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My Journey As Entrepreneur


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Published in: Technology, Business
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My Journey As Entrepreneur

  1. 1. Antonio Évora - CEO of Lean Sales Panel MY JOURNEY
  2. 2. Get rid of paper
  3. 3. PRODUCT Exams Management System FEATURE Get rid of paper
  4. 4. Earlyvangelists = Early Adopter + Internal Evangelist
  5. 5. TOTAL AVAILABLE Schools HR Companies Freelance teachers Private Academies High-Schools Training Companies Universities Real-Time Data Driven Learning
  6. 6. “To help B2B Startups to identify and close their most promising opportunities efficiently”
  7. 7. Lessons Learned A big potential market is important, but defining a Minimum-Customer-Segment is paramount. You have to walk before you run. Find your Value Proposition as soon as you can, as precisely as you can. Set your Vision but within the framework defined by Reality. Persevere.
  8. 8. @aevora THANK YOU!