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  1. 1. Phrase #1Assignment: Weather ProjectStudent name: Yingquan LiangStudent number: 300564966 Course: ECEP-229 Professor: Maria Roberts Date: 18th,October, 2011
  2. 2. IN THIS SECTION: 1. Observations and Analysis 2. Web (completed with children) 3. KWH (L) chart 4. List of Questions to explore with children 5. Web with 6 possible experiences identified 6. Rationale statement for families to aid in their understanding of your choice of topic for a project
  3. 3. Observation #1:Date: September 22ndLocation: Parkway forest YMCA child care center Preschooler playroomTime: 12:00amSpecific Setting information: Children have finished their and waiting for the ECE teacher to send them to thepublic school. It is raining outside. One child was standing by the window.Children A: 5 years old, Athene (A)A was standing by the window, she put her two hands on the window and her eyes werelooking outside the window.A:”Oh, it is raining outside.”Me:”Yes, you are going to school later and it is still raining.”A:”It is cool and I will get wet.”A put her face on the window, her eyes was still looking out of the window. After a while,she blinked and went to the cabinet. She brought her coat and walked to me.A:”I want to wear my coat because it is cool outside, can you help me to pull up thezipper?”I helped Athene to pull up the zipper, and then she went to school with the ECE teacher.Analysis:It appears that children will interest in the activity”match the words and the pictures ofweather”, because they know the form and the pronunciation of weather. According to“ages and stages”, children in five years old can understands about 13000 words, so thisactivity is suitable for them to develop too.
  4. 4. Observation #2Date: September 23rdLocation: Parkway forest YMCA child care center Preschooler playroomTime: 3:45pmSpecific Setting information:It is cloudy outside; children were playing on the outside playground. Two children (bothof them are 5 years old) were running and wanted to catch each other.Child A: Madeleine (M) 5 years old Child B: Hanna (H) 5 years oldM and H were running on the ground and trying to catch each other. Suddenly, a heavywind came.H:”I am going to be blow away!”M:”Give me your hand!”H put her left hand in M’s right hand. They were jumping and laughing.H:”I think both of us are going to be blow away together!”M:”OK, give me your right hand.”At least, H and M clasped each other and jumped.Analysis:It appears that children will interest in the activity “how far you can blow the leaves”,because they know what is going on when the weather come and they are active torespond the weather. According to the “ages and stages”, five years old children like totry new things and take risks, so, this activity is meaningful for them.
  5. 5. My first web with the children and common experience:It was outside playing time; I brought out the paper and find a place to sit with twochildren. I said, “Can you tell me something about the weather?” the two childrenstarted to tell me what did they know about the weather, such as raining, windy,sunshine and so on. After a while, more and more children went to our table and gaveme more information and ideas, such as flowers grow up in the sun, windy is cool and soon. When they are talking and discussing, I wrote down their ideas on the paper.Then, I asked them what activities we can do with weather, they are all very active togive me ideas, some of them start to show me how to do.
  6. 6. Our KWH Chart (based on the web and observations) K (know) W (want to know) H (how will L (learn what children investigate was learned) to learn)Flowers grow up How many colors Make your ownin the sun of flowers? flowers and present it to your classmatesPlant can grow up How the plants The basic structureafter raining grow up? of plantWe cannot see What is the feeling Game: catch peoplethings clearly in the fog? in the fogbecause of fog Can we still see things clearly?Wind can blow Why sometimes Blow the leavesthings away the wind can blow with your mouth things far away and sometimes not?Cloud looks like How much cloud Count the numberscotton in the sky? of “cloud” in the “sky”Sunny, windy, How to write the Match the wordsrainy, cloudy, words of the and the pictures offoggy are different weather? weather
  7. 7. List of possible questions 1. Why the wind can be heavy and light? 2. Where did the fog come from? 3. Where does the rain go? 4. Why there are different kinds of weather? 5. Why sunshine is warm? 6. Why the tree can grow up without eating?
  8. 8. Anticipatory Web
  9. 9. Rationale:According to the observations and talking with children at the outside playing time, iddiscovered that they are very interested in weather.According to the “Ages and stages”, older preschoolers like to try new things and takerisks, understand about 13,000words, know basic colors like red, yellow, blue, green,orange, speak in fairly complex sentences and so on. They are curious things aroundthem and want to explore.They are going to have many opportunities over several weeks to explore weather, andknow more about the weather. This is a funny, meaningful part of preschooldevelopment. I think you will be happy to know what the children know and learnduring the explorations about weather.During this exploration, the children will:  Know there are several colors of flowers  How plants grow up  How wind blow leaves away  How to spell the words of weather  How is the feeling of looking things in the fog  Know more numbers  Show their ideas to their classmate  Do team work with classmateWe will post the samples of our work for you to see and share with your children. Wehope you will like our exploration.Yingquan Liang (Aegean)
  10. 10. Reference:Preschooler development. Ages and stages: A Brief Overview Birth to 12years
  11. 11. Phrase #2Final web with children (Nov 25th, 2011)Children’s age: age 4—age 5I sat with the children in the cubby area, showed them the pictures of theactivities, and viewed what we have done together. Then, I asked them what theylearned during the activities. They are active, they raise their hands up when theywanted to tell me what they have learned. At last, I gave them markers to showme their ideas on the paper.
  12. 12. Introduction: According to the feedback on phrace#1, I found that the activity“make your own flowers and present it to your classmate” is not connect thetopic “weather” very well, so I found another time to stay with children again andasked them some questions about weather. Then, I changed something in myKWHL chart.Our KWH Chart (based on the web and observations) K (know) W (want to know) H (how will L (learn what children investigate was learned) to learn)Sunshine is warm Why sunshine is Video clip: Weather Weather is warm? and climate different from climate. Heat transfer from the sun and that is why sunshine in warm.Plants can grow How the plants Observe the basic Plants use theup after raining grow up? structure of plant root to get the rain so that they can grow up.We cannot see What is the feeling Game: catch people Fog comes fromthings clearly of looking in the “fog”. water. We canbecause of fog something in the still see things in fog? the fog, but not clearly.
  13. 13. Wind can blow Why sometimes Blow the leaves The heavier thethings away the wind can blow with your mouth wind blow, the things far away leaves can go and sometimes more far. The not? bigger leaves are harder to blow.Cloud looks like How much cloud Make pictures of There arecotton in the sky? cloudy and count different shapes the numbers of of cloud in the “cloud” in the “sky” sky and they cannot be counted. When it is going to rain, the sky and the cloud is grey.Sunny, windy, How to write the Match the words The spelling ofrainy, cloudy, words of the and the pictures of the words offoggy are different weather? weather weather.Slugs and worms What are slugs Use magnifying Because of thecome out after and worms look glass to observe wet air after rain,rain. like? slugs and worms. slugs and worms Why they come come out and out after rain? they need to stay moist. Worms has blood in their bodies.
  14. 14. Phrase #3