Alumni Presentation - Homecoming 2007


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Alumni Presentation - Homecoming 2007

  1. 1. Visions for the Future Tau Delta Chapter Update & Improving the Alumni Experience
  2. 2. VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE Agenda: 1) Chapter Update 2) Improving the Alumni Experience 3) Alumni Involvement
  3. 3. Chapter UPDATE 1) Rush 2) Campus Presence -Greek Community -Jewish Community -Other Involvement 3) Chapter House
  4. 4. Rush We have very strong momentum halfway through fall quarter. – Have contacted 148 rushees – 67 have attended Hillel/Chabad events – 69 rushees have been to AEPi events
  5. 5. Campus Presence Greek Community Not only is Tau Delta still consistently at the top academically, but we’ve been consistently involved in Greek community events and philanthropies. Not to mention that Dog Days has become a tradition that the entire campus has come to look forward to.
  6. 6. CAMPUS PRESENCE Jewish Community Brothers have taken up leadership positions at both Hillel and Chabad, helping to make Jewish life more exciting for all Northwestern students. Our annual Seder is the largest on campus.
  7. 7. CAMPUS PRESENCE Other Involvement Brothers have founded and led other campus groups, including NU Boxing (pictured to the left). At the same time, we’ve continued to keep in touch with the traditions we all know and love.
  8. 8. Chapter House The last few years have seen improvements designed to make living in the house an even more enjoyable experience for all. They include: – Chef’s Room repainted and windows repaired – Improvements to bathrooms and the main room – Wireless internet – Cell phone signal amplifier
  9. 9. Improving the Alumni Experience 1) Goals 2) Survey 3) Improving Communication -Tau Delta Quarterly -TDOnline -Alumni Website 4) Alumni Programming
  10. 10. Improving the Alumni Experience • We conducted a survey to help us determine what aspects of the alumni experience needed improvement • Many of the improvements planned are the direct result of your survey feedback • A large number of alumni participated and all responses were closely considered
  11. 11. Improving the Alumni Experience The survey taught us that many are happy with the alumni experience but there is room for improvement “It has been a positive experience I Overall Satisfaction (Scale 1-5) have noticed a remarkable increase in 60% alumni involvement I would encourage the chapter to continue to 50% foster the relationships, and in time it will make for a truly rewarding 40% experience for active brothers and alumni alike.” 30% “Everything that has been done up to 20% now has been a great start to creating a comprehensive alumni experience and we have come a long way Now 10% we need to go to the next level.” 0% 2 3 4
  12. 12. Improving the alumni experience In improving the alumni experience our aim is to help you maintain a lifetime connection to AEPi and the Tau Delta Chapter by: -Providing better opportunities to keep in touch with the brothers you went to school with -Allowing you to interact with the chapter’s current brothers -Keeping you involved and gathering your insight and opinions about issues the chapter faces -Providing opportunities for you to interact with and advise current undergraduates about school, life, and careers
  13. 13. Tau Delta Quarterly Your feedback taught us you want the TDQ to be more alumni-focused 0.6 0.5 “An alumni Strongly section- stories Disagree 0.4 Disagree by alumni, 0.3 stories about Neutral 0.2 alumni.” Somewhat Agree 0.1 Strongly Agree 0 More Alumni More Articles Content by Alumni
  14. 14. Tau Delta Quarterly • The TDonline and the website will feature blogs and articles about Tau Delta events • This will leave space to continue to improve the quarterly and have its content better suit what alumni want by: – Increasing the variety in the articles – Making it more relevant to alums: • Alumni updates • Major events at the chapter and university • Alum-submitted articles • Alumni profiles
  15. 15. TD-Online TD- Survey Feedback: “In addition to the Quarterly, a ‘mini Quarterly’…every month” So, we’ve created a new online newsletter for regular, succinct updates on the chapter, including articles about programs and events as they occur. In addition, we’ve showed it to Nationals, and they loved the idea and format.
  16. 16. Alumni Website Survey Feedback: “I think there should be an alumni website that contains the alumni directory, photos, TDQ archive, a place to submit updates about our lives, donate, upcoming event listings, chapter contact information, etc.” Our planned alumni website will make communication with and between alumni easier than ever before. When complete, it will include: – Alumni Discussion forums – Undergraduate blogs to provide chapter updates and event recaps – Online credit card donations – Online contact info updating – Pictures from chapter life – Digital TDQs
  17. 17. Programming In the survey you told us: – “[I want] alumni events outside of Chicago…I haven't been to many alumni events [because] it's difficult for me to…get back to Chicago.” – “Alumni should be hosting their own events.” – “It's a great idea to do events for alumni around homecoming.”
  18. 18. Programming Our goal is to continue providing an improving alumni programming during major events while following your requests and helping you facilitate smaller alumni events across the country. Programming will include: – Events at NU/with both undergraduates and alums, such as: Homecoming, Rafting, Dog Days, Passover, and more. – Graduation Dinner for new alums – Helping to facilitate small-scale, alum-planned programming in Chicago and other cities.
  19. 19. Alumni involvement You can become more involved in the following ways: 1) Advising and Mentoring 2) Alumni Board 3) Foundation
  20. 20. Advising and Mentoring In the survey you expressed a strong desire and willingness to serve as advisors and mentors to the undergraduates 50% 45% “You should explore creating a mentoring program, where 40% Strongly alumni can list themselves to Disagree 35% offer advice in their career field Disagree 30% or with resume building or 25% interviewing skills.” Neutral 20% Somewhat 15% Agree “We have brothers all over the 10% Strongly country doing all sorts of things. Agree 5% We're a valuable resource of which no one is taking 0% advantage.” More Alumni Willing to be an Advising advisor Opportunities
  21. 21. Advising and Mentoring Opportunities You can help the chapter utilize the experience and expertise of its alumni and keep in touch with current brothers by: • Participating in a mentoring program • Providing life-skills and career advice • Providing guidance for chapter-related issues
  22. 22. Alumni association Survey Feedback: “There should be a more formalized alumni advising structure. The most successful fraternities in the nation have started to create Alumni Advisory Boards that help in various areas of chapter operations”
  23. 23. Alumni association • Alumni Board: – Plans and promotes alumni activities and events – Facilitates communication between the chapter and alumni and fellow alumni • Foundation: – Leads alumni fundraising campaigns – Manages alumni donations and reviews funding requests from the chapter • Advisory Board: – Provides life, career, and fraternity advising and mentoring to the undergraduates
  24. 24. TD Foundation – Board of alumni which manages donated funds – Chapter submits proposals to be funded by Foundation – Future Tau Delta Donations will be made to the Fully Tax Deductible Foundation
  25. 25. Acknowledging Alumni Giving • Recognition at Homecoming for Past Year’s Contributions • Cumulative Giving Levels – $500: BLUE – $1000: GOLD – $5000: PLATINUM – $10,000: LION
  26. 26. How You Can Help • Become a member of the Foundation Board • Become an Area Coordinator • Help plan alumni events in your cities • Be a part of the Mentoring or Chapter Advising Program • Financial support for the chapter
  27. 27. QUESTIONS If you have any questions about the presentation or anything else, please contact: – Master Dan Heiferman • – Alumni Relations Chairmen, Logan Wall •