problem and invitessearching.Jean Piaget
    47. 47. Still More to Learn Providing Social Practice Friendship at least once a week Increased Modeling The Next Level- Hitting theWall Got rid of soy Summer time detox Body’s response to gluten
    48. 48. Meet Zeke Fully recovered Loves sports, cub scouts, learning Chinese, hissiblings, plays baseball, basket ball, play dates w/friends. Hates bullies. Extremely social Talks about his emotions freely Very loving Wants to be a bus driver, doctor, and a priestwhen he grows up. A FULL CHRISTMAS LIST!
    49. 49. Amber’s Journey Our work as God’s servant’s gets validated -or not – in thedetails. People are watching us we stay in our post, alertlyunswervingly, in hard times, tough times, bad times; whenwe are beaten up, jailed mobbed; working hard; working late;working without eating; with pure heart, clear head, steadyhand; in gentleness, holiness, and honest love; when we’retelling the truth, and when God is showing his power; whenwe’re doing our best setting things right; when we’re praisedand when we’re blamed; slandered and honored; true to ourword though distrusted; ignored by the world thoughrecognized by God; terrifically alive though rumored to bedead; beaten within an inch of our loves, but refusing to die;immersed in tears, yet always filled with deep joy; living onhandouts, yet enriching many; having nothing, having it all. 2 Corinthian 6 –The Message
    50. 50. Meet Amber Natural healing for ourwhole family Decreased the static Faced my fears I am the Dragonfly I cook I run I write
    51. 51. The Dragonfly becomes aButterfly