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MOAR RDA For Systems Folks


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quick overview of RDA, some new MARC fields and issues, RDA as linked data

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MOAR RDA For Systems Folks

  1. 1. Presentation at Code4Lib North 2013Alison Hitchens, Cataloguing &Metadata Librarian,University of WaterlooImage courtesy of Jennifer Young
  2. 2. RDA is… Replacing AACR2 as the contentguidelines for bibliographic & authoritydata to support resource discovery Based on IFLA’s entity-relationshipmodels “Functional Requirements forBibliographic Records” and “FunctionalRequirements for Authority Data” Focused on the use of the data to find,identify, select, obtain, clarify, understandC4LN 2013 - RDA 2
  3. 3. RDA is not… An encoding standard A display standardC4LN 2013 - RDA Flexibility: The data should functionindependently of the format, medium, orsystem used to store or communicate thedata. They should be amenable to use in avariety of environments.
  4. 4. New & revised fieldsHybrid recordsC4LN 2013 - RDA 4
  5. 5. Implications for Search &Display & Sort & RIS export etc. New fields and subfields to index &display Pay special attention to the 264 field forpublication, distribution, manufacture,copyright information New fields to replace the generalmaterial designation (GMD) Do you currently use the GMD to identifyresource type?C4LN 2013 - RDA 5
  6. 6. MARC 2641st indicator 2nd indicatorblank=NA/No info/Earliest2=Intervening3=Current/latest0=production1=publication2=distribution3=manufacture4=copyright notice dateAll of these fields cancontain datesC4LN 2013 - RDA 6264 31 $3 2005- $a Boca Raton : $b CRC Press264 #1 $a New York : $b Springer, $c 1999-264 #4 $c ©1998-
  7. 7. New fields: 336, 337, 338336 $a text $2 rdacontent337 $a computer $2 rdamedia338 $a online resource $2rdacarrierC4LN 2013 - RDA 7
  8. 8. Relationship Designators Not a new MARC subfield but not often inuse pre-RDA Not mandatory but encouraged in RDA700 1# $a Rizki, Mateen M., $e editor of compilationC4LN 2013 - RDA 8
  9. 9. Hybrid Records“Hybrid record. A non-RDAbibliographic record … to which RDAcataloging elements have been added,either manually or via machinemanipulation [emphasis added]”- from “Report of the PCC Post-Implementation Hybrid BibliographicRecords Guidelines Task Group”C4LN 2013 - RDA 9Photo credit: Charlie Kellogg
  10. 10. Some Machine ConversionExamples from the Report 245: Remove the GeneralMaterial Designation (GMD) 245 subfield c: Removeellipses and change Latinabbreviation (“… [et al.]”becomes “[and others]”) 300: Spell out abbreviationsand change Latinabbreviations to Englishequivalents 336, 337, & 338: Add thesefields, including subfields a, b& 2C4LN 2013 - RDA 10Image credit: quisnovus
  11. 11. Metadata RegistryRDA in RDFC4LN 2013 - RDA 11
  12. 12. Metadata Registry RDAVocabulariescan be foundin the OpenMetadataRegistryC4LN 2013 - RDA 12
  13. 13. RDA in RDF at BNF!C4LN 2013 - RDA 13Machine-readable view:
  14. 14. Some Issues Should we have multiple pieces ofinformation in one element? Extent: 300 pages Authorized access point for a work: Hemingway, Ernest,1899–1961. Sun also rises We need to use more identifiers Do we need to “dumb-down” library data? RDA Toolkit is subscription based not open Understanding linked dataC4LN 2013 - RDA 14
  15. 15. C4LN 2013 - RDA 15
  16. 16. LC’s Bibliographic FrameworkTransition Initiative Transitioning fromMARC21 to moreWeb-based, linkeddata friendly format Main classes: Creative work Instance Authority AnnotationC4LN 2013 - RDA 16Figure 5 from “BibliographicFramework as a Web of Data”
  17. 17. Some Resources ALCTS “Webinar Archive” “BIBFRAME.ORG New Bibliographic Framework” IFLA Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: Final Report. Munich: KG.Saur, 1998 Library of Congress “Bibliographic Framework Initiative” Library of Congress “RDA in MARC” Library of Congress “Resource Description and Access (RDA):Information and Resources in Preparation for RDA” Program for Cooperative Cataloging “Report of the PCC Post-Implementation Hybrid Bibliographic Records Guidelines Task Group”October 2012 2013 - RDA 17
  18. 18. ContactAlison HitchensCataloguing & Metadata LibrarianUniversity of Waterloo 2013 - RDA 18