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Senior movie

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Senior movie

  1. 1. Essential Question:How does the treatmentof race in the United Statesshape how the world seesus???
  2. 2. What isRace?
  3. 3. Percent of whites in MLB 61.2%Percent of latinos in MLB 27.3%Percent of blacks in MLB 8.8%Other ethnicities 2.7Percent of blacks in the NBA 76%Percent of whites in the NBA 30%Percent of latinos in the NBA 3%Other ethnicities 1%Opening daystatistics for2013The number for AfricanAmericans has droppedfrom 20% in 1980 to under9% in 2013
  4. 4. The idea that blacks are physically superiorbecause only the “fittest” survived the MiddlePassage coupled with the effects of selectivebreeding during slavery has been a popularmyth for sometimeThe history of boxing in the U.S. parallels thesocioeconomic conditions of ethnic groups inthis country.Perhaps the most entrenched canard about sportsand race is that there is an inverse relationshipbetween athletic aptitude and intelligence. Assuch, the more athletic a player is, the more likelyhe is to be perceived as intellectually challenged.
  5. 5. F**king N**gersAnd that’s comingfrom a police officer