Coverage for the prelims operations engineering


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Course requirements for the preliminaries for the subject A.E. 525, Operations Engineering for the program B.S. Aeronautical Engineering of the Philippine State College of Aeronautics

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Coverage for the prelims operations engineering

  1. 1. 1 A.E. 525 OPERATIONS ENGINEERING B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, 5th Year A.Y. 2013-2014 PRELIMINARIES Objectives:  Establish a solid foundation in Aviation Weather which is very important in different operations/processes of the aviation industry. Expected outcomes:    Solve for the values of temperature, pressure and density at different flying altitudes/flight levels Explain the motion of the atmosphere that includes but not limited to cloud formation, precipitation and humidity Apply aviation weather principles in constructing accurate and reliable flight plans and procedures Coverage: 1. The Earth’s atmosphere 2. Temperature 3. Atmospheric pressure and altimetry 4. Wind 5. Moisture, cloud formation and precipitation 6. Stable and unstable air 7. Clouds 8. Air masses and fronts 9. Turbulence 10. Icing A.E. 525/Delicano, Joefreim A./Course Syllabus-Preliminaries
  2. 2. 2 11. Thunderstorms 12. Common IFR producers 13. High altitude weather 14. Arctic weather 15. Tropical weather 16. Soaring weather Requirements for the preliminaries: a. Student presentation (20%) -The instructor will assign a topic to a student of the course and the student will prepare a maximum of 20 slide presentation plus slide/slides for references. The discussion must be comprehensive and engaging to all. Proper citation of references will be strictly observed during the class. Students who failed to properly cite their sources during their reports will not be entertained for presentation. The reporter must take note of all the comments and suggestions raised during his/her presentation and include all relevant inputs to the paper he/she will submit at the end of the semester. Student presentation will be graded based on the rubrics attached at the last page of this paper. b. Facility visit report (5%) -There will be facility visits that will be conducted during the course. A report must be submitted by students after the facility visit. c. Exams (Quizzes, Major Exam)(55%) - Quizzes will relate to current and previous topics. A quiz may be given at any time during any class period -- immediately after a lecture, at the beginning or end of a class, etc. There will be no make-up quizzes -- none even later during the same class period. Quizzes will be given only to those students who are present when the quizzes are passed out. Anyone caught cheating during exams will automatically get a grade of 5. - Major Exams will be given according to the assigned schedule of the college. There will be no make-up exams -- none even later during the same class period. Anyone caught cheating during exams will automatically merit a grade of 5. A.E. 525/Delicano, Joefreim A./Course Syllabus-Preliminaries
  3. 3. 3 d. Attendance (10%) Attendance will be graded as follows: No absences One absence Two absences Three absences Four or more absences Four consecutive absences 1 1.5 2 3 5 F.A. Four or more absences will automatically merit a grade of 5. Absences for which a medical or court excuse is provided (professional letterhead required) will be recorded but not figured in the attendance grade. Likewise, one absence for which advance notice is given by phone or in person will not be figured in the attendance grade. Significant tardy and early departure will be marked as absent. e. Recitation and Assignments (10%) - Student recitation will be graded according to his/her active participation during class. Emphasis will be on how relevant and verse the student answer during class discussions. -Assignments will be given at any time during the class period. Assignments will be graded according to its neatness and content. f. Facebook Account (for class purposes only) Textbook:  Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Flights Standards Service and Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service. (Revised 1975). Aviation Weather for Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel. ASA Publications. Washington D.C. United States of America. Retrieved at n/documentid/22268. Date retrieved: November 17, 2013. Suggested reading materials:  Jeppesen Manuals A.E. 525/Delicano, Joefreim A./Course Syllabus-Preliminaries
  4. 4. 4 Presentation Rubric Evaluating Student Presentations Developed by Information Technology Evaluation Services, NC Department of Public Instruction 1 2 3 4 Total Audience Student Student cannot Audience has presents presents understand difficulty information in information in presentation following logical, logical Organization because there presentation interesting sequence is no because student sequence which which audience sequence of jumps around. audience can can follow. information. follow. Student demonstrates Student does Student is Student is at full knowledge not have grasp uncomfortable ease with (more than of information; with information expected Subject required) by student cannot and is able to answers to all answering all Knowledge answer answer only questions, but class questions questions rudimentary fails to with about subject. questions. elaborate. explanations and elaboration. Student Student's Student uses occasionally Student's graphics explain superfluous uses graphics graphics relate and reinforce Graphics graphics or no that rarely to text and screen text and graphics support text and presentation. presentation. presentation. Student's Presentation Presentation has presentation has no more Presentation three has four or than two has no misspellings misspellings misspellings or Mechanics more spelling and/or errors and/or and/or grammatical grammatical grammatical grammatical errors. errors. errors. errors. Student Student Student Student reads occasionally maintains eye maintains eye all of report uses eye contact most of contact with Eye Contact with no eye contact, but still the time but audience, contact. reads most of frequently seldom A.E. 525/Delicano, Joefreim A./Course Syllabus-Preliminaries
  5. 5. 5 report. Elocution returns to notes. Student Student's voice mumbles, Student's voice is clear. incorrectly is low. Student Student pronounces incorrectly pronounces terms, and pronounces most words speaks too terms. Audience correctly. Most quietly for members have audience students in the difficulty hearing members can back of class presentation. hear to hear. presentation. returning to notes. Student uses a clear voice and correct, precise pronunciation of terms so that all audience members can hear presentation. Total Points: Last Update: 10/11/97 Name: Caroline McCullen Email: *Rubric retrieved at Date retrieved: November 17, 2013. Prepared by / Date Approved by / Date Engr. Joefreim A. Delicano Faculty Member/s Noted by / Date DR. RODERICK C. SANTIAGO DR. JAY JACK R. MANZANO Dean A.E. 525/Delicano, Joefreim A./Course Syllabus-Preliminaries Vice President for Academic Affairs
  6. 6. 6 Topics and the designated presenters 1. The earth’s atmosphere- Acupan, Alcantara, Astadan and Almonidovar- Nov. 21, 2013 2. Temperature- Angue, Barbosa and Villaruel-Nov. 21, 2013 3. Atmospheric pressure and altimetry- Batac, Bedeo and Cabe- Nov. 26, 2013 4. Wind- Capuno, Laylo, Dig and Dela Pena- Nov. 26, 2013 5. Moisture, cloud formation and precipitation- Dimaculangan, Dizon and Ebon-Nov. 28, 2013 6. Stable and unstable air- Ferrer, Formento and Gaanan-Nov. 28, 2013 7. Clouds- Gener, Labudahon and Celis- Dec. 3, 2013 8. Air masses and fronts- Manalo, Masalunga and Pagdingalan-Dec. 3, 2013 9. Turbulence- Parcarey, Platon and Romaraog- Dec. 5, 2013 10. Icing- Rosal, Saballo and Saul- Dec. 5, 2013 11. Thunderstorms- Tabucol, Tinasas and Valerozo- Dec. 10, 2013 12. Common IFR producers- Villamor, Ballesteros and Batanes- Dec. 10, 2013 13. High altitude weather- Cortez M.R., Cortez M.J. and Dejeto- Dec. 12, 2013 14. Arctic weather- Dejeto and Guzman- Dec. 17, 2013 15. Tropical weather- Igonia and Barrientos- Dec. 17, 2013 16. Soaring weather- Rio and Valdez- Dec. 17, 2013 *Reports must be posted in Facebook on or before the assigned date. In case the instructor was not around during the class, the instructor will assign another instructor to grade the presenters during their reports. *in case of a “no show” of reporters at their assigned date, they will not present anymore at any time during the preliminaries. They are still required to post their reports in Facebook for comments and suggestions. The “no show” also will allow student a maximum grade of 80 percent in their student presentation. The grade of the group will also be the grade of its members. *Plagiarized presentations will automatically merit a grade of 5.0 on the preliminaries. A.E. 525/Delicano, Joefreim A./Course Syllabus-Preliminaries
  7. 7. 7 Student agreement form I, ____________________, 5th Year B.S. Aeronautical Engineering student of Philippine State College of Aeronautics, enrolled to the subject A.E. 525, Operations Engineering, am aware of my duties and responsibilities stipulated in the college student’s manual and course syllabus of the subject. I understand that negligence in my part will merit failing grades. I will do my best to make the learning experience fruitful and enjoying not only for me but for the whole class as well. I will also uphold honesty, integrity and responsibility in all my work for the subject as expected for future professionals like me. __________________________________ Student’s signature above printed name _______________________________________ Parent’s/Guardian’s signature above printed name Date accomplished: ____________________ Student no.:__________________________ *Students should accomplish this form and submit to the instructor on or before November 22, 2013. A.E. 525/Delicano, Joefreim A./Course Syllabus-Preliminaries