Social media, Networking and Social Recruiting Trends 2013


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Social media, Networking and Social Recruiting Trends 2013

  1. 1. Social Media, Networking and Social Recruiting New Trends 2013 Privacy Implications On Using Facebook Anne Egros, Career Coach and Consultant Russia, 2013
  2. 2. 5 Biggest Social Media Trends Impact on HR and Recruiting1) More mobile social media usageMobile Internet use in the US is set to overtake wired use by 2015. The Mobile Recruiting Market Is About to Get Very Hot. Mr. Jenkins, director of recruiting operations and strategy at Wal-mart Stores Inc., says that “mobile” needs to be a part of anything and everything you’re doing, candidate experience is the key reason. At Walmart about a quarter of applicants access career info through mobile-enabled devices2) International and localized networks boomWhile social media growth in North America has slowed dramatically, growth is just taking off other parts of the world. Many of those users will be flocking to localized networks you may not have heard of. Examples include China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo, which doubled its base to 400 million users in just one year. Another example is Russia’s VKontak. As a result, searches in local languages will increase3) Social media boosting office productivity.Last year, McKinsey published a report saying that social technologies stand to unlock $1.3 trillion in business value. McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) In other words, social media isn’t a time-waster in the office – it’s a potential productivity tool.4) Big data gets a lot more manageableSocial media and social campaigns have given brands and companies access to unprecedented volumes of information about their clients and stakeholders. In 2013, more and more companies will be able to make the most of social data as robust new software and analytical tools emerge for tracking social stats in real time, everything from tweets and Likes to customer sentiment. This has a very dramatic impact on how you should control what people can see about you on all your social networks and also how sites like Facebook use your private information without your permission and sell them to marketers and governments for example.5) More integration of personal and professional data: Recruiters look at Social proof (positive comments), reputation (personal recommendations). For individuals, it is becoming more and more complicated to manage privacy settings and many personal data will be used without your permission impacting how and what people learn about you.
  3. 3. Top five social networking countries, ranked by users, 2012: 1. China: 307.5 million 2. US: 157.8 million 3. India: 76.1 million 4. Brazil: 75.7 million 5. Russia: 57.9 million Related Article: How Many People Use the Top Social Media, Apps & Services? (03/2013)
  4. 4. (06/2012)
  6. 6. Facebook: 1.06 billion monthly active users, 618 million daily users,680 million mobile users, more than 50 million pages and 10 million apps (02/2013)
  7. 7. Currently, 47 percent of new hires through social media are referred through Facebook, which putsthe social network ahead of LinkedIn and Twitter as a recruitment platform.In addition:1 in 5 of users have had a friend share a job on Facebook14 percent search specifically for jobs on Facebook52 percent use Facebook to help find work
  8. 8. 2013: The Year Of Social HR Top five social media trends impacting HR1.     Gamification Becomes A Standard Practice 2.     The Death of the Resume3.     Your Klout Score Will Become A Measurable Currency4.     Personal Branding Will Be A Required Skill5.     Recruiters Will Find You Before You Know You Are Looking For A Job
  9. 9. How Klout Works
  10. 10. Facebook Privacy and Safety Issues
  11. 11. Facebook Privacy and Safety Issues
  12. 12. Facebook Privacy and Safety Issues• FB SHARE /Sell YOUR PRIVATE DATA AND YOU DON” T KNOW IT ! Facebook provides a free service that users pay for, in effect, by providing details about their lives, friendships, interests and activities. Facebook, in turn, uses that trove of information to attract advertisers, app makers and other business opportunities.
  13. 13. NEW IN 2013: Facebook’s Graph SearchWord-of-mouth. When it comes to recruiting, these three words say it all. There issimply no better source of talent than your own network. But imagine you could movebeyond your closest friends and colleagues to harness your entire Facebook networkfor recommendations for whom to hire for an open position with your company.Following on the heels of its much-anticipated job board, Facebook’s Graph Search allows users to get recommendations from the people they trust on things like whichrestaurant to visit next, who to hire and where to find their next career opportunity.