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Text structure ppt


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Text structure ppt

  1. 1. Text StructurePatterns of Organization
  2. 2. What is Text Structure?How information in a passage is organizedWe will study five common patterns:• Cause and Effect• Compare and Contrast• Problem and Solution• Sequential• Description
  3. 3. Cause and EffectAn action and its results are explained. Cause EffectStudents did not learn They performedthe material. poorly on the test.
  4. 4. Compare and ContrastTells how two things are similar and different. Apples & Oranges Alike Different 1. Both are fruits. 1. People don’t eat 2. Both have skin. orange skins. 2. Oranges have more juice.
  5. 5. Problem and SolutionA problem and answer are suggested. Problem Solution Property is being Require a license spray painted. to buy spray paint.•Don’t confuse with cause and effect.•It is presented as a PROBLEM.
  6. 6. SequentialInformation is listed step-by-step.Explains how to do it or how it happens. 4. Flip omelet. 3. Cook on one side. 2. Add cheese. 1. Crack a few eggs.
  7. 7. DescriptionDescribes something in order of space.Describes how something looks. A television across Two windows on from the bed. the west Wall My bedroom . A clo m iddle set b d in the y theA be TV
  8. 8. Tips to Identify1. Ask, “what is the author doing in this paragraph?” Put it in your own words.2. Have a hunch? Use the graphic organizer to see if the info fits.3. Look for signal words.
  9. 9. Practice1. Read each passage.2. Determine how the text is organized: cause and effect, compare and contrast, sequential, problem and solution, or descriptive.3. Write your answer.
  10. 10. Popular Sports Football and baseball are two of themost popular sports in the country. Theyhave many things in common. For one,they are both team sports, and they bothrequire players to advance to an end or“home” point on the playing field.However, football requires players to carrythe ball to the end zone, whereas inbaseball, it is the defending team thatcontrols the ball while it is in play.
  11. 11. Studying for a Test Believe it or not, as important as it is,many students do not know how to studyfor a test. Well, studying for a test is easy. The first thing that you must do is take outyour notes. Open your notes up to thesection that you are supposed to review.Read what you wrote in your notebook.When you are done, close your notebookand see if you remember the ideas thatyou were studying. Still don’t remember?Open your notebook back up a try again.
  12. 12. Low Test Scores Many students have been getting lowscores on tests and this is upsetting toparents, teachers, and students. Low testscores show that teachers aren’t teachingeffectively or that students aren’t learning.Either way it’s an issue with which we areconcerned. I propose the following: anyteacher who is giving a test should open uptheir classroom for study groups the nightand morning before the test. Maybe bygiving students extra opportunities to study,we can improve students’ test scores.
  13. 13. Peanut Butter and Jelly After a long day at school, I camehome and watched “Cops,” my favoriteshow. During the commercial breaks, Igot up and made a peanut butter and jellysandwich. I took the bread out of thecabinet, spread the jelly and peanut butteron the bread, and stuck the two piecestogether. I enjoyed that sandwich as Iwatched the rest of “Cops.”
  14. 14. The Gym Room The gym room at the high school down thestreet from me is huge. Along the North andSouth walls are bleachers that fold up duringgym. Coach pulls the bleachers out for biggames. At the end of the East and Westwalls are basketball hoops. The ceilings arevery high and at the top of the gym are manylarge windows. The windows go all the wayaround the gym. There are also ropes thatare either tucked away or hang from theceilings in the middle of the gym. The ropesintimidate some students. That gym is myfavorite place.
  15. 15. Eligibility Being involved in after school sports andclubs is not a right. It is a privilege.Therefore, students have to meet eligibilityrequirements. If students have any “D”s or“F”s, they are not allowed to play. Also, ifstudents have behavior issues in class, theycannot be on the team or in the club. Lastly,students need to keep good attendance. Ifstudents miss school, they most certainlycannot come to practice. Being on a team isa lot of responsibility. If students are notproving to be responsible, they will not bepermitted to be in clubs or teams.
  16. 16. Answers1. Compare and contrast2. Sequential3. Problem and solution4. Sequential5. Description6. Cause and effect