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I have compiled a list of FAQs I have received during several customer meetings I had on SAP HANA. They are pretty basic but cover most of the baseline. I have also presented this during the Technology & Mobility Forum in Istanbul on 1st June 2012.

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  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY AND MOBILITY FORUM ‘12Ahmet Engin TekinSAP Türkiye #SAPMobilite
  2. 2. SAP Database Strategy Mobile Cloud Social Analytics SAP Real Time Data Platform Open APIs Common Modelling – Sybase Power HADOOP, 3rd Party SAP Sybase SQLA Designer SAP Sybase ASE SAP HANA Platform SAP Sybase IQ SAP Smart DATA Services (ETL, Replication, Event Streaming) 2
  3. 3. SAP HANAFrequently Asked Questions
  4. 4. Q1: What is HANA?
  5. 5. HANA Momentum €200M+ | 353 customers SAP Business Microsoft Excel Others Objects  In-Memory DBReal-time analytics Real-time apps  Multiple HW support SAP HANA Information Application Modeling Studio  Simplified Architecture – index,aggregate Composer services Planning and Predictive Analysis Business Function calculation engine Library libraries  Real-time data accessReal-time replication In-memory Data services services database  Embedded calculation and planning engine  Ready-to-use function libraries Operational Systems Data Warehouse/DB 5
  6. 6. Q2 : How is the data security achieved if all data is stored in memory ?
  7. 7. Point-in-time Recovery Support High Availability SupportHANA Cluster 1 Memory Data Changes Automatic Savepoints Storage replication Cluster 2 Log Volume Data Volume Disk 7
  8. 8. Q3: A single server can only have 1TB of memory, what if my data is larger ?
  9. 9. World’s Largest In-Memory Database System – Santa Clara, CA 100 HANA servers | 100TB Main Memory| 4000 x86 Cores 9
  10. 10. Q4: What is the benefit of HANA for SAP Applications ?
  11. 11. SAP Applications Powered by HANA SAP Smart Meter AnalyticsSAP ERP Financial Accelerators SAP Deposit Management SAP Sales Pipeline Analysis SAP Cash Forecasting SAP Bank Analyzer SAP Collections Insight SAP ERP Operational Reporting SAP Sales and Operational Planning and many more on 11
  12. 12. Q5: Can HANA also be used outside SAP landscapes ?
  13. 13. ABSOLUTELY YES ! SAP HANA ETL / Replication / StreamingExternal Sources RFID/Sensor data Social POS data Any DB etc... 13
  14. 14. Q6: What is so different about BW on HANA ?
  15. 15. No Changes Required Calculations (Aggregates, hierarchies, authorizations, etc..) are executed in database in memory Views and Queries are defined during run-timeDSO Activations are done in memory 15
  16. 16. Q7: Can I also develop custom applications on HANA ?
  17. 17. SAP Netweaver New Apps ABAP AS (iOS, Java, …) SAP Recalls Plus Tracks recalls from thousands of agencies in U.S and notifies the user SAP HANA SAP HANA Database Application Services Embedded Scripting Engine UI kit provided 17
  18. 18. Q8: What else can I do with SAP HANA ?
  19. 19. Text Search SAP HANASAP HANA Database Text Search 19
  20. 20. Ready-to-use Function Libraries BFL (Business Function Library) Currency Conversion SAP HANA Cumulative sums  etc... SAP HANA Database PAL (Predictive Analysis Library) R K means Apriori algorithmPredictive Analysis Business Function Library (PAL) Library (PAL)  etc... R with HANA Cluster Analysis  Probability Distributions  etc... 20
  21. 21. Q9: Can I test-drive SAP HANA ?
  22. 22. HANA Test Drive on Amazon Cloud 22
  23. 23. Q10: Why should I use HANA now ? It’s great but it seems like a luxury for my company.
  24. 24. There’s something in HANA for all businesses. Here are 2 examples : Telco Operator| Annual Revenue : ~$110B Automotive Spare Part Manufacturer| Annual Revenue: ~$70M 24