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Powerpoint bfbvc (1)

  1. 1. Blast Volley Ball
  2. 2. Ann Marie Balboni Diane ShortOwns BFBVC Runs Blast Vball
  3. 3. Teams and Coaches
  4. 4.  Indoor Winter Leagues at Bay View  In charge of facility Monday Mens A 6-man  Sub when needed for players Monday Womens A 6-man  Set up/ break down equipment Tuesday Mens B Over 6-man  Keep scores Tuesday Mens B Under 6-man  Update online standings Thursday REVCoed Open 6-man  Manage referees Thursday Coed A 6-man  Example of the Schedule
  5. 5.  Facility Manager  Running tournaments Equipment set up and  Handing out prizes break down  Keeping score book Organizing team gear  Managing the referees  Over seeing practices Making rosters online
  6. 6.  Time Management  FlexibilityManaging my time as well as others was Being flexible with time was importantimportant during this internship because because sometimes practices were movedall the tournaments and practice are based to another day and time, or the gym spaceoff of a schedule. wasn’t available so I would have to go to a Organizational Skills different location.I learned to be very organized because  Customer Servicethere are so many teams, leagues, coaches, I was constantly dealing with parents andplayers, and parents that you must keep players, so it is important to know how totrack of who is who, and who needs what. speak and interact with them in a Collaboration professional manner.Working with Ann Marie allowed me to  Communication Skillsgive her ideas on how to improve certain Relaying information to Ann Marie wasaspects of the club and league, we worked very important because we were notwell together. always together, keeping each other updated was what made us successful.
  7. 7.  I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and learned a lot from it. Utilizing what I learned throughout the courses here at JWU really helped me succeed in this internship. I learn how to run tournaments on my own, make schedules, add rosters online, order gear through Mizuno, manage a facility and dealing with customers. I have improved on my professional skills such as communication, collaboration, customer service, time management and organizational skills. I was able to run a tournament on my own, and it felt great to be able to know what I was doing, and do it well. Blue Fish Bowl is a great league, and Blast Volleyball is growing to become one of the best volleyball clubs. I enjoyed this time with the owners as well as the coaches, players and staff.