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The New World of AlkaViva

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  • The Position is Brand Partner. Change Title. The Volume required is $4201. Wording on bullet three – Too MLM… Change to Accumulate 1400 CV in a calendar month…drop to 2100 CV this is not attachable.
  • The Position is Brand Partner. Change Title. The Volume required is $4201. Wording on bullet three – Too MLM… Change to Accumulate 1400 CV in a calendar month…drop to 2100 CV this is not attachable.
  • The Position is Brand Partner. Change Title. The Volume required is $4201. Wording on bullet three – Too MLM… Change to Accumulate 1400 CV in a calendar month…drop to 2100 CV this is not attachable.
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  • UltraPay Comp Plan

    1. 1. Ultra Pay CompensationTurn Water Into Cash!At AlkaViva, we believe that you should be able tounderstand the major points of a good, lucidcompensation plan drawn on a napkin in 10 minutes... Let us show you how!
    2. 2. Direct Sales Commission (DSC)$250 to $500(Vesta*)*For other commission levelssee Slide #15Everyone whoJoins AlkaVivais Eligible forDirect SalesCommissionsPaid on every ionizer sold through your WebStore
    3. 3. Become a DealerEarn $250 commission on your first Vesta purchase orVesta sale through your WebStore** All Products sold through WebStore pay DSCEarnDirect SalesCommissionsDealerJoin andPurchaseAn $85.00Business KitYou
    4. 4. Qualify for Sr. Dealer*Direct Sales Commissions on ionizer models vary, examples shown are based on Vesta sales.accumulate>1400+ PTVDealerEarnDirect SalesCommissions*Sr. Dealer$400commission on every Vestasold through your WebStore$150commission onVestas sold bypersonallysponsored Dealers
    5. 5. $100commission onevery Vesta soldby personallysponsoredSenior DealersQualify for Brand Partner*Direct Sales Commissionson ionizer models vary, examples shown are based on Vesta sales.Accumulate 4200 PersonalTeam Volume (PTV) during acalendar month- OR -Minimum 2100 PTVper month for2 consecutive months- OR -LEVERAGE your 1400 PersonalVolume if your up-line BrandPartner has 4200 PTV in thesame calendar month$500commissionon everyVesta soldthroughyourWebStore$250commissionon every Vestasold bypersonallysponsoredDealers
    6. 6. Qualify for Brand PartnerDealer BPV 950NOT QUALIFIED<1400 PVDealer APV 2000NOT QUALIFIED<1400 PVNOT QUALIFIED<1400 PVQUALIFIED[= > 1400 PV]Dealer A1PV 1,000Dealer A2PV 550UplineBrand Partner(800 PV)5,300 PTV*ExampleUpline BrandPartner hasrequired 4200PTVDealer Ageneratesrequired 1400Leveraged withupline BP’s 4200PTV, Dealer A isBrand PartnerQualifiedDealers B, A1 andA2 did not qualify
    7. 7. Brand Partner RoyaltiesYou must be a Royalty Qualified Brand Partner to earn Brand Partner RoyaltiesA Generation is made up ofall PTV on all levels fromone Royalty QualifiedBrand Partner to thenext, during thatcalendar month.A Royalty Qualified BrandPartner is a BrandPartner anywhere inyour organization whohas 540 Personal TeamVolume (PTV) during acalendar month.5% on Up to Six Generations
    8. 8. $85Business KitEarn DSCon sales fromyour WebStoreDealerQUALIFY>1400 VEarn DSCon Sales fromyour WebStoreand on Dealersyou sponsorSr. DealerQUALIFY>4200 VEarn DSC onSales from yourWebStore and onDealers and Sr.Dealers yousponsorEarn 5% Royaltieson 3 GenerationsBrand PartnerQUALIFY$700 Royaltyearned for 2consecutivemonths, equal to10 Vesta Sales in 3Generations[14,000 PTV]Earn DSCEarn 5% Royaltieson 4 GenerationsEarn 5% CodedBonus on salesmade by NEWpersonallysponsored Dealersand theirteams, infinitely.Silver BPQUALIFY$3,500 Royaltyearned for 3consecutivemonths, equivalent to 50 Vesta salesin 3 Generations[70,000 PTV]Earn DSCEarn 5% Royaltieson 5 GenerationsEarn 10% CodedBonus on salesmade by NEWpersonallysponsoredDealers and theirteams, infinitely.Gold BPQUALIFY$7,000 Royaltyearned for 4consecutivemonths, equivalent to 100 Vestasales in 3Generations[140,000 PTV]Earn DSCEarn 5% Royaltieson 6 GenerationsEarn 15 % CodedBonus on salesmade by NEWpersonallysponsoredDealers and theirteams, infinitely.Platinum BPQualifications and Earnings
    9. 9. (My) Generations!Personally SponsoredYOUROYALTYQUALIFIEDBrand PartnerDSDRQBPRQBPDDSDDSDDDSDD DSDDDBPDDRQBPSDD DSDD DGeneration 1Generation 1Generation 2Generation PTV Counts forFirst Upline RoyaltyQualified Brand Partner5% PTV5% PTVOr … How I Learned To Forget The Uni-level And LOVE That New Generational Pay Model!
    10. 10. Commissions and RoyaltiesVesta Athena MelodyUltraDephi$2,9951400 RV500/400/250 DSC$70 Royalty$2,8951300 RV475/380/237.50 DSC$65 Royalty$2,2951100 RV350/280/175 DSC$55 Royalty$1,695800 RV200/160/100 DSC$40 Royalty
    11. 11. Coded Bonus PayCoded Bonus payouts for a Vesta sale at eachBrand Partner level of achievement are shown belowCoded Bonuses are paid on unlimited levels of anorganization and are permanent5% to 15% of Royalty Volume Paid InfinitelyWhen you achieve the rankof Silver BrandPartner, anynew, personally-sponsoredDealers(and their Teams) arepermanently coded to youat the Silver level.Bonuses are paid when asale is made and thequalification is met.The same applies for Goldand Platinum BP.
    12. 12. CODE QUALIFIEDSILVERBRANDPARTNERYOUYOUDealerSr. DealerBrand PartnerNOT CODE QUALIFIEDFirst Upline Code QualifiedBrand PartnerEvery New Personally Sponsored Dealerand their Team is Permanently Coded to YOUthrough INFINITE levels. If CodeQualified, you earn a code on every sale.GOLDBRANDPARTNERYOUPLATINUMBRANDPARTNERYOUCODE 5%$70/VestaCODE 10%$140/VestaCODE 15%$210/VestaCODE QUALIFIED CODE QUALIFIED
    13. 13. 46,500 BVrolls overBinary Income$350(10% of BV)Strong LegYOULesser LegBV = 3,500BV = 50,000Binary Volume is35% of the RoyaltyVolumeCalculated and paidweekly at 10% of BVof Lesser LegExcess strong sidevolume rolls over tofollowing week.Must be binaryqualifiedBinary pay is cappedat $25,000 per Week
    14. 14. Four Lucrative Income StreamsDirect Sales CommissionBrand Partner RoyaltiesCoded BonusesBinary IncomeSimple enough to explain on a napkin …
    15. 15. DefinitionsDealer: Anyone who purchases an $85 Business Kit.Senior Dealer: Dealer whose WebStore has generated sales of >1400 V.Brand Partner (BP): Dealer or Sr. Dealer who achieved 4200 PTV in one month, or2100 PTV 2 consecutive months or has LEVERAGED 1400 PV with an upline BrandPartner who has > 4200 PTV.RANKDirect Sales Commission: A set amount paid directly to the Dealer (or other rank)whose WebStore generates a sale(s). Paid weekly two weeks in arrears.Brand Partner Royalty: 5% of the volume represented by each Brand Partner’sPTV, paid monthly to Royalty Qualified Brand Partners and above.Coded Bonus: 5%-15% bonus permanently assigned to the qualifying Silver, Gold, orPlatinum Brand Partner when someone joins. Paid to based on Silver, Gold, Platinummonthly qualifications.Binary Income: 10% of the lesser leg paid weekly two weeks in arrearsINCOMEPersonal Volume: The volume represented by sales made through your WebStore.Personal Team Volume: Brand Partner’s Personal Volume and the volume of anyDealers, Sr. Dealers who are on their personal team.Royalty Volume: Volume assigned to each product to calculate qualifications androyalty.Binary Volume: Volume amount assigned on all products.VOLUMEGeneration: All the volume in all levels from one Royalty Qualified Brand Partner tothe next Royalty Qualified Brand Partner during that calendar month.Level: Brand Partner who has achieved less than 540 PTV in any given month.Leg: Any personally sponsored Dealer becomes a ‘leg’ of your organization.OTHER