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Victory Stone Wall Buffing Pad


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It is best suited with a Makita GV5010 disk sander. It has the quality to minimize vibration and flutter, the pad is machine washable, and it is made of extra-dense wool.

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Victory Stone Wall Buffing Pad

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  4. 4. Redefine your walls with Victory Stone wall. The store exclusively deals in wall designing and décor. Whether you need to revamp the interior of the room with POP work on the wall, or need to change the texture of the wall with paint and wax, the store has all the material and tools to complete the task. To enhance the beauty of the wall, it is important to choose the right products. Polish the wall with a buffing pad for the sheen look and give a perfect smooth touch to the wall. To make the wall smooth, apply two coat system and apply wax to give desired look to the wall. To apply the wax evenly on the surface, use buffing pad.