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Pre vocabulary words


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Pre vocabulary words

  1. 1. before, in advancepre-
  2. 2. preapproveto authorizeor givepermissioninadvanceCongratulations! You have beenpreapproved for a credit card!
  3. 3. precautiona measuretaken inadvance topreventharmHe wore a helmet while riding his bike as aprecaution.
  4. 4. precedeto comebeforesomethingelse in time,order, orrankRead the chapters that precede chapter three.
  5. 5. predictto say whatwillhappenbefore itoccursSadly, the psychic was unable to predict thefuture.
  6. 6. prefixa syllable orword thatcomes beforea root word tochange itsmeaning
  7. 7. prejudgeto make adecisionbeforeyou haveall the factsMartin Luther King Jr. knew that it waswrong to prejudge someone based on thecolor of their skin.
  8. 8. prepayto pay forsomethingbefore itneeds to bepaid in full Some pumps at gas stations require you toprepay for your gas before you beginpumping it.
  9. 9. pretesta test beforethe real test,usually givento see whatis alreadyknownWe take a spelling pretest every Monday.
  10. 10. preventto stopsomethingfromhappeningbefore itoccurs
  11. 11. previewto look at orseesomethingbeforesomething orsomeone elseI always make sure I get to the movie theatreearly so I can watch the previews.