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  • It is a way for people to be connected with anyone in the world. Some people consider twitter like a café, restaurant or bar, where people share information. I like to think of it like the daily news. more. At the library we use it to update our patrons about various things: our hours, exhibits, special offerings , and
  • Don’t worry, I will explain tweets and retweets momentarily.
  • Twitter allows me to send out messages to my subscribers/followers. These messages are tweets. They can be about anything. When I think about twitter, it reminds me word of mouth being the best means of communication. Twitter is communicating via word of mouth.
  • Go to the area, “What’s happening” and type in your update. This is an example of a recent reference department update. I am sharing this message with everyone that follows/subscribes to me here.
  • When you create your user account for twitter, you choose what you want to be your user name.
  • This is a message that I have sent to everyone following me on twitter, so it’s public.
  • Here is an example of some of the tweets that have been done from the libraries reference account.
  • If you want to send a tweet in response to or simply to highlight an other user, it is done so in this way:
  • In addition to sending out messages to your followers, you can send out direct messages, which only the person you are sending to can read.
  • In addition to sending out information, you can receive information on twitter by subscribing to or following people .
  • I subscribe to these people b/c I am interested in what they are doing, reading, research, speaking about…all are pertinent to my job. You choose to follow someone on twitter means so that you will have access to their tweets—their updates. People choose to follow people based on their interests.
  • I follow these people and groups based on shared interests, work, etc.
  • You can retweet information that you find valuable or like to those following you. This is information that others have shared. You give them credit by highlighting their username with @.
  • Go to the twitter web page, read things over and create an account. Begin by following FauRef and if you know of any friends on twitter, and if you want, send out a message. In twitter, messages you send out are called tweets.
  • Twitter LLS

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Twitter By Alyse Ergood and Rachael Cathcart
    3. 3. Subscribe to newspapers? Twitter lets you subscribe to people!
    4. 4. What IS it?
    5. 5. How do I share information on twitter By sending out tweets and resending out other people’s tweets .
    6. 6. What’s a tweet? A tweet is a message or update you send to your subscribers/followers on twitter.
    7. 7. How to send a tweet Begin typing your message in this area under what’s happening.
    8. 8. Twitter username @FauRef
    9. 9. Reference Librarian Tweet As you will notice, my username shows up at the beginning of my tweet.
    10. 10. Recent tweets
    11. 11. Reply tweets FauRef Thanks@RWCOS Jason for the webinar links!
    12. 12. Direct messages Private messages that are sent to select people on twitter, not everyone.
    13. 13. Twitter = Info Warehouse
    14. 14. Examples of those on twitter whom I subscribe to
    15. 15. Shared Interests
    16. 16. Retweeting = forward information to your followers
    17. 17. Start Small…
    18. 18. Keep It Brief Ready, set, tweet!