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A Few Candid Comments About Banks


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What do you think about banks? It might surprise you to see what has been said through the years about bankers and the banking industry. Here are some prime examples.

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A Few Candid Comments About Banks

  1. 1. Photo by GotCredit
  2. 2. Photo by Disnilandi
  3. 3. Photo by Chicago Crime Scenes
  4. 4. Photo by woodleywonderworks
  5. 5. Photo by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Right
  6. 6. Photo by turn off your computer and go outside
  7. 7. Photo by jimbowen0306
  8. 8. Photo by Eric is Cycling
  9. 9. Photo by The.Comedian
  10. 10. Photo by pameladrew212
  11. 11. Photo by rbanks
  12. 12. Photo by KAZVorpal
  13. 13. Photo by Leader Nancy Pelosi
  14. 14. Photo by Fleep Tuque
  15. 15. Photo by jorgempf
  16. 16. Photo by expertinfantry
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