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The ZONE book


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The ZONE book

  1. 1. 2011 PLAN BOOK TEAM KIMAllison LandrumKris CantrellPaul SchweibinzLeo Watson
  3. 3. BACKGROUND TEAMThe Break may be on the verge of extinction. KIMIts struggling to attract students after transformations in the past.The Break has been tweaked from a bowling alley to an arcade and is now a pool hall. The Break Pool Hall is anentertainment venue which gives students a chance to relax, shoot some pool, watch television, study, or even play ping-pong. The Break also houses the EMUs lost and found items.It has been a mainstay in the soon-to-be renovated Erb Memorial Union located in the heart of the University ofOregons campus. The Breaks spot in the basement has downsized frequently given its lack of popularity and income.Unfortunately, The Break has been operating in a deficit in recent years. Student awareness has been a significantproblem despite The Breaks convenient location near student housing. Theyve seen success in their billiards courses andby offering free pool during their weekly "happy hour".Currently, the majority of customers are primarily international students. Most of the current consumers would agreethat The Break offers a good product for a good price. Their main issue is that theyre an unappealing destination and lackawareness. Its current atmosphere is a bit too quiet, cold, and clinical to encourage consistent student foot traffic.Team KIM is dedicated to restoring The Breaks past luster to ensure success in the newlyrenovated EMU. 3
  4. 4. SITUATION TEAMP4 KIM product place The Break is a pool hall. It provides entertainment and The Break is located in the basement of the EMU on the relaxation to students, faculty, and others. The Break also U of O campus in Eugene, Oregon. The Break is next- offers ping-pong tables, board games, study spaces, the door to The Buzz, which is a highly popular coffee shop lost and found, and a big-screen TV. among students and faculty. price promo Individual: Pool is $4.80 per hour. Ping-pong is $3 per The Breaks current ad spend consists of one yearly ad hour. TV, board games, karaoke, and study spaces are free. for the lost and found in the Oregon Daily Emerald. The Groups: Groups can rent the entire space for $50 per Break is also involved in word-of-mouth communication hour. through its billiards classes, freshmen orientation, and Packages: "free pool happy hour". The Breaks online presence 400 minutes $30 consists of a twitter account with 86 followers and 600 minutes $40 website. The Break doesnt have a presence on the most 800 minutes $50. popular social networking site, facebook. It would take $20,000 a year for The Break to "break" even. 4
  5. 5. SITUTATION TEAMThe Competition KIM DIRECT There arent any pool halls in Lane County. Direct competitors arent currently an issue for The Break. INDIRECT Bars Entertainment On-Campus Bars offer pool tables as well as alcohol This includes movie theaters, bowling, Student Recreation Center (The Rec.), and a more comfortable atmosphere. mini golf, laser tag, arcades, and going out dorm events, and other places students Campus bars may be favored over The to eat. These are more popular options spend free time. These may not be as Break due to alcohol. than pool, but are located much further fun as The Break, but may have better than The Break. awareness or a closer location. Examples: Rennies Landing, Taylors Bar Examples: Regal/Cinemark Cinemas, Examples: The Rec, Living Learning and Grill, and McMenamins East 19th Southtowne Lanes, Putterz, Chuck E. Center, Knight Library, Hedco Education Street Cafe. Cheese, Qdoba Building, Lillis. 5
  6. 6. SITUTATION TEAMSWOT KIM strengths opportunities Location on UO campus, low overhead expenses, good Student groups lack a go-to spot for events, client shares group space/rates, open to public, low prices compared a wall with The Buzz, client is affiliated with various to other entertainment options, good equipment, and student services and groups, large on-campus student great staff. There is also a lack of student entertainment population (freshmen), a large number of talented venues on campus or in the immediate area. students with valuable sets of skills, venue is a blank canvas and has the potential to be molded to match customer demands. weaknesses threats Unable to serve alcohol, low popularity, spotty cell service, bad lighting, cold environment, low awareness, Funding, space loss, pool popularity, sluggish decision low income, uninviting, limited regulars, limited customers making (red tape), alienating current regulars when from billiards courses, bars and entertainment venues off popularity increases. campus. 6
  7. 7. SITUTATION TEAMPrimary Research KIMPoll: Pool seems to be an unpopular Other Research Finds: entertainment option:We met with 13 college students. Students stated that theyd be most likely7 freshmen, 1 sophomore, and 5 juniors. 38% never play pool consider pool in the afternoon to lateThe gender was split between 4 girls and 9 31% play less than once a month evening or between classes.guys. 23% play once a month 85% of students would be interested in a 8% play 2-3 times a month movie night at The Break.Pools popularity was ranked 6th of 7 0% play once a week 62% of students would considerentertainment options: 0% play 2-3 times a week participating in a video game/LAN party at 0% play daily The Break.1.) Seeing a movie 100% would be more likely to go to The2.) Mini golf Break if it offered food.3.) Going out to eat4.) Bowling Students voted that theyd be most likely5.) Laser Tag order bar food such as chicken strips, tots,6.) Pool and pizza, if available.7.) Arcade 7
  8. 8. SITUATION TEAMSecondary Research KIM Social Media: Other Notable Info: College students spend more time online 92% of college students have a credit card or on social media than listening to the radio or watching TV. The top 3 music genres are rock, hip-hop, 8 million students spend almost two hours and country. per day on social media. Two most popular social sites: Facebook 96% YouTube 84% Sources: 8
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES TEAM KIMMarketing Objective Advertising ObjectivesRebrand The Break to “The Zone”. Increase awareness by 25%. (Currently 20% awarenessIncrease sales by $2,500 in the first year. among freshmen) Position The Zone as the best venue for U of O freshmen to hang out with friends without needing transportation. Increase foot traffic by 25% 9
  10. 10. RECOMMENDATIONS TEAM KIMKey InsightPool isnt an activity that students actively pursue as a primary attraction.The average student is more likely to play pool if theyre "in the neighborhood" for another attraction. (events/food/etc.)Change the name of The Break to The Zone to engage core audience (students).Ensure a more student-friendly environment by improving ambiance.Meet with UO Art Department to cover blank walls with student-created, duck-themed murals.Consistently have popular music playing in the background.Ally with The Buzz to give The Zone the opportunity to offer their customers food and drink.Increase online presence by using Search Engine Optimization.Ensure The Zone is on the first page for "things to do in Eugene" "pool halls Eugene" and "entertainment Eugene." This can be accomplished organicallyby editing the description tags, meta tags and title tags within the source code of website. Our goal is to pick the top five most relevant search terms andincrease our visibility to Google’s front page.Ally with Residence Hall Association to ensure higher freshmen engagement.Work with RHA on consistent events such as movie nights, video game tournaments, karaoke nights, and other options.This will increase awareness, income, and billiards popularity. 10Increase repeat customers from billiards classes by giving free pool coupons if class attendee brings a friend.
  11. 11. TARGET AUDIENCE TEAM Our primary target audience is a freshman or KIMsophomore at the University of Oregon. This student willmost likely be out-of-state and wont be too familiar withsome of the various entertainment options in Eugene. Ourtarget audience may also be limited to foot travel and theconfusing LTD bus system. We want to take advantage ofThe Zones location that is within walking distance from Meet Brandonseveral student dorms. Well focus on both genders toattempt to create a social atmosphere that will give students Brandon is a freshman student at the University of Oregon.the chance to meet new friends and possibly a cute guy/ Hes an 18-year-old, out-of-state, undecided, new kid ongal. These students will have disposable income from their the block. He used to play pool in high school and enjoysparents or part-time work/study on a campus cash card. spending his free time with friends. College leaves him withThey may also be tempted to use their credit card if theyve a lot of that free time, but he struggles to find things tospent most of their money buying beer from a friends older do outside of the dorms. His options seem to be limitedbrother. because he left his car in California. Every month he gets Our secondary target audience will be on-campus some campus cash from his parents that contributes to hisgroups. The Zone offers a group rental rate of the entire disposable income. Brandon has met a ton of new friends atvenue for $50 per hour. Most student groups lack his dorm, but they complain about the amount of time theyawareness of The Zones reasonable group rental rate. spend in their cramped dorm room. Brandon would reallyThere isnt an entertainment venue in Eugene/Springfield like to check out a place to relax, grab a bite to eat, and passthat can offer such a price for an area that could potentially the time with friends thats within walking distance. Hedhouse groups of 50+. This may be The Zones most effective really this place to reflect his personality as a student at thecompetitive advantage. It will provide consistent, predictable U of O.income for The Zone. Group rental popularity will give TheZone financial stability for years to come. 11
  12. 12. CREATIVE BRIEF TEAM KIM Most Important Thought Objective To re-brand The Break as “The Zone”, an entertainment venue option for student Going to The Zone is the easiest recreation, specifically freshman students to way for young students on increase foot traffic while building customer campus to relax, have fun and loyalty. socialize with friends. Background The Break (The Zone) has transformed its Problems image over the past decade, but its location Lack of location awareness in the EMU has remained the same. Located Low customer loyalty on the base floor, the student recreational Low entertainment quality room now serves as a pool hall primarily for Poor brand identity student use. Every year it has reduced its Atmosphere - lack of personality and identity size and struggles to break-even on sales ($- 5,000 annually). The most popular service the space currently provides is billiards class for University of Oregon students. Desired Thought The Zone is a fun, low-cost venue for underclassmen to go for a nighttime activity without needing transportation besides Competition their own two legs. It’s easy to get to from Other entertainment venues (mini golf, the dorms and open to anybody else in cinemas, laser tag) the public, too. The food and drink that will Residence hall events be offered there make The Zone just as enjoyable as a movie theater or bowling alley. Rennie’s Landing and other campus bars with pool tables 12
  13. 13. MEDIA PLAN TEAMA Day in the Life KIM Brandon (our target customer) is a freshman student at the eat and reads a few of the fliers and posters placed in the University of Oregon. Every weekday morning he wakes up dorm hallways. at 7 AM to be to class at 8 AM. Once he wakes up, Brandon checks his email, facebook, and twitter account. He’s also After dinner, Brandon studies a bit and relaxes with friends been known to listen to the radio in the shower. During his while ESPN plays in the background. At about 11 PM Brandon walk to class, Brandon is bombarded by several forms of is finished with his studies, but isn’t yet tired. To pass the time outdoor advertising throughout campus. These include fliers, he surfs the web and plays a video game. At about midnight, banners, and signs. Brandon goes to sleep, yearning for a venue he can call his own and that will provide extraordinary entertainment While in class, Brandon will browse a few websites and options for a reasonable price. interact on the social media scene. At lunch Brandon will grab some lunch at Qdoba Mexican Grill where he’ll walk by a large amount of signs and people attempting to plead their case for Jesus, Greenpeace, and ASUO. After lunch, Brandon will return to class and continue browsing the Internet, text friends, and take notes simultaneously. After his last class, Brandon walks home and sees another barrage of outdoor advertising. He’s even lucky enough to run into the LTD guy, who explains that “LTD can lick his sweaty, unshaven...” Well, you know. Once he arrives back at the dorms Brandon grabs a bite to 13
  14. 14. MEDIA PLAN TEAMMedia Mix KIM social media direct mail How: We want to interact with students on facebook, twitter, How: We’re going to target on-campus groups with “sexy” direct and foursquare. mail that will draw their attention. Why: Our research showed that students spend about 2 hours Why: Direct mail gives us the opportunity to reach a very per day on social media. It’s also inexpensive. narrow audience for a low cost. print guerrilla How: We will be strategically placing flyers, leave behinds, signs, How: We’re going to place “Magic” 8-balls around campus that and butcher paper near our target audience’s location. reward students with a free hour of pool. Why: Print can be easily targeted depending on location and is Why: To generate buzz and build awareness in a unique way at a inexpensive. low cost. 14
  15. 15. SCHEDULE TEAM KIM D SO G IR U EV C C PR EC ER IA SE R EN IN O T L R O SS IL T M M T S LA A ED IL IA January Seasonal campaigns allow a more flexible approach February and can adapt to student habits. March Fall Football focus April Winter May Bad weather campaign (off in December during Winter Break) June July Spring March Madness, group events August Summer September No advertising October November December 15
  16. 16. BUDGET TEAM KIM20 magic 8-balls to hide around campus- $1401000 Coffee sleeve stickers- $5050 Posters- $1801000 business cards for staff- $25500 custom envelopes- $170500 Postcard-sized leave behinds- $125400 billiards class coupons- $75Entrance banner- $351000 loyalty punch cards- $100Paid staff for evaluation- $100Budget total: $1000 16
  17. 17. PROMOTIONS AND EVENTS TEAM KIM coffee sleeves haircutsWe want to work with The Buzz to place “free pool” 8-ball We want to give freshmen the ability to get a good haircut for astickers on their coffee sleeves. This should help increase foot good price in a good location. Freshmen don’t always have timetraffic at The Zone and could also help sell coffee at The Buzz. to walk all the way across town for a classy cut. We’ll accomplish this by providing a licensed professional to the students at a designated time each week. gameday watch parties weekly eventsWe want to position The Zone as the premier location for Monday: night movie night.freshmen to enjoy televised Duck football, basketball and One new-release movie per week shown. (Marketed with RHA)baseball. This will help increase foot traffic and give The Zone Wednesday: night pool tournament. (Bi-weekly to preventmore potential pool-playing customers. burnout). This is already an ongoing event, but we’d like to increase consistency. Friday night: game-day giveaways. billiards class coupons For students that missed out on student tickets. (Work with UO Athletics.)We want to increase repeat customers from billiards class Sunday night: LAN party gaming.students to recreational Zone pool players. We’ll accomplish this Our target audience is interested in gaming and this should beby giving students in the billiards class coupons for free pool if popular.the student brings a friend outside of class. Saturday night: game-day watch parties. 17
  18. 18. EVALUATION + ANALYSIS TEAM KIM Once implemented, the plan can be assessed at the end of each term based on pool game sales data. This can be acquired from the front desk in The Zone. Social media involvement can be gauged at the end of the each month through analysis of new connections, followers, mentions and engagement. This is a simple method for collective statistical data on awareness. In addition to this, a questionnaire circulated to freshmen after three months could be compared to data already collected on that target audience. Search engine optimization could be measure simply based on the search rank of the official Zone website. 18
  20. 20. promo flyers 20
  21. 21. coffee sleevedecor concept entrance sign 21
  22. 22. promo flyer pickup 22
  23. 23. loyalty punchcardpromo coupon 23
  24. 24. twitter facebook 24
  25. 25. foursquare 25
  26. 26. 1228 University of Oregon Lower Level, EMU Eugene, OR 97401 541-346-3711 THE Z NE www.thezone.uoregon.eduHello friends, We know it might be rough finding a spot to house a group of your size for events. We also know your group isn’trolling in cash. How do we know? We’re students, just like you. We’ve eaten top ramen, carpooled, and had to borrowmoney from our parents to pay our rent. We’re writing you because we want you to know that we’re available to provide your group with a luxurious, chillspace for a few sheckles. It’s something like two bucks a person if you have a group of around twenty. Our space is right on-campus, in the basement of the EMU. (You might remember us as The Break) We have about ten pool tables, two ping-pong tables,a big TV, and some other stuff that might benefit your next group get together, event, gathering, ho-down, social, shindig, meet n’greet, study sesh, hee-haw, or whatever else you’re planning. Give us a call and we’ll toss in a free hour for your group’s firstreservation. Come by, check out our new digs, and play a game of pool. And remember, we’re student owned and operated, so we’renot part of the 1% or whatever. We’re just a few students trying to pay the bills and provide a cool spot for students to hang out inand call their own.See you on campus,Raymond, Manager @ The 26
  27. 27. Maggie Dieringer Marketing Associate maggie@theuozone.eduTHE 541-346-3711 business card frontZ NE 1228 University of Oregon EMU, lower level Eugene, OR 97403 business card back 1228 University of Oregon EMU, lower level Eugene, OR 97403 THE 541-346-3711 Z NE Phi Kappa Psi 729 East 11th Avenue Eugene, OR 97408 direct mail envelope GOOD FOR ONE FREE POOL GAME 27