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Able vocabulary words


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Able vocabulary words

  1. 1. able to be
  2. 2. acceptableable to bereceived theway it is;worthysatisfactory
  3. 3. detachableable to beunfastened,taken apart,orseparated
  4. 4. honorableable to be aperson ofhonor;worthy; ofhigh rank;worthy ofrespect An honorable medal from the Army.
  5. 5. imaginableable to beimaginedor thoughtofOn the “Journey to Imagination” ride atDisney, Figment teaches you that anythingis possible through imagination.
  6. 6. laughableable to belaughedat;amusing;funny
  7. 7. portableable to becarriedfrom oneplace oranother
  8. 8. refundableable tohavemoneygiven backagain
  9. 9. renewableable tobecreatedagain
  10. 10. repairableable tobefixed
  11. 11. washableable to belaunderedor washed