Aegis Insight Newsletter Vol. 8 - CX innovation: The only sustainable differentiator


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Aegis Insight Newsletter Vol. 8 - CX innovation: The only sustainable differentiator

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Aegis Insight Newsletter Vol. 8 - CX innovation: The only sustainable differentiator

  1. 1. INSIGHT INSIGHTCase in Point Global Footprint INSIGHT • accuracy of information provision to has seen a strong element of partnership customers emerge. The spirit of teamwork that • accuracy of data collected from has developed between PTV and AegisAegis & Public Transport customers enables a joint approach to ensuringVictoria - Creating better • timeliness that the contact center runs at optimumexperience for public performance and capacity. • flexibility Vol. 8, 2012transportation users in The impact of the outsourcingAustralia. • staff development arrangement with Aegis has empowered • cultural alignment PTV to remain customer focused rather UK: • efficiency gains than cost driven. > ManchesterThe Client Services Provided by Aegis Customer satisfaction with contact center US: > Irving, TX (2)Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is the Aegis offers PTV complete call center services has consistently rated at more > Killeen, TXcentral stop for Victorians who want > Port St. Lucie, FL management services. Skilled agents than 80 per cent throughout the duration > Fairmont, WV Philippines:information on public transport services, > Joplin, MO work across customer service and of the partnership. As a reflection on > Sierra Vista, AZ Costa Rica: UAE: > Baguiofares, tickets and initiatives. > New York, NY > Dubai > Cebu (2) complaints management, sales, general both parties’ commitment to improving > Los Angeles, CA > San Jose > Manila (3)The Business Challenge enquiries, fare enquiries and problem the customer experience, 51 per cent of Saudi Arabia: Sri Lanka: > Riyadh solving. customers rated their level of satisfaction Peru: > Jeddah > ColomboPTV receives approximately 1.4 million > Lima India: as ‘very satisfied’. > Noidacustomer service contacts annually. In the Additionally, Aegis’ partnership with PTV > Gurgaon > Lucknow (2)interest of creating better outcomes for offers: Customer complaints are low relative to > Hyderabadend users, outsourcing the PTV contact call volumes (1.4 million annually) and South Africa: > Bangalore (2) • Quality recruitment, training and compliments are often received from > Johannesburg (2) > Haziracenter was seen as the most commercially Argentina: > Durban > Ahmedabad retention of contact center agents. customers. > Tucuman > Pune Australia:effective way of providing call center > Cordoba > Mumbai > Melbourne (3) New Zealand: > Bahia Blanca > Kolkata (2) > Sydney > Aucklandservices to public transport users. • Access to home-based agents resulting First Call Resolution (FCR) is important for > Mar del Plata > Jamshedpur in the ability to quickly add staff in the G lobal Headquarters > Buenos Aires City (2) > BhopalPTV sought to engage a partner that had two reasons. Firstly, it ensures increased > Gandhinagar event of unexpected surges in call customer satisfaction. Secondly, it results > Srinagarthe flexibility, knowledge and experience > Chennai volumes, reduction in employee turnover in reduced repeat calls coming into the > Vijaywadato be able to effectively meet the varying and attrition, access to an alternative center, thus impacting on positively onlevels of demand which can change pool of skilled agents and improved cost. Currently, in the core call stream ofrapidly due to unexpected disruptions employee transport services, special events andpeak/off-peak use. • A regular program of operational review information calls (which accounts for 93 per cent of total call volume) FCR within the Awards encompassing daily communication, PTV center is approximately 99 per cent.Aegis was brought on board with a --Aegis ranks #14 in the 2012 Global Outsourcing 100 by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals formal weekly, monthly and quarterly Further advantages that PTV has gainedmandate to provide outstanding customer (IAOP). reviews. by outsourcing its contact center to Aegisservice and complement the other 99 Best Leaders in Revenue Growth 99 Best 20 Leaders - Information/Comm. Technology Servicescustomer services already provided by • The implementation of the “COPC include: 99 Best Leaders in Number of Employees 99 Best 20 Companies - Financial Management ServicesPTV. Quality System” which sets in place key 99 Best 10 Leaders - Health Care 99 Best 5 Leaders in Australia/New Zealand • Access to new technology. 99 Best 20 Leaders - Financial Services (Banking, Markets) 99 Best 20 Leaders in US measures/metrics for core businessSolutions Delivered by Aegis 99 Best 20 Leaders – Telecommunications 99 Best Companies in India processes and provides a consistent • Process efficiencies developed by 99 Best 20 Leaders - Customer Relationship Mgt. ServicesAegis brings expertise, efficiency and standard across the business, ensures contact center experts.innovation to enhance the capability of proper target setting, measurement, --Aegis acknowledged as the “Outsourcing service provider of the year” in the Asia communication Award 2012 • Innovation produced by a focus onPTV’s call center and ensures the provision benchmarking, evaluation and actions continuous improvement.of a seamless customer experience forVictorian public transport users. to drive high performance, best practice • Provision of qualified staff to PTV and CX INNOVATION:The scale of Aegis’ operations also brings and continuous improvement. • A specific Business Continuity Plan stakeholders on an ad-hoc basis to cover leave/absence. About Aegis THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE DIFFERENTIATORthe flexibility to ramp up and down call (BCP) which provides comprehensivecenter services, depending on customer • Overall, the consistent results Aegis is a global consulting, technology, outsourcing and training & education company committed to impacting In this issue: recovery procedures aimed at protectingneeds at any particular time. demonstrate the incremental clients’ business outcomes by focusing on enhancing customer experience across all touch points and channels. technological, IT and data capture. -- Aegis Speak with Chris Luxford, President - Australia and New Zealand Copyright 2012, Aegis Limited. All rights reserved improvements enabled by the Aegis was founded 30 years ago in the US and now has operations in 55 locations across 13 countries with more thanAegis has worked with PTV since 2006. Key Results & Benefits -- Buzz Factor - Stay abreast of the latest News from Aegis and the industry outsourcing arrangement to positively 55,000 employees. Aegis services over 300 clients from verticals such as Banking, Financial Services & Insurance,The contract was renewed in 2011. The Aegis and PTV have now successfully impact the levels of customer -- Think Tank - Expert Interview with Bruce Temkin, Former Forrester Analystservices Aegis now provides to PTV are: Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Retail, and Energy & Utilities. The company is worked together for over five years. The satisfaction wholly owned by the Essar Group, a USD 27 billion conglomerate. and Customer Experience Transformist• service quality open and honest nature of the relationship For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook ( and -- Case Study - Public Transport Victoria - Creating better experience for Twitter (@aegisonline) public transportation users in Australia and more... Aegis – PTV engagement is recognized by Australia’s prestigious Contact Center Management Association’s Government Contact Center Excellence Award 2011, acknowledging Aegis’ expertise and Innovation in providing seamless CX for Victorian public transport users. 05 06
  2. 2. INSIGHT INSIGHT INSIGHT Delivering a game changing CX requires piecing together the data pertaining to Buzz Factor possibilities for organizations to reach their audiences and create a strong experience Did you know about Aegis? Think Tank provides an enormous opportunity for differentiation. But, as you say, that’s How do you quantify customer experience in a consistent manner customer interactions (any type, including for brands and businesses worldwide. not always sufficient to win in the across the various touch points in the • Aegis has achieved an A+ rating from social) with a brand, both structured and AEGIS BUZZ Aegis recently launched AegisLISAn, a the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for Insight about CX Innovation: market. Unless you focus on customer customer experience map? unstructured, gathered from varied sources experience, you may not understand that continually and deriving insights and ideas. Aegis Redefines CX – Forays into cloud based social media experience the Aegis Sustainability Report 2010- The Only Sustainable Quantifying customer experience is your products are difficult to configure not nearly as important as improving Business Intelligence Services by management platform which offers a 11 illustrating Aegis’ commitment to Differentiator Then determining how your company can and start using, require more effort to Launching Aegis Pi comprehensive solution that enables sustainability and initiatives in various it. So we always want companies to proactively act to ensure each moment of truth areas including the environment, maintain than anyone else’s, and don’t brands to include social media interactions make sure they continue to deliver good is astonishingly positive, rather than react once Today’s business environments are in a economic and social aspects. seem to fit into exactly what customers as an additional avenue for customer insight into what makes customers it’s gone bad. constant flux. This makes it imperative for are trying to accomplish. So even the engagement. AegisLISAn comes with • AGC Networks, a subsidiary of Aegis happy (or satisfied, likely to recommend, business leaders to be cognizant of the most innovative and low-cost products Aegis collaborates with brands to create Listening, Interacting, Socializing and has grown its annual revenues from USD etc.) or unhappy with any interaction. key indicators that drive their business on can end up being expensive to own and these experiences, which are unique and Aligning (LISA) capabilities enabling deeper 121 Million in 2011 to USD 205 Million in If they establish processes for making a real time basis. Companies are exploring 2012, a growth of nearly 70%. non-competitive. personalized. Aegis Innovation Lab combines online brand-customer engagement. improvements based on that insight, then newer ways of providing accurate and our deep understanding of the customer The platform generates intelligence by Our research shows that good customer they will succeed. relevant information throughout the experience management discipline and analytic accessing and analyzing thousands of experience is highly correlated to many organization to enable better decision Often times companies like to use a skill to fashion innovative programs that help news, social networking sites, blogs and of customers. Many Western countries elements of loyalty such as the desire of Aegis Speak forge deeper customer relationships, some to be mentioned here would be Aegis’ Social making all the time. Keeping this in mind, Aegis has launched Aegis Proactive other user generated content sites of web 2.0 on real-time basis. Aegis is already are grappling with sluggish economic conditions, aggravated by the continuing customers to buy more, their reluctance to switch business away, and their consistent metric like satisfaction or NPS. There is some power in using Intelligence (PI) a revolutionary, state-of- simple, consistent measures since it Media Engagement solution AegisLISAn and managing Social Media Engagement European debt crisis. Such a scenario likelihood to recommend. While great Dear Customer, the-art Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Bruce Temkin is widely viewed as a leading helps facilitate discussions across the business Intelligence services Aegis Pi. Aegis for brands across Travel and Hospitality, could result in more cost-tightening customer experience probably won’t The ability of Aegis Pi to correlate multiple expert in customer experience. He has organization. But the right metrics can It gives me great pleasure to bring the eighth Consulting creates end to end customer Automobiles and Telecom Industry. measures, providing business avenues for convince many customers to buy sub-par events, identify patterns and present worked with hundreds of large organizations be quite different for different companies, edition of our newsletter Insight. experience journey maps, and our technology Indian BPO entities. on defining and accelerating their customer products or services, it will get them to them in a visually interactive dashboard Aegis expands its Latin American since they should track your business and and outsourcing solutions assist organizations Source: Economic Times experience journeys. actively consider doing business with Organizations across the world are grappling enables clients to have access to real footprint – Launches new center in brand objectives. on execution of the differentiated strategy. you. So companies need to build the with ways to create a sustainable differentiated time information on a single window. Lima, Peru. KPMG Research on Outsourcing Prior to Temkin Group, Bruce spent 12 Considering your experience in advantage. Genuine cost innovation is difficult Former Forrester analyst and customer This allows organizations to dive into competencies to listen to and react to the The interest in Latin America as a center trends: Organizations continue to years with Forrester Research leading the bringing out the Annual Temkin as every company races to cut costs in some experience transformist Bruce Temkins operational metrics and KPI’s and obtain needs of their customers – no matter how for outsourcing has been clearly growing. outsource operations with Banking and company’s financial services, e-business, and Experience Ratings, what are the key way and product innovation gives only a corroborates this idea in the Think Tank actionable insights. Aegis Pi is enabled customer experience practices. He authored good their products are. In particular, the Peruvian industry which Healthcare outsourcing the most factors differentiating the leaders from temporary market advantage. The Customer interview. Temkin shares his insights, gathered with features like Intelligence Command many of Forrester’s most popular research What aspects does one need to has grown over the last few years, offers A recent research by KPMG research the laggards? Experience (CX) presents the only real from his many consulting engagements and Centers, Business Activity Monitoring reports and was the most-read analyst for keep in mind in formulating service great market potential for voice services in group reveals that businesses and differentiator to help brands grow their business research on the value of customer experience and Business optimization that produce 13 consecutive quarters. Bruce also created The Temkin Experience Ratings measure Spanish, and also has great employment strategies to delight customers profitably over time, and this is the theme we management. Temkin Group’s research shows public sector organizations continue to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index and their experience with companies in three real time intelligent analysis and leverage and economic development prospects. especially in the context of explore in the edition of Insight. that good customer experience is highly outsource operations, with demand for its Voice of the Customer Award. Bruce holds areas: functional (could they do what business rules to identify and act upon Outsourcing and Contact Center Aegis recently launched a new center shared services outstripping traditional a master’s degree from the MIT Sloan School they were trying to do), accessible (was correlated to many elements of loyalty such patterns that may otherwise go unnoticed. service providers? A holistic customer experience map that in Lima, Peru. It plans to hire over 800 outsourcing. of Management. it easy to do what they wanted to do), as the desire of customers to buy more, their The solution gives pertinent information captures all the moments of truth of a employees in the first year and aims to Outsourcers need to help buyer and emotional (how did they feel about reluctance to switch business away, and their that is compatible with all mobile devices The research found that banking and In your opinion, what constitutes a customer touch-point is often a precursor to increase it to 2000 in the second year. The companies understand how to deliver the interaction). For the 2012 Temkin likelihood to recommend. and is truly platform agnostic. healthcare were the sectors outsourcing great customer experience? creating an innovative CX. Companies that center aims to offer services to the internal great customer experience. As a start, Experience Ratings, we surveyed 10,000 have understood that providing differentiated Case in Point, where we feature Aegis’ the most, with IT, finance and accounting, Peru market and also to the off shore Great customer experience comes from a develop metrics with clients that aren’t U.S. consumers and published ratings CX is the best way to build loyalty, ensure that partnership with Australian public transport OY DE and HR functions the main candidates. PL markets. combination of consistency and surprise. just based on operational productivity on more than 200 companies across 18 their customer has a delightful experience organization Public Transport Victoria, Source: Computer Weekly FI That may sound a bit contradictory, but DE such as time in queue and average handle industries. Excellent companies deliver NE at every point of interaction with their brand underscores this very point. By deftly handling This is Aegis’ second big milestone in the BPO is the fastest growing industry in it’s not. Great companies need to get time. As a balance with these cost-based consistently in all three of these areas. - before, during and post-purchase and customer calls and sorting out any issues Aegis Pi Latin America region. It had expanded Philippines today: Business Processing the basics done consistently or they metrics, outsourcers need to identify other consumption as well. An Airline may be they may have, Aegis helped Public Transport DELIVERY MODEL its footprint in Argentina, through the Our research found many differences Association of the Philippines (BPAP) have no chance of gaining customers’ metrics such as customer satisfaction acquisition of Actionline de Argentina in between customer experience leaders P offering the best in flight experience and a Victoria improve its customer service and loyalty. But they also need to periodically or likelihood to recommend, that they LO October 2010, which has now over 5000 and their peers. First of all, they have real DE great personalized service to a customer, but experience dramatically. SI The BPO industry in Philippines gained VE GN do something to surprise the customer, will focus on. This will often take some DE employees across six locations. revenue of $11.6 billion in the year 2011 commitment from their senior leaders. if it can also track their customer’s insight Catch the latest industry news and Aegis either by reacting quickly to an issue or by economic analysis- to show that the across the touch points and tries to avoid and generated around 640,000 jobs. The Customer experience is not just lip service. updates in the Buzz sections. delivering some unexpected value. positive business results from improving or compensate for a disengaged brand Aegis launches a cloud based social government aims to create 1.3 million jobs Customer experience leaders are less INDUSTRY BUZZ It is often stated that Cost and Product these new metrics is worth more to clients experience by providing some extra services We hope you find this edition useful and media experience management and generate revenue of US $425 billion than one-third as likely as laggards to view innovation, though necessary, are not than squeezing a few seconds out of a through an end user experience lens, it would informative. We look forward to your feedback platform ‘AegisLISAn’ - to help India’s BPO players seeing more by the year 2016. Aegis has six best- executive commitment as an issue. They sufficient to create sustained profits. phone call or chat. also tend to have a highly coordinated be a “game changing” experience. In many and thoughts. organizations engage with their traction overseas: Gartner in-class facilities in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Baguio and is responsible for Do you concur? Could you share Outsourcers also need to give their clients customer experience effort that is being cases more than half the moments of truth customers across social media Gartner states that Indian entities some insights from your research “The led by a centralized group and are also are in fact delivered by other companies that networks. the growth and professional development insights from all of their interactions. With Regards, engaged in business process outsourcing ROI of Customer Experience” on the exist in the customer lifecycle, in the traditional of over 12,000 employees across these so many companies trying to gain insights 50% more likely to have a senior executive Organizations are striving to provide are seeing more traction and visibility financial benefit of improving customer in charge of the companywide customer “value chain”. Understanding the moments locations. from the voice of the customer, it’s critical Chris Luxford superior Consumer Experience, and the overseas. It further states that Indian experience (CX)? of truth in this manner and empowering for contact centers and outsourcers to experience efforts. They are much President, Australia and New Zealand challenges of providing a consistent and BPO players are willing to consider new Source:BPOIndia all players to deliver the best possible I’d love to run a company that delivers tap into the wealth of insights from their more likely to have significant business differentiated experience are numerous. ‘business pricing models’ and also show objectives tied to improving the corporate experience gives rise to the concept of a value truly innovative products at a very contacts. This will mean a significant Social Media has opened up new lot more flexibility in catering to the needs culture and employee engagement. constellation. low cost relative to competitors. That increase in voice and text analytics.02 03 04