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Introduction to PZL


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Introduction to PZL warszawa Okecie and its digital trasnformation initiative

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Introduction to PZL

  1. 1. PZL Warszawa Okecie SA
  2. 2. PZL „Warszawa-Okecie” 90 years of history 2 1928 2001 Acquisition by EADS-CASA of 77% of shares 90 years of aviation heritage More than 22 aircraft models More than 6000 units delivered PM Józef Piłsudski ordered the establishment of PZL PZL-23 Karas (1934) PZL-37 Los (1938) PZL-104 Wilga (1962) PZL-106 Kruk (1973) PZL-130 Orlik (1984) PZL TS-11 Iskra (1960)
  3. 3. Since 1928 we are pioneers of Polish aerospace. We design, build, service and operate aircraft with excellence and passion. The expertise, flexibility and efficiency of our people create unique value for our customers worldwide. Our mission and vision And now we are ready for take-off, so welcome on board!
  4. 4. Specialize as end-to-end Tier 2 supplier of equipped metallic aerostructures for low rate programs Develop Engineering services Protect our MRO business Become #1 Polish supplier of space harnesses and equipped structures Partner-up to export Orlik Focus on five opportunities to grow and diversify in the next five years
  5. 5. Space PZL has invested 500 m2 ISO8 clean room assembly area in Poland to be ready to manufacture a space flying components and in future for integration of satellites. • flexible production area and dedicated warehouse and area for cables cutting We are focused on continuous development of our personnel for space activities. We have already personnel capable to execute projects for space harnesses: • Design of harnesses, mock-ups, transport containers • Operators with full range of skills for manufacturing, including soldering and crimping in space requirements • Quality inspectors • Manufacturing process engineering • Project management 5
  6. 6. ORLIK is a complete training system: The Aircraft • Stepped tandem cockpit with Martin-Baker Ejection Seats • P&W PT6-25C turboprop engine 750 SHP • Cost effective IFR Avionics with Electronic Flight Instruments PFD, HSI based on 2 AHRS platforms, with DME/ADF/GPS/VOR/ILS/GS navigation systems and Communication System The Flight Simulator (under development) • 180 x 80 deg field of view dome projection system • double operator station for formation flight training • flight controls loads simulation and seat vibration included The Computer Based Training • For pilots • For maintenance staff 6 PZL-130 Orlik – Turboprop Trainer
  7. 7. Engineering Services Design • Aircraft structure CAD design • Interior equipment structure CAD design • FME Stress calculations Fatigue analysis and calculations • Fatigue analysis and calculations • Avionic & electrical system CAD design • Cockpit CAD design • A/C components integration • A/C airworthiness responsibility – Part 23-DOA • Structure and interior equipment tests Production Engineering • Standardized process flow charts • Definition of key characteristics • Manufacturing Dossier • Technical instructions & drawings • Technical procedures • Process risk analysis (FMEA) • Technology Management • Industrialization & tooling design
  8. 8. Military Services Equipment and qualified personnel in Warsaw ensures: • any level of maintenance for C295 aircraft • technical support at the customer’s base • logistic services regarding spare parts and repairs Capabilities: • C-295 base and line maintenance: 8Y/4Y/2Y/Y checks; 3C/ 2C/C checks; 3A/2A/A checks • Retrofitting, modifications and SB implementation (structural + electrical), defect repairs and engineering support including repair designs • Management of inspection, repair and overhaul of LRU and accessories, (including engines and propeller) • Repair of electric control units (under development) 19 March, 20188 PZL „Warszawa-Okecie”
  9. 9. Aerostructures Electrical harnesses 19 March, 20189 Sheet metal forming, surface treatment and painting • Cutting and marking cables • Printing materials: TMS-SCE, CM-SCE-TP, D-SCE • Overbraiding • Taping harnesses up to diam. 20 mm, tape width 9-19mm • Harnesses manual manufacturing • Continuity and isolation test • Parts digitalization • CNC cutting • Rubber press forming • Bending, milling, deburring • Aluminum alloys heat treatment • Penetrant and hardness inspection • Anodizing in chromic acid and alodine coating PZL „Warszawa-Okecie” Assembly • Production airframe structural assembly based on manufacturing documents. • Assembly of metal and composite structures incl. surface protection. • Fitting, adjustment and completion operations. • Manual drilling and riveting. • Sealing and painting. • C295: Wing, Front Cockpit Fuselage, Colon, Cargo Door and Ramp, Doors, Seats • A330: Section 13 & HTP Central Box • Electrical Harnesses for A320 NEO, A330, C295, A400M Products
  10. 10. Our digital transformation journey 10 Digital backbone Paperless Factory Smart ToolsSmart mgmt. High-tech Manuf.
  11. 11. FASHIONISTAS BEGINNERS DIGITAL MASTERS CONSERVATIVES DigitalIntensity Transformation Management Intensity Start small, develop know-how, focus on people