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Köp indiska designer och mode kläder hos oss här på Vi erbjuder indiska mode kläder så som saree, sari, salwar kameez, kurta pyjamas och med kort väntetid.

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The sari

  1. 1. How To Choose Sari OnlineIndian saris can be named as one of the most enigmatic and graceful attire but the world. It is six and ahalf of a meter in length and is seamless fabric, which is covered by women in India in a variety of styles.Multiple styles of draping the Indian sari are often indicative of the region in the country. The diversityof India sari has culminated as a result of a long period of its prevalence, as head of the garment wornby women in this country.Usually, the sari of India is covered all over with a few folds in the front and the rest of what turned thetop over her shoulder and left open. However, this also holds in reverse to the front leaving the looseend that covers the front and even placed around the waist for better control.When it comes to celebrations in India to get the right clothing India becomes more important. One cansay that without the clothing of India the right, no fun in taking up the revelry and fun. Clothing fromIndia for women includes sari, Salwar Kameez, Churidar Kameez, Kurti, Lehenga Choli, etc. comprisingmale Indian Kurta Pajama, Sherwani, Kurta Churidar, Kurta Shalwar, Suit Afghanistan, etc. with lots offabrics and styles to choose from, it becomes very difficult to choose the right clothes for everyoccasion.The Saree is a traditional dress worn by most Indian women. Although at present there are a lot ofWestern influences in the way of dressing. Nowadays, Sarees comprise more than 30% of the totalproduction of textiles in India.Apart from the textile mills of large size, the number of sari-manufacturing facilities are hundreds and sothat there are innumerable types of fabrics, weaving techniques, methods of dying, print or embellish,design patterns, sorts of reasons, the color scheme, etc. can be found there anything in the sari thatmakes a woman look dignified, with unique charm and style all bits.Over the years, the sari has become a fashion statement as, most of fashion designer glorifying theappearance of this traditional garmentThe origin of sarees is obscure, in part because there are few historical records in India. However, weknow that the Indians had sarees draped around their bodies long before the tailored cloths arrived.The origin of a Saree can be dated back in the history and there are many references during the IndusValley civilization. In recent times, it is believed that the women in the highest part of India have beenusing over many year sarees.Get the latest styles and designs here in Indian sarees, salwar kameez Designer Men Sherwani, KurtaPajama, Western suits, dhoti, Indian outfits for women and Indian mens clothing.
  2. 2. Traditional Indian clothing are Saree , salwar kameez ,kurta pyjamas, sherwani and many more. Theyare considered beautiful clothes depending on the occasion. Sari made out of silk are considered themost elegant. Salwar Kameez is a traditional Indian garment into two parts, dubbed the "Indiancostume". The bottom "salwar" is a pajama-like pants loose and relaxed fit. Pants are often at the topwith narrow pant legs down at the ankles and held up by a drawstring or elastic waist. There are manycolor available in Sherwani and it looks truly unique and adorable which are paired up with exoticturbans and shawls etc.