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Инструкция (английская версия)


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Инструкция (английская версия)

  1. 1. Concluding of the Insurance Contract 1. Select the product. 2. Select the terms of insurance. Specify the quantity of insured persons. • Type of insurance: Medical Expenses; 2.2. Select the insurance program for medical expenses. 2.3. Select the territory of insurance. Europe: all European countries, incl. Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia. World: the rest of the world. 2.4. Select the insurance sum. Recommended coverage for: trips to Europe - at least 30 000 EURO. trips to Australia, the UK, U.S., Japan and other countries of the world - not less than $ 50 000 2.5. Select the currency of the insurance sum. 2.6. Specify the type of activity during a trip. For the following types of insurance • Accident Insurance; • Liability insurance; • Luggage insurance; select: 2.7. Program: "include". 2.8. Insurance sum. 2.9. Currency of insurance sum. 3. Enter the personal data: 3.1. Period of insurance; 3.2. Number of days of insurance for multiple trips (multi visa); 3.3. Name and Last name; 3.4. Date of birth, passport number and series; 3.5. Address, contact phone. 4. The price of the policy: Confirm the accuracy of the entered data and your agreement with the terms and conditions of insurance. 5. Choose the payment option. 5.1 If you choose: “payment by credit card”, specify: • E-mail • Username and password; ЗАТ “Європейське туристичне страхування” 04071, м. Київ, вул. Спаська, 5 | Тел.: +38/044/ 220 00 07 | Факс: +38/044/ 569 84 11 ||
  2. 2. • Card number; • Validity; • CVV2-code 5.2. Terms of obtaining the original policy If you choose "receive the original policy by mail" an additional fee for the postal services is charged. The original of the policy, you can also get at the airline ticket offices at: Vasilkovskaya St., 9 / 2, apt. 7a or at the "Borispol Airport" (Terminal B). For this purpose, please, show there your e-policy. 6. Final. 6.1. Print: e-policy, insurance terms and conditions ЗАТ “Європейське туристичне страхування” 04071, м. Київ, вул. Спаська, 5 | Тел.: +38/044/ 220 00 07 | Факс: +38/044/ 569 84 11 ||