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Nuevos Working Groups en AEGEE León


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Nuevos Working Groups en AEGEE León

  2. 2. WORKING GROUPComprometidos con un area especificaMail y planning mensual Gestión desde dentro
  3. 3. LOCAL WORKING GROUP 6-8 members Responsible: Member: Member: Member Member:Sport ac tivities responsableMember:Tandem ActivitiesMember:Night Pr ogramm responsible
  4. 4. EUROPE AN WOR KING GROUP 3-4 mem Europea bersAEGEE n News / Link b fromand Eur etween ope / Co León n Twin An tact with tena Respons ible: Member : Member : Member :
  5. 5. PRES S AN WOR D ME KING DIA 4-5 m GROUPComu embe nicat rspress ions w and i ith mage Inter in Resp net onsib Mem le: ber: Mem ber: Mem ber:
  6. 6. Sum mer WO Abo RKI Univer ut S NG GR sity U in OUP6-8 SU c Leó org ampai n and aniz gn mem ers / ber + 4-6 s Res p on Mem sible: Mem ber:Mem ber: ber :
  7. 7. Proy ect W orkin Grou g+3 m p emb Mem ers: ber:Mem ber:Mem ber:
  8. 8. iga la fiestaq ue s
  9. 9. !Gra cias!