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Imcd work sheets 2013. step 1


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Intercultural Management and Cross Cultural Diversity.Visual thinking and communication. The new cross cultural communication tools and technics.

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Imcd work sheets 2013. step 1

  1. 1. Cross Cultural Communication. Imcd FBS 2013/14 Visualize Your Words Cross Cultural Communication Tools & Tricks To know on your global streaming
  2. 2. 1. G+ : gmail account, G+, Google Drive, G+ communities 2. Create your profile:  Your smart photo (only you and not with your mate or friends, pets or lovers…  Start your own photo gallery: Images are telling your story.  Choose a nice personal header photo with your own storytelling (example on next slide),  create your by sending requests and don’t forget to add them to your cercles on G+  Join at least 2 other relevant communities on G+ : Just search.  Create a hoa event together with one of your friends and share the roles: Moderator and Co-moderator: Invite 8 of your community members. The content to provide on next slide.
  3. 3.  Create your own tagcloud for your profiling  Tell your story with keywords, explain your personal branding.  Don’t forget to integrate your name somewhere in the tagcloud.  Download your personal header with the tagcloud and photo and file it in a specific folder.Later on we’ll ad a QR. Code
  4. 4.
  5. 5. With tagxedo you can Write your own story, Or concentrate the keywords of your personal branding on a separate Word/text editor document, then, copy&paste the text into the frame of tagxedo.
  6. 6. This will be the first youtube document to be published on your professional profile on LinkedIn. Try to make a smart one for your professional timeline. 1. Before creating the event you want to talk about: 2. This hangout will be part of your final evaluation score. Some ideas for the content:  Elevator pitch.  Your vision and images of Clermont Ferrand  Your personal project  etc. i.e. intercultural snapshots… in France  Make a to find out the convergencies in your agenda.  Invite Océane because she will co-moderate the event and assist You if you have any technical problems.  Use the (identificationof each participant)  Integrate a or an extract of a video (of youtube or vimeo).  Integrate a and create a # for your session.  And make at least one test session off air.
  7. 7. 1. : and fixe at least of interest: where you have been. We’ll need it later on for the infograph with geolocation spots, of interest which could add to your personal branding 2. account. You’ll need it for publishing your slides and for the transmedia storytelling. Create your channel(s) of interest, i.e. viral marketing, gorilla marketing, cross cultural diversity. Just select those you want to share with your community. Publish the link on G+, on LinkedIN with some personal comments showing that you have really seen them. 3. , with your photo and your profile. Create your cercle and community around your professional profile. 4. account and create some channels of your topics of interest.
  8. 8. Prepare your cross cultural storytelling ① Infographics for intercultural communication. The tools     Piktochart, (there are some very good tutorials, on the web.. ② The content:  Your own timeline  Your personal project, product, Publish them on your G+ page or present them during the hangout session.
  9. 9.  page (your story, your picture, your social links.  Blogger (Google account)  Wordpress (blog & site)  Go on youtube or There are many tutorials « how to install wordpress » in many diff. Languages.  Invent your personal profile: choose a domain name ( a professional one) and design your logo.   Or go on google and type: how to design a logo…  Test some tools like inkscape, paintbrush etc.