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Aequitate Corporate EN


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Corporate presentation of aequitate

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Aequitate Corporate EN

  1. 1. aequitate enabling your dreams
  2. 2. aequitateAEQUITATE runs on the following principles: INNOVATION EXPERIENCE INTEGRITY VISION
  3. 3. aequitateAEQUITATE is a company which specialises onHospitality & Tourism value-chain.Composed by a wide range of professionals withdecades of experience, AEQUITATE offers aninnovative range of concepts and services.This team has worked in many different markets,namely European, African, Middle East, NorthAmerican, South American and Caribbean. © 2010 aequitate | 3
  4. 4. aequitateAEQUITATE is an innovative company in the way: it addresses Hospitality & Tourism it agglutinates the experience of a vast number of professionals it relates to investors it integrates projects
  5. 5. aequitateWe plan strategically and think creatively!Acting in a sector characterised by a long-terminvestment/return cycle, our vision of Hospitality& Tourism entails creating sustainable valueswhich will endure throughout time.This goal can only be achieved throughinvestment optimization and operationalexcellence. © 2010 aequitate | 5
  6. 6. aequitateAEQUITATE provides investors and operators with its value-added skills in an advisoryor hands-on perspective.AEQUITATE’s vast experience ensures the complete project cycle (turn-key Project),as well as focused interventions in all related areas. © 2010 aequitate | 6
  7. 7. aequitateWe intervene in Hospitality & Tourism: • Hotels & Resorts • Real Estate • Destinations (Cities and Regions) • Golf • Casinos & Entertainment • SPA’s & Wellness • Transport and Accessibility • Sustainability and Environment • Environmental Development Master Planning • Nature Conservation
  8. 8. aequitate © 2010 aequitate | 9
  9. 9. aequitateIn Hospitality & Tourism we intervene specifically in the following areas: • DEVELOPMENT & STRATEGIC THINKING • CORPORATE FINANCE • INVESTMENT SERVICES
  10. 10. aequitate © 2010 aequitate | 9
  11. 11. aequitateDEVELOPMENT & STRATEGIC THINKINGOur clients are investors, operators andinstitutional companies with the ambitionand capacity to fulfil projects in theHospitality & Tourism industry. © 2010 aequitate | 10
  12. 12. aequitateDEVELOPMENT & STRATEGIC THINKING © 2010 aequitate | 11
  13. 13. aequitateDEVELOPMENT & STRATEGIC THINKINGIn this vast market, AEQUITATE offers an innovative approach by identifying its clientsneeds and dreams and making them come true.Our modus operandi is based on appropriate strategic planning focusing mainly oncreating value. We interpret trends and identify market opportunities We develop concepts, products and services, and define business models We structure the funding model and ensure that the projects are operational © 2010 aequitate | 12
  14. 14. aequitateDEVELOPMENT & STRATEGIC THINKING For developing sustainable destinations we deal with Territory in a strategic approach by thinking and implementing a strategic planning. This approach follows a well structured and integrated economic development method. © 2010 aequitate | 13
  15. 15. aequitateCORPORATE FINANCEOur aim is to find the best funding and financialconditions which better suit the needs of eachproject.We combine our deep knowledge in Hospitality& Tourism with our proven experience infinancial and real estate markets. © 2010 aequitate | 14
  16. 16. aequitateCORPORATE FINANCEThe extent of our intervention may include: © 2010 aequitate | 15
  17. 17. aequitateINVESTMENT SERVICESAEQUITATE offers the best solution for eachinvestment at any stage of the asset’s lifecycle.We provide support to investors (private, public,financial institutions, investment funds, andothers) throughout the whole process. © 2010 aequitate | 16
  18. 18. aequitateINVESTMENT SERVICES Our criterion is based on maximum efficiency of the investment and operation of each project. Our approach is focused on structured interventions when generating investment and systematic actions during its operation. © 2010 aequitate | 17
  19. 19. aequitateINVESTMENT SERVICES DECISION MANAGEMENT Our skills enable us to simplify the information flow available on Trends, Opportunities, Markets, Competitiveness, Viability, Risk, Return and Talent. This complex volume of information which supports each investment decision is gathered in a systematic way. © 2010 aequitate | 18
  20. 20. aequitateINVESTMENT SERVICES INVESTMENT AND OPENING With a highly experienced team in developing projects, AEQUITATE ensures compliance with the three main pillars of any investment: Concept, cost and deadline. © 2010 aequitate | 19
  21. 21. aequitateINVESTMENT SERVICES We ensure the follow-up of: • Concept and definition of the product and service • Coherence and execution of the several architectural projects and specialties • Licensing • Building • Recruiting and selecting operational and support teams • Pre-opening • Opening © 2010 aequitate | 20
  22. 22. aequitateINVESTMENT SERVICES OPERATION Once the strategy is clearly defined our goal is set on Operational Excellence. We ensure follow-up of management processes involving variables that influence revenue and sales, as well as all items that entail costs and require a meticulous analysis. © 2010 aequitate | 21
  23. 23. aequitateINVESTMENT SERVICES In this line of work we ensure: • Definition of positioning and benchmarking • Definition of standards • Follow-up of management units, focusing specially on actions that reflect an increased margin • Identifying Distribution Channels that focus specifically on the implementation of digital platforms • Pricing Strategies and tactics, implementing Revenue Management and E- Commerce models • Marketing and Commercial Planning • Definition of Communication and IT Systems © 2010 aequitate | 22
  24. 24. aequitateAEQUITATE TEAM Henrique Tomaz Veiga Luís Correia da Silva Sofia Peixoto António Paulo Conde Luís Badalo Sara Adams Vieira Jean Luc Oizan-Chapon
  25. 25. © 2010 aequitate | 38