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Aeis- Presentation

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: <br />AUSSIE EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION SERVICES is a professional body and was established to promote high standards in career guidance. <br />AUSSIE EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION SERVICES is a leading Education & Immigration consultancy renowned for its ability to solve Immigration problems and provide creative practical solution to educational issues. <br />We are a result driven company dedicated to deliver quality education through innovative use of ideas. <br />We assist students to get admission to good reputed colleges and universities and believe that by assisting them we offer our real value of education. <br />Our in depth understanding of a broad spectrum of experts allows us to offer valued consulting services. <br />
  3. 3. At AUSSIE EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION SERVICES our clients aims & aspirations are our top most priority. We provide them accurate & realistic counseling and disseminate authentic information on:- <br />• The totality of funds required. <br />• Conditions governing a student’s ability to work & the availability of work. <br />• The scholarships available to students. <br />• Institutional academic matters, living arrangements, legal requirements & entitlements, fees & refund policies & student support services. <br /><ul><li> We as education consultants assist them by guiding them in choosing a course of study, assisting them in completing student visa application form and facilitate their enrollment </li></ul>in specific institution.<br />
  4. 4. Our strenghts<br />The skills and experience acquired in the management of the migration applications help us to deliver expert advice and meticulous monitoring of the applications. <br /> Keeping ourselves abreast with the latest changes aids us in effectively supervising the applications. <br />The assistance is provided via our Specialized Counseling Division. <br />This focused initiative provides a constructive and effective counseling on various options available in overseas education coupled with the advice on graduate career outcomes. <br />Qualified and trained counselors head our nationwide state-of-the-art offices. They guide the individuals to programs which, sub-serve their long term career goals and complement their academic and personal backgrounds. <br />Our Comprehensive process also encompasses the experience of the past students and the migrants. <br />
  5. 5. Our services:<br /><ul><li> Advice & assistance in different areas of</li></ul>migration including Student, Skilled, Spouse<br />Family & Temporary Visa. <br /><ul><li> I.E.L.T.S Coaching
  6. 6. Financial Planning.
  7. 7. Interview Preparation.
  8. 8. Counseling with a global prospective.
  9. 9. Assistance in selection of Course & </li></ul>College/University. <br /><ul><li> Expert assessment of your academic &</li></ul>professional Qualifications. <br /><ul><li> Visa Counseling & preparing the file.
  10. 10. Pre landing & Post landing services.
  11. 11. Follow up with parents or relatives. </li></li></ul><li>The way we go about our business<br /><ul><li> We strive for professional and transparent academic counseling and visa guidance to students desirous to undertake their studies abroad.
  12. 12. We keep our knowledge fresh about latest trends in foreign education and up-to-date visa requirements and regulations.
  13. 13. Constant personal visits by company officials to various countries to gain first hand information and regular interaction with school, colleges and government embassies.
  14. 14. It is an integral part of corporate activity. It helps achieving company objectives of providing fair and professional Services to student community.</li></li></ul><li>Overseas education market in india<br /><ul><li> Overseas Education market in India is mainly driven by economic prosperity; social trends and awareness about career enhancements after studying in commonwealth, besides North Indians are fond of overseas education destinations. If you look demographics of Indians students going for study overseas you will find a major chunk is from North India. Our assessment says that this area with highly prosperous market with full of potential students.</li></li></ul><li>Education:<br />• I.E.L.T.S coaching.<br />• Selecting the course meeting their background, interest, and aspirations in order to complete the studies without any hindrance.<br />• Applying for their admission in the desired course.<br />• Financial Planning in order to have an accurate idea of finances involved.<br />• Assessing their eligibility against the student visa requirements in order to determine the likelihood of visa grant.<br />• Completing and submitting their visa application with the relevant High Commission and maintain follow-ups.<br /><ul><li> Organizing pre-departure orientation programs.
  15. 15. Providing information about the culture, lifestyle and education system of the country applied for.
  16. 16. Advising about the job scenario in country applied for, so that our clients are able to look for a part time
  17. 17. Job at the right place and time without affecting their studies.
  18. 18. Explaining the student visa conditions in order to avoid any breach of visa conditions.</li></li></ul><li>Work & tourist visa:<br />We offer advice and assistance in different areas of work and travel including work visas, visitor visa, business Visa etc. The visitor visa section is handled by a team of experts from overseas whom are associated with providing legal, transparent and hassle free services to our clients. We provide assistance with the following services:-<br />• Preliminary Assessment of your circumstances in order to determine the likelihood of making a successful application.<br />• Skills/Qualification Assessment. Review of all the documentation against the legal requirements.<br />• Provision of application forms related to your case.<br />• Assessment of sponsorships[ where applicable ]<br />• Preparation of application forms<br />• Preparation and submission of final application and the supporting documents to relevant bodies<br />• Following up your application with concerned body right through to the decision stage<br />• Assessing the educational qualification against the requirement of the employer for work visa.<br />
  19. 19. COUNTRIES we deal in:<br />UNITED KINGDOM<br />AUSTRALIA<br />NEW ZEALAND<br />IRELAND<br />CYPRUS<br />CANADA<br />U.S.A<br />HUNGARY<br />SINGAPORE<br />
  20. 20. PERCENTAGE SHARE<br />
  21. 21. CONTACT US:-<br />HEAD OFFICE:<br />S.C.O 44,<br />FIRST FLOOR,<br />SECTOR 11,<br />PANCHKULA, <br />HARYANA ( INDIA ).<br />+91-172-6573733<br />+91-9988485566<br /><br /><br />