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  • Hi, I’m Amanda Hester. My presentation is about Teach for America, a nonprofit organization that is helping to end educational inequity one classroom at a time.
  • What is teach for america? Teach for America is a non profit organization. Next, what is a nonprofit? A non profit is an organization that does not distribute its profits to owners or shareholders, but uses them to help pursue its goals.TFA searches out College graduates, who are recruited from top schools around the country to go to low-income communities to teach for 2 years.The main goal of this organization is to end the educational inequity in our country.
  • The link provided here is to a video giving a brief overview of Teach for America and some words from alumni.
  • Educational inequity is happening across our nation. Where a child is born is determining the quality of their education and their future.This is especially true in low-income communities.Teach for America is pushing to put an end to this inequity.Teach for America is in 39 rural and urban areas across the country.They are currently planning to expand in 2011.This expansion would include new regions in Alabama, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Texas
  • You may be wondering how you can help Teach for America.There are many ways to make in impact on the children facing inequity in schools.One way is to donate to the cause. The donation will directly help the corps members and alumni to help close the educational achievement gap in the United States. Another way to help is to become a teacher through Teach for America. This year, 8,200 corps members will teach more than 500,000 students.
  • They are multiple steps to becoming member of the teaching corpsThe first step toward becoming a Teach for America teacher is filling out the online application, found on their website.Applicants will be selected for a 30 minute phone interview, then will be asked to do a written activity online.The final step of the process is the final, day-long interview. This is for the most promising applicants.This process takes about 8 to 12 weeks to complete.There are webinars on the website that give more information about the process
  • Teaching is a rewarding job. Knowing that you made a significant impact in a child’s life is priceless.Other rewards come out of Teach for America, too.Because it is such a highly regarded organization, graduate schools and employers actively seek out Teach for America Alumni.They offer special benefits to the alumni, such as 2-year deferrals, scholarships, internships, and career mentoring.Many top-ranked schools allow the 2-year referral. Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Emory, Harvard, NYU, Michigan, and Florida are just a few off of the long list of schools. There are also employer partnerships. Among these are Google, GE, and JP Morgan.Whether you are looking to go to graduate school or into a career, Teach for America is a prestigious addition to any application.
  • Research shows that Teach for America teachers, in many cases, are more effective than other teachers.Scores in all subject areas, especially math and science, were significantly higher for Teach for America students.Students who were previously years behind are reaching grade-level goals. Vocabularies are expanded, math skills are understood, and so much more.Teach for America teachers are serving as role models for new teachers. With an increasing number of teachers across America helping children succeed and get equal education opportunities, educational inequity will dwindle and hopefully someday disappear.I would like to leave you with a video that summarizes the impact made by Teach for America across our nation.
  • Teach for America

    1. 1. Teach for America<br />Helping to end educational inequity one classroom at a time<br />Meet.mit.edu<br />
    2. 2. What is Teach for America?<br />A nonprofit organization<br />College graduates teach for 2 years<br />Goal is to end educational inequity<br />
    3. 3. CBS explains Teach For America<br />
    4. 4. Educational Inequity<br />What is it and where is it happening?<br />Teachforamerica.org<br />
    5. 5. How to Help<br />Donate toward the program<br />Become a Teach for America Teacher<br />Teachforamerica.org<br />
    6. 6. How to Become a Teacher<br />Online application<br />Interview and online activity<br />Final interview<br />Webinars<br />
    7. 7. Why join Teach for America?<br />Rewarding<br />Highly regarded<br />
    8. 8. The Impact Made<br />Compared to traditional teachers<br />Goals achieved<br />Impact on new teachers<br />Making the Difference<br />
    9. 9. Media Sources<br />