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CenterPoint Energy: Preparing for Hurricane Season


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Presentation by CenterPoint Energy on preparing for the upcoming hurricane season

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CenterPoint Energy: Preparing for Hurricane Season

  1. 1. 2015 Hurricane Workshop: June 6, 2015 Preparing for Hurricane Season Dominic Robinson Service Area Director, Sugar Land/Fort Bend CenterPoint Energy
  2. 2. CenterPoint Energy a delivery company only Houston Facts l  Serves 2.3 million electric customers l  5,000 square-mile electric service territory l  Owns and maintains electric delivery system – poles and wires l  Serves 1+ million natural gas customers in Houston area
  3. 3. About CenterPoint Energy l  CenterPoint Energy is responsible for restoring service no matter from which company you buy electricity. l  We are the only company that can restore service during power outages; our trained crews will work day and night to get you up and running after a storm. l  We are preparing for outages before they happen by investing in technology to more quickly and accurately pinpoint problems.
  4. 4. ?How can you prepare for an approaching hurricane and its aftermath?
  5. 5. Pre-storm Make a plan! Electric l  Unplug sensitive electrical appliances and turn off electricity at the circuit breaker if flooding is expected. l  If someone depends on electricity for life-sustaining equipment, you need to make alternative arrangements for them in advance. Natural Gas l  Do NOT turn off natural gas at the meter. If you choose to discontinue natural gas service, turn off gas at each appliance.
  6. 6. ?How long should you prepare to be without power after a hurricane?
  7. 7. Hurricane Outage Preparation Guide Hurricane Classification Wind speed Prepare for outage of* Category 1 winds 74-95 mph 7 to 10 days Category 2 winds 96-110 mph 2 to 3 weeks Category 3 winds 111-130 mph 3 to 5 weeks Category 4 winds 131-155 mph 4 to 6 weeks Category 5 winds 156 mph and up 6 to 8 weeks *Restoration times for particular locations will vary.
  8. 8. ?How will CenterPoint Energy communicate outages and restoration with the public?
  9. 9. • Year-round info §  How we restore power §  Safety and preparation tips §  Recovery resources §  FAQs §  Link to Outage Tracker §  Links to weather services • In a hurricane §  URL tied to hurricane name §  Year-round info §  News §  Photos and videos
  10. 10. Outage Tracker
  11. 11. Outage Tracker Major storm mode
  12. 12. Outage Tracker Major storm mode
  13. 13. Power Alert Service l  Power-Off / Power-Restored Notifications –  Email, text, and/or phone call l  Mass messaging for pre-storm alerts l  Will be used for individual outages late in restoration process l
  14. 14. CenterPoint Energy Social Media Twitter @CNPalerts, Facebook
  15. 15. ?The storm is over. What should you do to stay safe and prepare for power restoration?
  16. 16. Post-storm Electric l  Listen for our advisories and call us to report outages when we ask. –  Immediately after the storm our system will tell us major circuits out. –  We will assess conditions and identify outages. l  Always call us to report a downed power line or other electric emergencies. –  Always stay away from power lines! –  Stay away from standing water; energized power lines could be submerged. –  Treat all downed lines as if they are energized. Natural Gas l  If you smell gas, leave the area immediately and then call 911 and CenterPoint Energy. l  DO NOT attempt to turn natural gas on or off. l  Call 811 to locate utility lines before digging while conducting clean-up
  17. 17. Connect with us online Websites: l l l Social media: l l l l
  18. 18. 2015 Hurricane Workshop: June 6, 2015 Preparing for Hurricane Season Dominic Robinson Service Area Director, Sugar Land/Fort Bend CenterPoint Energy