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  1. 1. How to choose the best sherwaniSummaryToday saree is a unique blend of traditional designs and as we know that in traditionaldesign the saree are also known as traditional wear of Indian women as well as Salwaarkameez. But now a day there is a bit changes falling into the design of saree but thewearing style of sarees would be the same as it was before. Today mostly women preferand would like to wear like sarees, salwaar kameez and lehngaas in some occasions or insome festivals.People all over the world are fascinated by the traditional of Indian sarees and it doesn’tmatter what fashion appear and disappear. Now days many of the design of sarees isadapted into the traditional sarees. We can find quite variety design of sarees in all colorsand in interesting stuff with designs.Sarees are considered the best choice of women to adorn in functions and occasions. It isalso adopted even by celebrities whenever they use to go for parties and functions. .Though sarees are the traditional wear of a woman, it enhances the femininity of a womanand bestows an elegant appearance.Sarees is now available in many varieties and brands, the sarees can also be bought onlineat cheap prices. There are deferent varieties of sarees so their colud be some most famoussaree the women mostly like to wear. The Kanchipurm silk saree and the Benares silksarees are known to be most expensive one sarees. These two saree mostly use to wear inthe south region of India. These sarees are rich in design and pattern in gold who makesthem unique and as well as costly.Traditional sarees are being customized according to the taste and the choice of thewearer. Different styles are being alloy with traditional sarees giving accretion to designerwear saree. Hobeit women love to wear like skirts, shorts and froks, the tradional sareehave not yet lost its appeal and women still love to wear saree whether its cost is so high.Designers sari always have rich color and design. Crepe saree, Beaded saree are somesaree counted in online business directories. The most common saree i.e. handloom sareeare more popular saree among all the women and also it available in different style and atlow cost.. The zari work saree dribble with costly stones works. An exclusive acquisition ofbridal sarees can also redeem from the online wedding websites.Saree in one of the attractive dress code of women. Women in past used to wear saree intheir home and as well as in occasions so this is one of the essential part of their style ofliving. But now a day’s influence sarees took a backstep and fill by some latest gowns andskirts. Designer saree is most adopted by women because of its rich colors and its cost.The way of wearing of saree becomes changed. In olden times women are mostly home makers but nowthe times changed and the women have become an integral part of work force. Women need dresswhich are easy to wear and will give a proper formal look to them. Mostly girls like to wear those cloths
  2. 2. which will give them more attractive look and also will suits their personality. The saree is one of themthe women mostly like to wear whenever they use to go like office and at some occasions.Resource BoxSherwani is one of another rich traditional fashion in men’s with royal culture and salwarkameez for the women. Sherwani has a long knee length or doublet with crusty fitting collarhooks. Mostly sherwani comes in close-fitting in upper body and a bit loose in bottom withthe bottom cut. Mostly sherwani is use to wear with like slipper or Punjabi jooti. MostlyPunjabi jooti is use to wear in the northern part of India but now a days it becomes adoptingby some western countries.In any occasions Sherwani knowns as the most outfits for men with rich tradition and stylishappearance. Sherwani suits like semi-formal and mostly mens use to wear it on likeengagement, wedding etc. Sherwani has a wide range with fabrics, rich colors shows themodernity. Sherwani depends upon the type of occasions and that’s why it comes indifferent styles and design.