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Commitment to your dreams - AFA Group


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Commitment to your dreams - AFA Group

  1. 1. Commitment to your dreams<br />Presented by Australian Financial Advisers Group<br />At the Australian Financial Advisers Group, we understand that your dreams are important to you and that you are committed to achieving them.<br />We are also committed to your dreams and take the time to work with you to clearly understand your current situation and future aspirations. <br />Australian Financial Advisers Group Pty Ltd<br />ACN 137 368 908<br />GWM Adviser Services Limited ABN 96 002 0071 749 <br />trading as Garvan Financial Planning <br />Australian Financial Services LicenseeA member of the National group of companies<br />
  2. 2. The advice contained herein does not take into account any persons particular objectives, needs or financial situation. Before making a decision regarding the acquisition or disposal of a Financial Product persons should assess whether the advice is appropriate to their objectives, needs or financial situation. Persons may wish to make this assessment themselves or seek the help of an adviser. No responsibility is taken for persons acting on the information provided. Persons doing so, do so at their own risk. Before acquiring a financial product a person should obtain a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) relating to that product and consider the contents of the PDS before making a decision about whether to acquire the product.<br />Australian Financial Advisers Group Pty. Ltd. ACN 137 368 908, is an Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited ABN 96 002 071 749 trading as Garvan Financial Planning, an Australian Financial Services Licensee and member of the National Group of companies. From time to time the Australian Financial Advisers Group, members of the National group of companies, associated employees or agents may have an interest in or receive pecuniary and non pecuniary benefits from the financial products and services mentioned herein.<br />
  3. 3. We work together to UNDERSTAND<br />You<br />Your Dreams<br />What You Value in Life<br />Why is it important to understand these questions? How does it assist the financial planning process?<br />Our financial advice process is designed to understand your answers to these important questions and work with you to achieve them.<br />
  4. 4. We will work together to IDENTIFY<br />Together we will identify your dreams, vision, challenges, opportunities, options and agreed strategic approach to give you a clear understanding of the journey in front of you.<br />
  5. 5. We will illustrate your OPTIONS<br />6<br />Our role is to provide you with the options available to you, guidance as to potential outcomes and give you control over your financial future.<br />4<br />
  6. 6. We will provide you with SOLUTIONS<br />Using financial modelling tools we will develop the best financial solutions for you, which are clear and simple to understand.<br />The financial plan will be based on your dreams and tailored to you. The plan will provide you with strategic solutions to empower you to have control over your financial future and the ability to enjoy the dreams you aspired for.<br />You<br />
  7. 7. We are COMMITTED<br />Identify<br />Dreams<br />Challenges<br />Opportunities<br />Vision<br />Provide<br />Solutions<br />Peace of mind<br />Commitment<br />Understand<br />You <br />Your Dreams<br />What You Value in Life<br />We will be committed in assisting you along your life’s journey by providing you with regularly reviews of your situation to ensure the financial plan still meets with your life’s aspirations<br />With a highly qualified team of financial professionals the Australian Financial Advisers Group is able to provide financial advice to all members of the community. As we believe everyone may need financial advice to overcome some of the challenges in life.<br />
  8. 8. Urgent Needs<br />Insurance<br />Estate Planning<br />Changes in Life<br />Cash Flow<br />VALUE<br />Certainty<br />Understanding<br />Control<br />Our PROCESS<br />Opportunities<br />Legislation (eg Super)<br />Product –Debt<br />Tax (Salary Sacrifice; Gearing)<br />What you really value in life<br /> Your Goals & Objectives<br />Future Planning<br />Modelling<br />Tracking Success of Goals<br />Portfolio Construction<br />Investment Behaviour<br />Stop you from making the big mistake<br />Execution of the Plan<br />Your Commitment<br />Our Commitment<br />
  9. 9. Your JOURNEY<br />Children Start University<br />Highest Qualification for my occupation<br />Children Leave Home<br />Children Start School<br />Overseas Holiday<br />Overseas Holiday<br />Home Purchase<br />Life<br />Events<br />Home Upgrade<br />Start Work<br />Retirement<br />Marriage<br />60<br />70<br />60<br />80<br />20<br />30<br />40<br />50<br />60<br />Age<br />Would you add other lifestyle options along the way? I.e. overseas holiday at 48? What if kids aren’t on the way? Though you may be career driven at the moment, what happens if your focus turns towards having a family first?<br />
  10. 10. Our SUPPORT<br />Financial Adviser<br />Support Staff<br />Advice Partners<br />Throughout your journey you will require support from not only the Australian Financial Advisers Group but from advice partners affiliated to our firm such as accountants, solicitors, mortgage brokers, general insurance brokers and many other professionals affiliated with us.<br />This support is regularly available to you and we advise that you take advantage of these services, as their experience and knowledge will provide you clarity and professional support with your concerns<br />
  11. 11. Our FEES<br />Initial Advice<br />Support Advice<br />You may be asking how we get paid?<br />There are two types of fees we charge.  <br /><ul><li> Initial Advice Fee
  12. 12. Support Advice Fee</li></ul>The first type of fee we charge is an Initial Advice Fee which is for all the work associated with establishing your initial strategy.  Our team spend considerable time modelling, analysing and testing various strategy options with the aim of presenting the strategy options that are best suited to your circumstances whilst helping you to achieve your goals and objectives.  This Initial Advice Fee is calculated by accounting for the complexity and the extensiveness of the advice provided.<br />The Support Advice Fee is the amount we receive for implementing our ongoing service promise to you.  We aim to support you on your journey to financial security and peace of mind, holding your hand and guiding you where necessary.  Our job is not only to make recommendations to you but also to look out for opportunities and to sit down with you on a regular basis and help you gain a better understanding of your portfolio as well as to support you through any difficult times you may face.  Both these amounts can be collected using a number of methods, including: via a credit card payment, a direct debit or where possible through the recommended product depending on the product issuer e.g. your superannuation and/or insurance commission.<br />
  13. 13. Know Us<br />Our AGENDA<br />Know You<br />Hopefully throughout this presentation I have been able to illustrate what value we can add to your life’s journey, expressing that we want to be able to develop a relationship with you so that not only will you clearly understand our offering, but feel comfortable and trust our office in assisting you through your life’s journey. <br />Our agenda moving forward is to essentially understand your current situation, what is important to you and your life’s aspirations. Upon discussing these key factors we will then develop wealth accumulation profiling information and wealth protection needs. For example, discovering your risk tolerance levels and time-frames associated with your goals.<br />Once we both feel comfortable that we understand your current situation and future aspirations, we will then develop the plan of action to attain your goals and aspirations, through the development of financial plan.<br />The financial plan will illustrate the action required from our office, from yourself and any further information we will need. The plan will also express our recommendations in regards to any products and services we feel are suitable for you.<br />Upon your acceptance of the financial plan we will then endeavour to implement the plan in a timely manner.<br />Your Plan<br />Your Journey<br />
  14. 14. Any QUESTIONS<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />If have any queries or would to plan your financial future please contact our office on 03 9938 3890<br />