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Festival of Asia

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Festival of Asia

  1. 1. A S I A
  2. 2. FESTIVAL OF THE LIGHTS Yi Peng Festival
  3. 3. Yi Peng Festival The Festival of Lights is celebrated all around Thailand with Loi Krathongs released on water to bring luck and fulfill wishes. But in Chiang Mai, the observation of the festival of lights, called Yi Peng, is uniquely different. Instead of water vessel, people release thousand of lighted lanterns in the sky while making a wish.
  4. 4. MEANING Yi means two and peng means a full moon day. Yi Peng refers to the full moon day in the second month according to the Lanna lunar calendar
  5. 5. INFORMATION It´s a religious ceremony in Thai language paying homage to the Buddha.
  6. 6. > the night of the full moon at the end of November > In Thailandia > It is a traditional Lanna festival and a time to make merit and pay respect to Buddha. > The floating sky lanterns in Thailand, are symbols of your worries and problems floating away.
  7. 7. video
  8. 8. CHIANG MAI The most elaborate Yi Peng celebrations can be seen in Chiang Mai, the ancient capital of the former Lanna kingdom, where now both Loi Krathong and Yi Peng are celebrated at the same time resulting in lights floating on the waters, lights hanging from buildings or standing on walls, and lights floating by in the sky.