Overview: Evidence of Pbis, Alan Robinson


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  • Host environment metaphor Cultural change that’s palpable…new staff falls in…new students fall in Not PBIS, but The Way for example.
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  • Overview: Evidence of Pbis, Alan Robinson

    1. 1. Positive BehaviorInterventions & Supports Essential Elements of PBIS Alan Robinson, Chicago Public Schools
    2. 2. Your PBIS effortsare sustainable if thehost environmentrepresents a truecultural change thatsupports thebehavior of ALLstudents!
    3. 3. Host EnvironmentPositive changes and sustained use of best practices can not occur without: active administrative leadership and participation, proactive school-wide systems (procedures/routines) in place, and buy-in and support from staff
    4. 4. Staff Buy-In: Administrators have to EXPECT & DEMONSTRATE participation Students have to EXPECT & DEMONSTRATE participation Parents have to EXPECT & DEMONSTRATE participation Coaches & Cheerleaders have to be able to define those expectations with evidence and data
    5. 5. Is there evidence of…? an established agreement throughout the building: What is expected of our students? http://www.pbisillinois.org/“resources” “evaluation tools”
    6. 6. Is there evidence of…? explicit TEACHING of what is expected in terms of their behavior & acknowledgement of students when they meet those expectations.http://campus.umr.edu/rpdc/pbs_training_expectations.html
    7. 7. Is there evidence of…?an established agreement between faculty and administration:What behaviors are handled in the classroom and what behaviors are handled by the office?
    8. 8. Is there evidence of…? the use of discipline data:  Who  What  Where  When Is it used in every decision-making processwww.swis.org around discipline?
    9. 9. Is there evidence of…? active involvement of the people in the building with BEHAVIORAL EXPERTISE? Are they a part of the team targeting students or groups of students near the top of the pyramid?http://www.pbis.org/secondaryprevention.htm
    10. 10. Is there evidence of…? Changes being made based on data and evidence? http://www.pbisillinois.org/ “resources” “evaluation tools”
    11. 11. Is there evidence of…? • The design of the physical space and schedule BEST • Teaching the classroom PRACTICES expectations in classroom • Establishing classroom routines management • Using positive and negative consequences • Pre-correcting problem behavior • Correcting problem behavior • Delivering quality instructionhttp://www.pbis.org/English/Classroom_Support.htm
    12. 12. SW-B I N G O ! B I N G O R E(1) S P E(2) C T
    13. 13. What does being respectfullook like in Room ____?  1:  2:  3:  4:  5:
    14. 14. Is there evidence of…? The active involvement of all the stakeholders in the school communityhttp://www.pbis.org/families.htm
    15. 15. Is there evidence of…? active supervision throughout the school http://interact.uoregon.edu/pdf/adml/ial/active_supervision.ppt
    16. 16. Is there evidence of…? Staying current withresearch, training, and networking http://www.pbiscoachesblog.blogspot.com/
    17. 17. BE APOSITIV E
    18. 18. Please……be kind and ask permission before using this presentation. alanrobinson00@gmail.com More information @ https://sites.google.com/site/pbis299/