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Meet the New AECT


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Legislative staff briefing on new staff at AECT, plus a few current issues.

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Meet the New AECT

  1. 1. Legislative Advertising Paid For by: JuliaRaTHGEBER, Association ofElectric Companies ofTexas 1005Congress, Suite 600,Austin,TX 78701 • 512-474-6725• April22, 2016 Meet the New AECT
  2. 2. AECT Member Companies (512) 474-6725 2
  3. 3. Our Roles Julia Rathgeber President & CEO Capitol Experience o Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Abbott o Commissioner of Insurance for Texas o Deputy Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Dewhurst o Twenty-five years of experience (512) 474-6725 3
  4. 4. Our Roles ERIKA AKPAN VP OF POLICY & GOVERNMENT RELATIONS House and Senate Experience o Senior Advisor for Business & Regulatory Affairs for Speaker Straus o Policy Analyst at Senate Business & Commerce and Legislative Director for Sen. Carona (512) 474-6725 4
  5. 5. Our Roles Ben Gaffaney VP OF Communications & External Affairs Communications Experience o Fifteen years with Public Strategies and AECT. o Communications plan development and execution for clients in telecom, financial services, health care and other highly regulated industries (512) 474-6725 5
  6. 6. Our Roles Scott Hutchinson VP OF POLICY & GOVERNMENT RELATIONS House and Senate Experience o Chief of Staff for Sen. Charles Perry and then- Rep. Charles Perry o Appointment Manager for Gov. Rick Perry o Policy Analyst for Sen. Birdwell o State Drug Court Coordinator in Gov. Rick Perry’s Criminal Justice Division (512) 474-6725 6
  7. 7. Latest News What’s happeningin the electric market in Texas
  8. 8. Competitive market prices remain low o Price offersare substantiallylowerthanprices available justbeforethemarketopenedin2001 o 8.4¢/KWhis lowerthan theresidential electric prices ofallbut1 state o The competitive marketcontinuestofoster innovation, bringing variable, indexed andfixed-rateprices, time-of- useratesandpromotions tocustomers o DEFGconsulting has namedTexas thetop competitive marketin northAmerica 9yearsin arow Sources: (data as of 4/1/16), historical PUC data, DEFG ABACCUS Study (July2015) (512) 474-6725 8 8.4 ¢/kWh 295 Offers 17% Less than 2001 Number of offersavailable in large TDUservice territories Average price for a 1-year, locked-in, flat-rate offer Today’s 1-year offerscost less than electric prices before the market opened
  9. 9. Power Restoration Update Some outages remain due to persistent flooding whjile new outages are occurring as water continues to rise, due to post-storm run-off into creeks and watersheds (512) 474-6725 9 After nearly20inches of rain andhighwindsin andaround Houston, nearly244,000Meters Registered outages Thanks to utilityemployees, anadditional30five-man construction crews andsmart gridtechnology,90%of customers were restored within27 hours
  10. 10. How to Reach Us 10 For background on electric markets, environmental data and Electricity 101 Regular updates from AECT and its member companies Keep up with pictures and links to latest documents released by AECT (512) 474-6725 @aectnet AECT Advocacy on Facebook
  11. 11. Stay in Touch Don’thesitate to reach outfor informationonthe electric industry