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2b1 moving the mobile


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Published in: Education
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2b1 moving the mobile

  1. 1. Accessibility:Moving Mobiles ForwardAEGIS International ConferenceSevilla, ES October 2010Greg FieldsSenior Accessibility Product ManagerResearch In Motion
  2. 2. Session Contents• Trends in Mobile• Accessibility Issues• Mobile Accessibility• Moving Mobile Accessibility Forward• Questions
  3. 3. Trends in Mobile
  4. 4. Mobile Phone Adoption
  5. 5. Adoption by Gender
  6. 6. Mobile Top 10Handsets Sold (August ’10) Manufacturers (August ’10)• Apple iPhone • Apple• Motorola Droid • Samsung• BlackBerry Curve • Motorola• Samsung Freeform • RIM• Samsung Messenger • LG• HTC Droid Incredible • HTC• Sanyo Incognito • Nokia• BlackBerry Bold • Sony• HTC MyTouch Magic • Sanyo• Motorola Clutch • Sony Ericsson
  7. 7. Mobile Phone Categories
  8. 8. Smartphone Platforms
  9. 9. Developer Platform Usage
  10. 10. Top 10 Usage Categories1. Games2. Social Networking3. Music4. Weather5. News & Current Events6. Sports7. Entertainment8. Shopping & Retail9. Education & Employment
  11. 11. Mobile Internet Usage
  12. 12. Areas of Future Interest
  13. 13. Summary• Everyone has a mobile• No substantial gender inequity• Mobile are used everyday• Sales of smartphones outpaces other mobiles• 96% of smartphone platforms from 4 vendors• There’s an app for everything
  14. 14. Accessibility Issues
  15. 15. General Access Issues• Cost• Availability• Interoperability• Complexity• Awareness• Sales & Support
  16. 16. Additional Access Issues• Internet Accessibility• Buying/Paying for Goods and Services• Kiosk Accessibility• Access to Content & Information• Mainstream Awareness• Physical Access
  17. 17. Summary• Nothing new• Obstacles, issues and “pain points” are now applied to mobile
  18. 18. Mobile Accessibility
  19. 19. Required Infrastructure• Embedded Platform Access• Programmatic Platform Access• Developer Tools• 3rd Party Application Ecosystem• 3rd Party Assistive Technology Ecosystem
  20. 20. Infrastructure in Mobile Apple iPhone Motorola Droid BlackBerry Samsung Samsung HTC Droid Sanyo BlackBerry HTC MyTouch Motorola Cluth Curve Freeform Messenger Incredible Incognito Bold Embedded Y Y Y N N Y N Y Y N Platform AccessProgrammatic Y Y Y N N Y N Y Y N Access Developer Y Y Y N Y Y N Y Y N Tools Apps Y Y Y PARTIAL Y Y PARTIAL Y Y PARTIAL EcosystemAT Ecosystem Y Y Y N Y Y N Y Y N
  21. 21. Browser Access• Desktop web access solutions coming to mobile phone browsers- WAI ARIA- HTML 5- Alignment with platform Accessibility API- Accessible Web UI libraries• Found on all 4 top smartphone platforms• Not found on Feature Phones
  22. 22. Summary• All 4 smartphone platform vendor solutions can support mobile access• Cost, availability of access solutions differ by smartphone platform• Web UI library access lacking• Feature phone lacking access infrastructure
  23. 23. Moving MobileAccessibility Forward
  24. 24. 1. Feature Phone Access• Provide Embedded Platform Access (TTS, Accessible UI libraries, ASR, etc.)• Provide Programmatic Access (Accessibility API, etc.)• Provide Sample AT (Screen Reader, RTT)• Provide Development Guide, sample app source, etc to maximise learning
  25. 25. 2. Smartphone Access• Provide Embedded Platform Access (TTS, ASR)• Provide Accessible Web UI libraries (JQuery Mobile, JQuery Touch, etc.)• Provide Sample AT (Screen Reader, RTT, AAC, etc.)• Provide sample app source
  26. 26. Relation to AEGIS• J2ME Accessibility Efforts - TTS, Accessible UI libraries, Accessibility API, Screen Reader, RTT application• Smartphone Accessibility Efforts - TTS, Screen Reader, RTT & AAC applications
  27. 27. Thank YouYour time is very much appreciated. Are there any questions?Greg
  28. 28. Bibliography/Resources• AQKA & DotMobile - Mobile Internet Usage and Attitudes Study, May 2008• PriceWaterhouseCoopers Italian Telecom Study 2006• ITU Telecommunications Adoption, 2009• Millenial Media, Mobile Mix Research Index, July, August 2010• Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media, Research and Markets Adds Value, Germany Report, 2009• Cellular News, Vodafone Quarterly Sales Report, 2009• Network World, Worldwide Mobile Phone Adoption Report, 2009